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First Substitute H.B. 31

Representative Jeff Alexander proposes the following substitute bill:





Sponsor: Jeff Alexander

             6      This act modifies provisions related to public assistance overpayments by transferring
             7      the recovery of overpayments responsibility from the Office of Recovery Services to the
             8      Department of Workforce Services. The act provides for an appeal from an initial
             9      department determination of overpayment. The act makes certain technical changes and
             10      provides a repealer. The act has a July 1, 2003 effective date.
             11      This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
             12      AMENDS:
             13          26-18-8, as last amended by Chapter 174, Laws of Utah 1997
             14          35A-3-111, as last amended by Chapter 58, Laws of Utah 2002
             15          62A-11-104, as last amended by Chapter 147, Laws of Utah 2002
             16          76-8-1201, as last amended by Chapter 174, Laws of Utah 1997
             17          76-8-1205, as last amended by Chapters 174 and 375, Laws of Utah 1997
             18          78-27-50, as last amended by Chapter 297, Laws of Utah 2000
             19      RENUMBERS AND AMENDS:
             20          35A-3-601, (Renumbered from 62A-11-201, as enacted by Chapter 1, Laws of Utah
             21      1988)
             22          35A-3-602, (Renumbered from 62A-11-202, as last amended by Chapter 174, Laws of
             23      Utah 1997)
             24          35A-3-603, (Renumbered from 35A-1-502, as last amended by Chapter 132, Laws of
             25      Utah 1999)

             26          35A-3-604, (Renumbered from 62A-11-203, as last amended by Chapter 174, Laws of
             27      Utah 1997)
             28          35A-3-605, (Renumbered from 62A-11-204.1, as last amended by Chapter 174, Laws
             29      of Utah 1997)
             30          35A-3-606, (Renumbered from 62A-11-207, as last amended by Chapter 198, Laws of
             31      Utah 1996)
             32          35A-3-607, (Renumbered from 62A-11-208, as enacted by Chapter 1, Laws of Utah
             33      1988)
             34          35A-3-608, (Renumbered from 62A-11-209, as last amended by Chapter 174, Laws of
             35      Utah 1997)
             36          35A-3-609, (Renumbered from 62A-11-210, as enacted by Chapter 1, Laws of Utah
             37      1988)
             38          35A-3-610, (Renumbered from 62A-11-211, as enacted by Chapter 1, Laws of Utah
             39      1988)
             40      REPEALS:
             41          35A-1-107, as last amended by Chapter 161, Laws of Utah 2000
             42          62A-11-110, as last amended by Chapter 174, Laws of Utah 1997
             43      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             44          Section 1. Section 26-18-8 is amended to read:
             45           26-18-8. Enforcement of public assistance statutes.
             46          (1) The department shall enforce or contract for the enforcement of Sections
             47      [ 35A-1-502 ], 35A-1-503 , 35A-3-108 , 35A-3-110 , 35A-3-111 , [and] 35A-3-112 , and
             48      35A-3-603 insofar as these sections pertain to benefits conferred or administered by the
             49      division under this chapter.
             50          (2) The department may contract for services covered in [Title 62A, Chapter 11, Part 1,
             51      Office of Recovery Services,] Section 35A-3-111 insofar as that [chapter] section pertains to
             52      benefits conferred or administered by the division under this chapter.
             53          Section 2. Section 35A-3-111 is amended to read:
             54           35A-3-111. Collection of overpayments.
             55          (1) The [division, through the Office of Recovery Services as provided in Section
             56      35A-1-107 ,] department is responsible for [collecting all funds due or that become due to the

             57      state under Section 62A-11-110 ] the recovery of overpayments required in Section 35A-3-603 .
             58          (2) Excess property liens required in the various programs not transferred to the federal
             59      government shall remain a condition of eligibility in public assistance programs.
             60          (3) A client can appeal an initial department determination that there has been an
             61      overpayment under rules made by the department in accordance with Title 63, Chapter 46a,
             62      Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act.
             63          Section 3. Section 35A-3-601 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-201 is
             64      renumbered and amended to read:
Part 6. Administrative Determination of Overpayment Act

