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S.B. 184






Sponsor: Carlene M. Walker

             6      This act modifies the Utah Municipal Improvement District Act to expand the
             7      improvements that a municipal improvement district is authorized to provide to include
             8      certain telecommunications facilities and equipment. The act requires property owner
             9      consent for property to be included in the district and to be made subject to assessment.
             10      This act affects sections of Utah Code Annotated 1953 as follows:
             11      AMENDS:
             12          17A-3-304, as last amended by Chapter 47, Laws of Utah 1991
             13      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             14          Section 1. Section 17A-3-304 is amended to read:
             15           17A-3-304. Powers of municipality.
             16          (1) The governing body of any municipality may make or cause to be made any one or
             17      more or combination of the following improvements:
             18          (a) establish grades and lay out, establish, open, extend, and widen any street, sidewalk,
             19      alley, or off-street parking facility;
             20          (b) improve, repair, light, grade, pave, repave, curb, gutter, sewer, drain, park, and
             21      beautify any street, sidewalk, alley, or off-street parking facility;
             22          (c) construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, or repair bridges, sidewalks, crosswalks,
             23      driveways, culverts, sewers, storm sewers, drains, flood barriers, and channels;
             24          (d) construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, or repair lines, facilities, and equipment,
             25      other than generating equipment, for street lighting purposes or for the expansion or
             26      improvement of a previously established, municipally owned electrical distribution system, to a
             27      district within the boundaries of the municipality;

             28          (e) plant or cause to be planted, set out, cultivate, and maintain lawns, shade trees, or
             29      other landscaping;
             30          (f) (i) cover, fence, safeguard, or enclose reservoirs, canals, ditches, and watercourses;
             31      and
             32          (ii) construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, and repair waterworks, reservoirs, canals,
             33      ditches, pipes, mains, hydrants, and other water facilities for the purpose of supplying water for
             34      domestic and irrigation purposes or either, regulating, controlling, or distributing water for
             35      domestic and irrigation purposes and regulating and controlling water and watercourses leading
             36      into the municipality;
             37          (g) acquire, construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, or repair parking lots or other
             38      facilities for the parking of vehicles off streets;
             39          (h) acquire, construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, or repair any of the improvements
             40      authorized in this section for use in connection with an industrial or research park;
             41          (i) acquire, construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, or repair parks, recreational
             42      facilities, and libraries;
             43          (j) remove any nonconforming existing improvements in the areas to be improved;
             44          (k) construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, or repair optional improvements;
             45          (l) acquire any property necessary or advisable in order to make any of these
             46      improvements;
             47          (m) make any other improvements authorized by any other law, the cost of which may,
             48      in whole or in part, properly be determined to be of particular benefit to a particular area within
             49      the municipality;
             50          (n) (i) construct and install all structures, equipment, and other items; and
             51          (ii) do any other work that is necessary or appropriate to complete any of these
             52      improvements; [and]
             53          (o) conduct economic promotion activities[.]; and
             54          (p) subject to Subsection (5), acquire, construct, reconstruct, extend, maintain, or repair
             55      lines, facilities, and equipment for providing public telecommunications service, as defined in
             56      Section 10-18-102 , subject to the limitations contained in Title 10, Chapter 18, Municipal
             57      Cable Television and Public Telecommunications Services Act.
             58          (2) In a district created for economic promotion activities, the governing body of the

             59      municipality shall:
             60          (a) spend at least 70% of any funds generated on economic promotion activities; and
             61          (b) spend no more than 30% of any funds generated on administrative costs, including
             62      salaries, benefits, rent, travel, and costs incidental to publications.
             63          (3) For the purpose of making and paying for all or a part of the cost of any
             64      improvements or optional improvements, the governing body of a municipality may:
             65          (a) create special improvement districts within the municipality;
             66          (b) levy assessments on the property within the district that is benefited by the
             67      improvements;
             68          (c) collect improvement revenues from those improvements; and
             69          (d) issue interim warrants and special improvement bonds as provided in this part.
             70          (4) A governing body may not use the procedures outlined in this part to pay the cost of
             71      buildings or structures used for industry or research.
             72          (5) A district created to make the improvements set forth in Subsection (1)(p) may
             73      include only the property of an owner who has voluntarily consented to include the owner's
             74      property in the district and to subject the property to an assessment of the district.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 2-6-03 9:54 AM

A limited legal review of this legislation raises no obvious constitutional or statutory concerns.

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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