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Room 223 - State Capitol Building

January 31, 2002

    Rep. Glenn L. Way, Chair
        Rep. James A. Ferrin, Vice Chair    
        Rep. Patrice Arent
        Rep. Chad E. Bennion
        Rep. Katherine M. Bryson
        Rep. Scott Daniels
        Rep. Ben C. Ferry
        Rep. Neal B. Hendrickson
        Rep. Eric Hutchings
        Rep. Mike Thompson
        Rep. A. Lamont Tyler        
MEMBERS ABSENT:    Rep. Ron Bigelow
        Rep. Greg J. Curtis

STAFF:    Jerry D. Howe, Research Analyst
        Cherri White, Committee Secretary            

VISITORS:    List of visitors on file    

    Representative Ferrin called the meeting to order at 8:17 a.m. and indicated that H.B. 219, “Firearm Fee Amendments”, and S.B. 87, “Visitation Rights of Grandparents”, would not be heard today at the request of the sponsor.

H.B. 123    Medical Recommendations for Children     (K. Bryson)

MOTION:    Representative Bryson moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.     Page 2, Line 30:    After “medical” insert “except in a case of emergency,

2.     Page 2, Lines 39-42:    Delete all of lines 39-42 and insert:
            “(4) School personnel may send a letter informing a child's             parent or guardian of any perceived behavioral or medical             problem.

3.     Page 4, Line 103:    After “(c) a” delete “medical,”, and after “psychiatric” delete “,

    The motion passed unanimously with Representative Hutchings absent for the vote.

(See handouts on file from Representative Bryson)

Representative Bryson then introduced the bill and explained its intent. At Representative Bryson's request Ms. Susan Bell explained to her experience with the school system, this issue, and her son. She encouraged the committee to pass the bill out favorably from the committee.

MOTION:    Representative Ferry moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.     Page 1, Lines 7-8:    After “ from” delete “ making certain medical recommendations for a child, including” and insert “ recommending

2.     Page 2, Line 30:    After “(iii) a” delete “medical except in a case of an emergency,”, and after “psychiatric” delete “,

3.     Page 2, Line 38:    After “(c) a” delete “medical,” and after “psychiatric” delete “,

        The motion passed unanimously.

The following people spoke in opposition to the bill:

        Dave Adamson, Granite School District
        Louis Moench, Utah Medical Association, Utah Psychiatric Association
        Jessica Beattie, Parent Advocate, NAMI, Utah
        Steven Peterson, Utah School Board Association, Utah School Superintendent Association (see handout on file)
        Tim Cosgrove, Child Advocate Primary Children's Medical Center, Utah P.T.A.

The following people spoke in favor of the bill:

        Tom Boley, citizen
        Gayle Ruzicka, Utah Eagle Forum
        Sandra Lucus, Citizen's Commission on Human Rights
        Dr. Sarah Thompson, citizen

MOTION:    Representative Bryson moved to pass the bill out favorably as amended.

    Representative Ferry moved to place this item at the first of the agenda for the next scheduled meeting, as it was time for the committee members to be on the house floor. The motion passed 9-2, with Representatives Bryson, and Thompson voting in opposition to the motion.

MOTION:    Representative Bennion moved to approve the minutes for January 29, with one

correction, on page 3, under the vote to pass out S.B. 27, Representative Bennion was to have been included as absent for the vote. The motion passed unanimously.

MOTION:    Representative Bennion moved to adjourn. The motion passed with Representatives Arent, Daniels, Thompson, and Tyler voting in opposition to the motion. The meeting adjourned at 9:35 a.m.

Rep. James A. Ferrin, Vice-Chair