             66           [62A-11-201].     35A-3-601. Title.
             67          This part shall be known as the "Administrative Determination of Overpayments Act."
             68          Section 4. Section 35A-3-602 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-202 is
             69      renumbered and amended to read:
             70           [62A-11-202].     35A-3-602. Definitions.
             71          As used in this part:
             72          (1) "Adjudicative proceeding" means an action or proceeding of the [office]
             73      department described in Section 63-46b-1 .
             74          (2) "Administrative order" means an order issued by the [office or the] department
             75      involving an overpayment of public assistance.
             76          (3) "Court order" means a judgment or order of any court of this state, another state, or
             77      the federal government that involves an overpayment of public assistance.
             78          [(4) "Director" means the director of the Office of Recovery Services.]
             79          (4) "Department" means the Department of Workforce Services.
             80          (5) "Notice of agency action" means the notice required to commence an adjudicative
             81      proceeding as described in Section 63-46b-3 .
             82          (6) "Obligor" means an individual who is liable to the state under Section [ 35A-1-502 ]
             83      35A-3-603 and applicable federal statutes and regulations, or an individual against whom an
             84      administrative or judicial order determining overpayment has been obtained.
             85          [(7) "Office" means the Office of Recovery Services.]
             86          [(8)] (7) (a) "Overpayment" means [the same as that term is defined in Section
             87      35A-1-502 .] money, public assistance, or any other thing of value provided under a state or

             88      federally funded benefit program to the extent that the person receiving the thing of value is not
             89      entitled to receive it or is not entitled to receive it at the level provided.
             90          (b) It includes money paid to a provider under this title in connection with public
             91      assistance or any other publicly funded assistance program to the extent that the provider
             92      receives payment:
             93          (i) for goods or services not provided; or
             94          (ii) in excess of the amount to which the provider is entitled.
             95          Section 5. Section 35A-3-603 , which is renumbered from Section 35A-1-502 is
             96      renumbered and amended to read:
             97           [35A-1-502].     35A-3-603. Civil liability for overpayment.
             98          (1) As used in this section[:(a) "Intentionally], "intentionally, knowingly, and
             99      recklessly" mean the same as those terms are defined in Section 76-2-103 .
             100          [(b) (i) "Overpayment" means money, public assistance, or any other thing of value
             101      provided under a state or federally funded benefit program to the extent that the person
             102      receiving the thing of value is not entitled to receive it or is not entitled to receive it at the level
             103      provided.]
             104          [(ii) "Overpayment" includes money paid to a provider under this title in connection
             105      with public assistance; Title 62A, Chapter 11, Part 3, Public Support of Children Act; Title 78,
             106      Chapter 45, Uniform Civil Liability for Support Act; Title 78, Chapter 45a, Uniform Act on
             107      Paternity; or any other publicly funded assistance benefit program to the extent that the
             108      provider receives payment:]
             109          [(A) for goods or services not provided; or]
             110          [(B) in excess of the amount to which the provider is entitled.]
             111          [(c) "Provider" means the same as that term is defined in Section 62A-11-103 .]
             112          (2) Each provider, client, or other person who receives an overpayment shall,
             113      regardless of fault, return the overpayment or repay its value to the department immediately:
             114          (a) upon receiving written notice of the overpayment from the department; or
             115          (b) upon discovering the overpayment, if that occurs prior to receiving notice.
             116          (3) (a) Except as provided under Subsection (3)(b), interest on the unreturned balance
             117      of the overpayment shall accrue at the rate of [10% a year until an administrative or judicial
             118      judgment is entered] 1% a month.

