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Sponsor: Ann W. Hardy

                  This act modifies the Utah Municipal Code and the procedure for disconnecting territory
                  from a municipality. The act repeals provisions relating to the appointment of
                  commissioners to make findings regarding the viability of disconnection. The act
                  modifies the criteria for disconnection and modifies the procedure for disconnection. The
                  act also makes technical changes.
                  This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
                      10-2-501, as last amended by Chapter 132, Laws of Utah 1996
                      10-2-507, as last amended by Chapter 318, Laws of Utah 2000
                      10-2-508, as last amended by Chapter 132, Laws of Utah 1996
                  RENUMBERS AND AMENDS:
                      10-2-502.5, (Renumbered from 10-2-504, as last amended by Chapter 132, Laws of
                  Utah 1996)
                      10-2-502.7, (Renumbered from 10-2-505, as last amended by Chapter 132, Laws of
                  Utah 1996)
                      10-2-502, as last amended by Chapter 132, Laws of Utah 1996
                      10-2-503, as last amended by Chapter 132, Laws of Utah 1996
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Section 10-2-501 is amended to read:
                       10-2-501. Municipal disconnection -- Definitions -- Request for disconnection --
                  Requirements upon filing request.
                       (1) As used in this part[: (a) "County" means the county containing the municipality
                  from which territory is proposed to be disconnected. (b) "Municipality" means the
                  municipality containing the territory proposed for disconnection. (c) "Petitioners"]

                  "petitioners" means persons [owning] who:
                      (a) own title to real property within the [territory within a municipality who propose]
                  area proposed for disconnection; and
                      (b) have signed a request for disconnection proposing to disconnect that [territory] area
                  from [a] the municipality.
                      [(d) "Territory" means that property within a municipality that is proposed for
                      (2) (a) Petitioners proposing to disconnect [any territory] an area within and lying on the
                  borders of [any incorporated] a municipality shall file with that municipality's legislative body a
                  ["Request for Disconnection." The Request for Disconnection] request for disconnection.
                      (b) Each request for disconnection shall:
                      [(a)] (i) contain the names, addresses, and signatures of the owners of more than 50% of
                  the real property [owners] in the [territory] area proposed for disconnection;
                      [(b)] (ii) give the reasons for the proposed disconnection;
                      [(c)] (iii) include a map or plat of the territory proposed for disconnection; and
                      [(d)] (iv) designate between one and five persons with authority to act on the petitioners'
                  behalf in the proceedings.
                      (3) Upon filing the request for disconnection, petitioners shall:
                      (a) cause notice of the [petition] request to be published once a week for three
                  consecutive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation within the municipality[.];
                      [(4) The municipal legislative body may respond to petitioners within 20 calendar days
                  after the expiration of the notice period under Subsection (3).]
                      [(5) (a) After the 20-day response period, petitioners may file a petition against the
                  municipality in district court.]
                      [(b) The petition shall include a copy of the Request for Disconnection.]
                      (b) cause notice of the request to be mailed to each owner of real property located within
                  the area proposed to be disconnected; and
                      (c) deliver a copy of the request to the legislative body of the county in which the area

- 2 -

                  proposed for disconnection is located.
                      Section 2. Section 10-2-502.5 , which is renumbered from Section 10-2-504 is
                  renumbered and amended to read:
                       [10-2-504].     10-2-502.5. Hearing on request for disconnection -- Determination by
                  municipal legislative body -- Petition in district court.
                      (1) Within 30 calendar days [of their appointment] after the last publication of notice
                  required under Subsection 10-2-501 (3)(a), the [commissioners] legislative body of the
                  municipality in which the area proposed for disconnection is located shall hold a public hearing.
                      (2) At least seven calendar days before the hearing date, the [commissioners] municipal
                  legislative body shall [notify the parties and the public] provide notice of the public hearing:
                      (a) in writing to the petitioners and to the legislative body of the county in which the area
                  proposed for disconnection is located; and
                      (b) by publishing a notice in a newspaper of general circulation within the municipality
                  or, if there is none, then by posting notice of the hearing in at least three public places within the
                      (3) In the public hearing, any person may speak and submit documents regarding the
                  disconnection proposal.
                      (4) Within 45 calendar days of the hearing, the [commissioners] municipal legislative
                  body shall [report to the court their findings and reasons regarding]:
                      [(a) the criteria and factors provided in Section 10-2-503 ;]
                      [(b) the liabilities of the municipality and territory to be disconnected that have accrued
                  during the time in which the territory was part of the municipality; and]
                      [(c) the mutual property rights of the municipality and the territory to be disconnected.]
                      (a) determine whether to grant the request for disconnection; and
                      (b) if the municipality determines to grant the request, adopt an ordinance approving
                  disconnection of the area from the municipality.
                      (5) (a) A petition against the municipality challenging the municipal legislative body's
                  determination under Subsection (4) may be filed in district court by:

