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January 25, 2002

Mr. President,

    The Rules Committee recommends assignment of the following bills and resolutions to standing committees:

Health and Environment Standing Committee
S.B. 135    Tobacco Settlement Restricted Account (D. Steele)
H.B. 215    Department of Health Collection of Information (D. Hogue)

Human Services Standing Committee
H.B. 28    Immunity from Liability in Child Welfare Investigations (W. Harper)

Judiciary Standing Committee
S.B. 139    Dna Evidence - Removing Statute of Limitations (L. Hillyard)
S.B. 140    Reallocation of Judges (J. Hickman)

Revenue and Taxation Standing Committee
S.J.R. 10    Resolution Amending Revenue and Taxation Provisions of Utah Constitution (J. Valentine)
1st Sub. H.B. 51    Sales and Use Tax - Taxability of Parts and Labor (W. Harper)
H.B. 88    Sales and Use Tax - Agricultural Exemption (E. Anderson)
H.J.R. 14    Joint Resolution - Debt Limits for Political Subdivisions (W. Harper)

State and Local Affairs Standing Committee
S.B. 131    Personal Use of Campaign Funds (K. Hale)
S.B. 137    Government Records Access & Management Act - Technical Revisions (A. Suazo)
H.J.R. 9    Joint Resolution - Rejecting Recommended Salary Increase for Legislators (G. Way)
H.J.R. 11    Resolution Requiring Public Notice Prior to Special Sessions (S. Urquhart)

Transportation and Public Safety Standing Committee
H.B. 87    Unmarked Vehicle Amendments (D. Bowman)


                    Michael Waddoups
                    Committee Chair