             119          (b) If the overpayment was not the fault of the person receiving it, that person is not
             120      liable for interest on the unreturned balance.
             121          (c) In accordance with federal law and rules [adopted] made by the department, an
             122      overpayment may be recovered through deductions from cash assistance, general assistance,
             123      food stamps, [or] other cash-related assistance provided to a client under [Chapter 3,
             124      Employment Support Act] this chapter, or any other means provided by federal law.
             125          (4) Each person who knowingly assists a client, provider, or other person in obtaining
             126      an overpayment is jointly and severally liable for the overpayment.
             127          (5) (a) In proving civil liability for overpayment under this section or [Subsection
             128      62A-11-204.1 (2)(a)(i)] Section 35A-3-605 when fault is alleged, the department shall prove by
             129      clear and convincing evidence that the overpayment was obtained intentionally, knowingly,
             130      recklessly, by false statement, misrepresentation, impersonation, or other fraudulent means,
             131      such as by committing any of the acts or omissions described in Sections 76-8-1203 through
             132      76-8-1205 .
             133          (b) If fault is established under Subsection (5)(a), Section [ 62A-11-204.1 ] 35A-3-605 ,
             134      or Title 76, Chapter 8, Part 12, Public Assistance Fraud, any person who obtained or helped
             135      another obtain an overpayment shall be subject to:
             136          (i) a civil penalty of 10% of the amount of the overpayment; and
             137          (ii) disqualification from receiving cash assistance from the Family Employment
             138      Program and the general assistance program, if the overpayment was obtained from either of
             139      those programs, for 12 months for the first offense, 24 months for the second offense, and
             140      permanently for the third offense, or as otherwise provided by federal law; or
             141          (iii) disqualification from the food stamp program, if that is the program from which
             142      the overpayment was received, for 12 months for the first offense, 24 months for the second
             143      offense, and permanently for the third offense, or as otherwise provided by federal law.
             144          (6) If an action is filed, the department may recover, in addition to the principal sum
             145      plus interest, reasonable attorneys' fees and costs unless the repayment obligation arose from an
             146      administrative error by the department.
             147          (7) If a court finds that funds or benefits were secured, in whole or part, by fraud by the
             148      person from whom repayment is sought, the court shall assess an additional sum as considered
             149      appropriate as punitive damages up to the amount of repayment being sought.

             150          (8) Criminal actions for public assistance fraud are governed by Title 76, Chapter 8,
             151      Part 12, Public Assistance Fraud.
             152          (9) Jurisdiction over benefits is continuous.
             153          (10) This chapter does not preclude the Department of Health from carrying out its
             154      responsibilities under Title 26, Chapter 19, Medical Benefits Recovery Act, and Chapter 20,
             155      False Claims Act.
             156          Section 6. Section 35A-3-604 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-203 is
             157      renumbered and amended to read:
             158           [62A-11-203].     35A-3-604. Obligor presumed to have notice of department's
             159      rights -- Authority to administer oaths, issue subpoenas, and compel witnesses and
             160      production of documents -- Recovery of attorneys' fees, costs, and interest -- Rulemaking
             161      authority -- Administrative procedures.
             162          (1) An obligor is presumed to have received notice of the rights of the [office]
             163      department under this part upon engaging in this state in any of the acts described in
             164      Subsections 35A-1-502 (4) and (5) or Section 76-8-1203 , 76-8-1204 , or 76-8-1205 .
             165          (2) For the purposes of this part, the [director or his authorized representative]
             166      department may administer oaths and certify official acts, issue subpoenas, and compel
             167      witnesses and the production of business records, documents, and evidence.
             168          (3) (a) Except when an overpayment results from administrative error, the [office]
             169      department may recover from the obligor:
             170          (i) reasonable attorneys' fees;
             171          (ii) costs incurred in pursuing administrative remedies under this part; and
             172          (iii) interest at the rate of 1% a month accruing from the date an administrative or
             173      judicial order is issued determining the amount due under this part.
             174          (b) The [office] department may recover interest, attorneys' fees, and costs, if notice of
             175      the assessment has been included in a notice of agency action issued in conformity with Title
             176      63, Chapter 46b, Administrative Procedures Act.
             177          (4) [The office] In accordance with Title 63, Chapter 46a, Utah Administrative
             178      Rulemaking Act, the department may [adopt] make, amend, and enforce rules to carry out the
             179      provisions of this part.
             180          (5) Service of all notices and orders under this part shall comply with Title 63, Chapter