- 3 -

                      (i) petitioners; or
                      (ii) the county in which the area proposed for disconnection is located.
                      (b) Each petition under Subsection (5)(a) shall include a copy of the request for
                      Section 3. Section 10-2-502.7 , which is renumbered from Section 10-2-505 is
                  renumbered and amended to read:
                       [10-2-505].     10-2-502.7. Court action.
                       (1) [Upon receiving the commissioners' report] After the filing of a petition under
                  Section 10-2-502.5 and a response to the petition , the court [may] shall, upon request of a party
                  or upon its own motion, conduct a court hearing.
                      (2) At the hearing, the court shall hear evidence [presented by petitioners and the
                  municipality] regarding the viability of the disconnection proposal.
                      (3) The burden of proof is on petitioners who must prove, by a preponderance of the
                      (a) the viability of the disconnection [and];
                      (b) that justice and equity require that the territory be disconnected from the municipality
                  [by a preponderance of the evidence.];
                      [(4) Considering all the evidence and the commissioners' report, the court shall order
                  disconnection if]
                      (c) that the proposed disconnection [satisfies the criteria in Section 10-2-503 .] will not:
                      (i) leave the municipality with an area within its boundaries for which the cost,
                  requirements, or other burdens of providing municipal services would materially increase over
                  previous years;
                      (ii) make it economically or practically unfeasible for the municipality to continue to
                  function as a municipality; or
                      (iii) leave or create one or more islands or peninsulas of unincorporated territory; and
                      (d) that the county in which the area proposed for disconnection is located is capable, in
                  a cost-effective manner and without materially increasing the county's costs of providing

- 4 -

                  municipal services, of providing to the area the services that the municipality will no longer
                  provide to the area due to the disconnection.
                      (4) In determining whether petitioners have met their burden of proof with respect to
                  Subsections (3)(c)(i) and (ii), the court shall consider all relevant factors, including the effect of
                  the proposed disconnection on:
                      (a) the municipality or community as a whole;
                      (b) adjoining property owners;
                      (c) existing or projected streets or public ways;
                      (d) water mains and water services;
                      (e) sewer mains and sewer services;
                      (f) law enforcement;
                      (g) zoning; and
                      (h) other municipal services.
                      (5) The court's order either ordering or rejecting disconnection shall be in writing with
                  findings and reasons.
                      Section 4. Section 10-2-507 is amended to read:
                       10-2-507. Decree -- Filing of documents -- Notice requirements.
                      (1) Upon entering a disconnection order, the court shall file a certified copy of the order
                  and a transparent reproducible copy of the map or plat in the county recorder's office.
                      (2) [Within 30 calendar days of the court's disconnection order, the] The municipality
                  shall file amended articles of incorporation in the lieutenant governor's office, as provided in
                  Section 10-1-117 , and the county recorder's office[.] within 30 days after, as the case may be:
                      (a) adoption of an ordinance approving disconnection under Subsection
                  10-2-502.5 (4)(b); or
                      (b) entry of a court order under Section 10-2-502.7 ordering disconnection.
                      (3) The amended articles of incorporation shall:
                      (a) describe the postdisconnection geography of the municipality; and
                      (b) specify the postdisconnection population of the municipality.

- 5 -

                      (4) The lieutenant governor shall comply with the requirements of Subsection
                  10-1-117 (3).
                      [(4)] (5) Any cost incurred by the municipality in complying with this section may be
                  charged against the disconnected territory.
                      [(5)] (6) The legislative body of each municipality that has had territory disconnected
                  shall comply with the notice requirements of Section 10-1-116 .
                      Section 5. Section 10-2-508 is amended to read:
                       10-2-508. Disconnection completed.
                      Disconnection is complete when the [municipality files an amendment to its articles of
                  incorporation] lieutenant governor certifies the amended articles of incorporation as required by
                  Section [ 10-2-507 ] 10-1-117 .
                      Section 6. Repealer.
                      This act repeals:
                      Section 10-2-502, Court appointment of commissioners.
                      Section 10-2-503, Criteria for disconnection.

- 6 -

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