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Sponsor: David L. Gladwell

                  This resolution modifies Senate Rules governing the Order of Business by adding the
                  Pledge of Allegiance to the Daily Order of Business. This resolution takes effect
                  This resolution affects legislative rules as follows:
                  Be it resolved by the Senate of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. SR-23.03 is amended to read:
                       SR-23.03. Daily Order of Business.
                      The daily order of business is:
                      (1) call to order by President;
                      (2) roll call;
                      (3) report of excused absences and if quorum is present;
                      (4) prayer and Pledge of Allegiance;
                      (5) report of journal committee;
                      (6) communications from the Governor;
                      (7) communications from the House:
                      (a) bills for signature of the President;
                      (b) bills for consideration; and
                      (c) bills for reconsideration of House amendments;
                      (8) reference of bills from the President:
                      (a) bills assigned to standing committees; and
                      (b) bills placed on second reading calendar;
                      (9) reports of Secretary of the Senate from standing committees:

                      (a) bills placed on second reading calendar;
                      (b) bills placed on consent calendar; and
                      (c) bills sent back to the Secretary of the Senate;
                      (10) reports of special committees, including conference committees;
                      (11) introduction of bills and presentation of resolutions to be given to the Secretary of
                  the Senate at least one hour before the beginning of the session for inclusion in that day's agenda:
                      (a) bills assigned to Secretary of the Senate for referral by the President; and
                      (b) bills placed on second reading calendar;
                      (12) unfinished business;
                      (13) consideration of bills on consent calendar;
                      (14) special orders of business;
                      (15) consideration of bills on third reading calendar;
                      (16) consideration of bills on second reading calendar; and
                      (17) miscellaneous business.
                      Section 2. Effective date.
                      This resolution takes effect upon approval by a constitutional majority vote of all
                  members of the Senate.

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