             181      46b, Administrative Procedures Act, the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure, or rules [adopted]
             182      made by the [office] department that meet standards required by due process [and that do not
             183      conflict with the requirements of the Administrative Procedures Act].
             184          Section 7. Section 35A-3-605 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-204.1 is
             185      renumbered and amended to read:
             186           [62A-11-204.1].     35A-3-605. Issuance or modification of administrative order
             187      -- Voluntary acknowledgment of overpayment -- Court orders supersede administrative
             188      orders -- Notification requirement.
             189          (1) As used in Subsection (2)(a)(i), "intentional program violation" means obtaining an
             190      "overpayment" as defined in Section [ 35A-1-502 ] 35A-3-602 .
             191          (2) (a) Through an adjudicative proceeding, the [office] department may issue or
             192      modify an administrative order that:
             193          (i) determines whether an overpayment was made, the amount of the overpayment, and
             194      whether benefits were obtained by an intentional program violation;
             195          (ii) reduces the overpayment to an administrative judgment; or
             196          (iii) renews an administrative judgment.
             197          (b) The [office] department shall commence an adjudicative proceeding to renew a
             198      judgment by serving notice of agency action on the obligor before the judgment is barred by the
             199      applicable statute of limitations.
             200          (3) The [office] department may accept voluntary acknowledgment of an overpayment
             201      obligation and enter into stipulated agreements to issue orders and judgments.
             202          (4) (a) A provision of an administrative order is enforceable against an obligor, unless
             203      it is in direct conflict with or is superseded by a provision of a court order.
             204          (b) To the extent of any conflict, the court order governs.
             205          (5) After being properly served with a notice of agency action under this part, an
             206      obligor shall notify the [office] department of any subsequent change of address or
             207      employment.
             208          Section 8. Section 35A-3-606 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-207 is
             209      renumbered and amended to read:
             210           [62A-11-207].     35A-3-606. Docketing abstract of final administrative order
             211      -- Real property and personal property liens -- Effect of order -- Execution.

             212          (1) (a) An abstract of a final administrative order may be docketed in the district court
             213      of any county in the state.
             214          (b) The time of receipt of the abstract shall be noted by the clerk on the abstract and
             215      entered in the docket.
             216          (2) From the time the abstract is docketed in the judgment docket of a district court,
             217      any administrative judgment included in the order abstracted constitutes a lien upon the real
             218      property of the obligor situated in that county for a period of eight years from the date the order
             219      is entered unless previously satisfied.
             220          (3) The final administrative order fixing the liability of the obligor shall have the same
             221      effect as any other money judgment entered in a district court.
             222          (4) Attachment, garnishment, or execution on a judgment included in or accruing under
             223      an administrative order filed and docketed [in accordance with] under this section shall be in
             224      the same manner and with the same effect as an attachment, garnishment, or execution on a
             225      judgment of a district court, except that a writ of garnishment on earnings shall continue to
             226      operate and require the garnishee to withhold the nonexempt portion of the earnings at each
             227      succeeding earnings disbursement interval until released in writing by the [office] department
             228      or by court order.
             229          (5) The lien and enforcement remedies provided by this section are in addition to any
             230      other lien or remedy provided by law.
             231          Section 9. Section 35A-3-607 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-208 is
             232      renumbered and amended to read:
             233           [62A-11-208].     35A-3-607. Property subject to execution or lien --
             234      Restriction on transfer or conveyance -- Release of excess amount above liability to
             235      obligor.
             236          (1) After receiving notice that an abstract has been docketed and a lien established
             237      under this part, a person in possession of any property which may be subject to execution or
             238      lien may not pay over, release, sell, transfer, encumber, or convey that property to any person
             239      other than the [office] department, unless the person in possession first receives a release or
             240      waiver from the [office] department, or a court order releasing the lien or stating that the
             241      liability does not exist or has been satisfied.
             242          (2) If a person has in his possession earnings, deposits, accounts, or balances owed to

             243      the obligor in excess of $100 over the amount of the liability claimed by the [office]
             244      department, that person may, without liability under this part, release the excess to the obligor.
             245          Section 10. Section 35A-3-608 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-209 is
             246      renumbered and amended to read:
             247           [62A-11-209].     35A-3-608. Schedule of payments to be paid upon liability --
             248      Establishment -- Cancellation.
             249          (1) At any time, the [office] department may[,]:
             250          (a) consistent with the income, earning capacity, and resources of the obligor, set or
             251      reset the level and schedule of payments to be paid upon the liability[,]; and [may,]
             252          (b) at any time, cancel the schedule of payments and demand immediate payment in
             253      full.
             254          (2) The [office] department may recover an overpayment through deductions from cash
             255      assistance or food stamps pursuant to Section 35A-1-502 .
             256          Section 11. Section 35A-3-609 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-210 is
             257      renumbered and amended to read:
             258           [62A-11-210].     35A-3-609. Statute of limitations -- Enforcement of lien or
             259      order.
             260          No action for the enforcement of an order or lien issued under this part may be
             261      maintained unless it is commenced within eight years after the date of the order.
             262          Section 12. Section 35A-3-610 , which is renumbered from Section 62A-11-211 is
             263      renumbered and amended to read:
             264           [62A-11-211].     35A-3-610. Legal representation at hearings.
             265          (1) A party may be represented by legal counsel at any hearing held under this part.
             266          (2) At the request of the [office] department it is the duty of the attorney general or the
             267      county attorney to represent the department in any proceeding commenced under this part.
             268          Section 13. Section 62A-11-104 is amended to read:
             269           62A-11-104. Duties of office.
             270          The office has the following duties:
             271          (1) to provide child support services if:
             272          (a) the office has received an application for child support services;
             273          (b) the state has provided public assistance; or

