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February 6, 2003

Members Present:    Rep. Craig W. Butters, Chair
    Rep. Darin G. Peterson, Vice Chair
    Rep. Eli H. Anderson
    Rep. Roger E. Barrus
    Rep. Jackie Biskupski
    Rep. David N. Cox
    Rep. Margaret Dayton
    Rep. Glenn A. Donnelson     Rep. James R. Gowans
    Rep. Bradley T. Johnson
    Rep. Michael E. Noel
    Rep. Michael R. Styler
    Rep. David Ure
    Rep. Stephen H. Urquhart

Staff Present:    Brian Allred, Policy Analyst
            Sylvia Newton, Committee Secretary
Visitors List:        List filed with Committee Minutes

Rep. Peterson called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.

MOTION:    Rep. Johnson moved to approve the minutes of February 4, 2003. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Cox, Rep. Dayton, Rep. Styler, and Rep. Ure absent for the vote.

H.B. 17    Agricultural Products Dealer's Act Amendments (C. Buttars)

Rep. Buttars introduced H.B. 17 and explained it to the committee.

MOTION:    Rep. Buttars moved to delete in title and body H.B. 17 and replace it with
        1st Substitute H.B. 17.

Spoke to the bill:    Ted Miller, E.A. Miller
            Tim Munns, Utah Cattlemen's Association
            Richard Nielson, Utah Cattlemen's Association

Rep. Ure, Rep. Gowans, Rep. Noel, and Rep. Johnson declared a conflict of interest.

The following spoke to H.B. 17 and 1st Substitute H.B. 17:

    Dean Parker, Smithfield Livestock Auction
    Ty Tingey, Spanish Fork Livestock Auction
    Scott Sondall, Box Elder County grower
    Clair Nielson, Nielson Farms
    Scott Robins, Producers Livestock
    Eldon Money, citizen
    Larry Pauly, 3L Livestock
    Jeff Smith, Dale T. Smith & Sons Meat Packing
    Cary Peterson, Utah Department of Agriculture & Food

The motion to adopt 1st Substitute H.B. 17 failed, with Rep. Johnson, Rep. Styler, Rep. Urquhart, Rep. Buttars, and Rep. Peterson voting in favor of the motion.

MOTION:    Rep. Ure moved to pass H.B. 17 out favorably. The motion passed with Rep. Cox, Rep. Johnson, Rep. Styler, and Rep. Buttars voting in opposition to the motion.

MOTION:    Rep. Ure moved to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:56 a.m.

                    Rep. Craig W. Buttars, Chair