H.B. 102   Criminal History Background Information (Bourdeaux, D.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/9/2002 Numbered LRGC
1/9/2002 Bill Distributed LRGC
1/10/2002 House Received from General Counsel HDOCKET
1/16/2002 House Received Fiscal Note from Fiscal HINTRO
1/21/2002 House Read 1st Time (Introduced) HSTRUL
1/23/2002 House Under Suspension of the Rules HSTRUL
1/23/2002 House Read 2nd Time H3RDHB
1/31/2002 House Read 3rd Time H3RDHB
1/31/2002 House Passed 3rd Reading SSEC 64 2 9
1/31/2002 House Sent to Senate SSEC
1/31/2002 Senate/received from House SINTRO
1/31/2002 Senate/read 1st (Introduced) SSTRUL
2/26/2002 Senate/to Standing Committee SSTENR
2/28/2002 Senate/returned to Senate Secretary SSEC
3/6/2002 Senate/enacting clause struck HCLERK
3/6/2002 House Filed HFILE