             274          (c) a child lives out of the home in the protective custody, temporary custody, or
             275      custody or care of the state or another party for at least 30 days;
             276          (2) to carry out the obligations of the department contained in this chapter and in Title
             277      78, Chapters 45, Uniform Civil Liability for Support Act, Chapter 45a, Uniform Act on
             278      Paternity, and Chapter 45f, Uniform Interstate Family Support Act, for the purpose of
             279      collecting child support;
             280          [(3) to recover public assistance provided to persons for which they were ineligible;]
             281          [(4)] (3) to collect money due the department which could act to offset expenditures by
             282      the state;
             283          [(5)] (4) to cooperate with the federal government in programs designed to recover
             284      health and social service funds;
             285          [(6)] (5) to collect civil or criminal assessments, fines, fees, amounts awarded as
             286      restitution, and reimbursable expenses owed to the state or any of its political subdivisions, if
             287      the office has contracted to provide collection services;
             288          [(7)] (6) to implement income withholding for collection of child support in
             289      accordance with Part 4 of this chapter;
             290          [(8)] (7) to enter into agreements with financial institutions doing business in the state
             291      to develop and operate, in coordination with such financial institutions, a data match system in
             292      the manner provided for in Section 62A-11-304.5 ;
             293          [(9)] (8) to establish and maintain the state case registry in the manner required by the
             294      Social Security Act, 42 U.S.C. Sec. 654a, which shall include a record in each case of:
             295          (a) the amount of monthly or other periodic support owed under the order, and other
             296      amounts, including arrearages, interest, late payment penalties, or fees, due or overdue under
             297      the order;
             298          (b) any amount described in Subsection [(9)] (8)(a) that has been collected;
             299          (c) the distribution of collected amounts;
             300          (d) the birth date of any child for whom the order requires the provision of support; and
             301          (e) the amount of any lien imposed with respect to the order pursuant to this part;
             302          [(10)] (9) to contract with the Department of Workforce Services to establish and
             303      maintain the new hire registry created under Section 35A-7-103 ;
             304          [(11)] (10) to determine whether an individual who has applied for or is receiving cash

             305      assistance or Medicaid is cooperating in good faith with the office as required by Section
             306      62A-11-307.2 ;
             307          [(12)] (11) to finance any costs incurred from collections, fees, General Fund
             308      appropriation, contracts, and federal financial participation; and
             309          [(13)] (12) to provide notice to a noncustodial parent in accordance with Section
             310      62A-11-304.4 of the opportunity to contest the accuracy of allegations by a custodial parent of
             311      nonpayment of past-due child support, prior to taking action against a noncustodial parent to
             312      collect the alleged past-due support.
             313          Section 14. Section 76-8-1201 is amended to read:
             314           76-8-1201. Definitions.
             315          As used in this part:
             316          (1) "Client" means a person who receives or has received public assistance.
             317          (2) "Overpayment" means the same as that term is defined in Section [ 35A-1-502 ]
             318      35A-3-602 .
             319          (3) "Provider" means the same as that term is defined in Section 62A-11-103 .
             320          (4) "Public assistance" means the same as that term is defined in Section 35A-1-102 .
             321          Section 15. Section 76-8-1205 is amended to read:
             322           76-8-1205. Public assistance fraud defined.
             323          Each of the following persons, who intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly commits any
             324      of the following acts, is guilty of public assistance fraud:
             325          (1) any person who uses, transfers, acquires, traffics in, falsifies, or possesses any food
             326      stamp, food stamp identification card, certificate of eligibility for medical services, Medicaid
             327      identification card, fund transfer instrument, payment instrument, or public assistance warrant
             328      in a manner not allowed by law;
             329          (2) any person who fraudulently misappropriates any funds exchanged for food stamps,
             330      any food stamp, food stamp identification card, certificate of eligibility for medical services,
             331      Medicaid identification card, or other public assistance with which he has been entrusted or
             332      that has come into his possession in connection with his duties in administering any state or
             333      federally funded public assistance program;
             334          (3) any person who receives an unauthorized payment as a result of acts described in
             335      this section;

             336          (4) any provider who receives payment or any client who receives benefits after failing
             337      to comply with any applicable requirement in Sections 76-8-1203 and 76-8-1204 ;
             338          (5) any provider who files a claim for payment under any state or federally funded
             339      public assistance program for goods or services not provided to or for a client of that program;
             340          (6) any provider who files or falsifies a claim, report, or document required by state or
             341      federal law, rule, or provider agreement for goods or services not authorized under the state or
             342      federally funded public assistance program for which the goods or services were provided;
             343          (7) any provider who fails to credit the state for payments received from other sources;
             344          (8) any provider who bills a client or a client's family for goods or services not
             345      provided, or bills in an amount greater than allowed by law or rule;
             346          (9) any client who, while receiving public assistance, acquires income or resources in
             347      excess of the amount he previously reported to the state agency administering the public
             348      assistance, and fails to notify the state agency to which the client previously reported within ten
             349      days after acquiring the excess income or resources;
             350          (10) any person who fails to act as required under Section 76-8-1203 or 76-8-1204 with
             351      intent to obtain or help another obtain an "overpayment" as defined in Section [ 35A-1-502 ]
             352      35A-3-602 ; and
             353          (11) any person who obtains an overpayment by violation of Section 76-8-1203 or
             354      76-8-1204 .
             355          Section 16. Section 78-27-50 is amended to read:
             356           78-27-50. Financial information privacy -- Inapplicable to certain official
             357      investigations.
             358          (1) Sections 78-27-45 through 78-27-47 do not apply when an examination of records is
             359      a part of an official investigation by:
             360          (a) local police;
             361          (b) a sheriff;
             362          (c) a peace officer;
             363          (d) a city attorney;
             364          (e) a county attorney;
             365          (f) a district attorney;
             366          (g) the attorney general;

             367          (h) the Department of Public Safety;
             368          (i) the Office of Recovery Services of the Department of Human Services;
             369          (j) the Insurance Department;
             370          (k) the Department of Commerce;
             371          (l) the state auditor; or
             372          (m) the State Tax Commission.
             373          (2) Except for the Office of Recovery Services, if a governmental entity listed in
             374      Subsection (1) seeks a record, the entity shall obtain the record as follows:
             375          (a) if the record is a nonprotected record, by request in writing that:
             376          (i) certifies that an official investigation is being conducted; and
             377          (ii) is signed by a representative of the governmental entity that is conducting the
             378      official investigation; or
             379          (b) if the record is a protected record, by obtaining:
             380          (i) a subpoena authorized by statute; or
             381          (ii) other legal process:
             382          (A) ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction; and
             383          (B) served upon the financial institution.
             384          (3) If the Office of Recovery Services seeks a record, it shall obtain the record pursuant
             385      to:
             386          (a) Subsection 62A-11-104 [(8)] (7);
             387          (b) Section 62A-11-304.1 ;
             388          (c) Section 62A-11-304.5 ; or
             389          (d) Title IV, Part D of the Social Security Act as codified in 42 U.S.C. 651 et seq.
             390          (4) A financial institution may not give notice to any person named or referenced
             391      within the record disclosed pursuant to Subsection (2)(a).
             392          (5) In accordance with Section 78-27-48 , the agency conducting the official
             393      investigation that obtains a record from a financial institution under this section shall reimburse
             394      the financial institution for costs reasonably and directly incurred by the financial institution.
             395          Section 17. Repealer.
             396          This act repeals:
             397          Section 35A-1-107, Contract with Office of Recovery Services.

             398          Section 62A-11-110, Collection of cash assistance repayments.
             399          Section 18. Effective date.
             400          This act takes effect on July 1, 2003.

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