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Room 129 - State Capitol Building

February 25, 2003

MEMBERS PRESENT:     Rep. Wayne A. Harper, Chair
                Rep. Stephen D. Clark, Vice Chair
                Rep. Eli H.An derson    
                 Rep. Judy Ann Buff mire
                Rep. Scott Daniels
                Rep. Brad Last
                 Rep. Susan Lawrence
                Rep. Carol Spackman Moss             
                 Rep. Darin G. Peterson
                Rep. J. Morgan Philpot
                Rep. Jack A. Seitz
                 Rep. Bradley A. Winn

MEMBERS ABSENT:     Rep. Sheryl L. Allen             
                  Rep. Gordon E. Snow

STAFF:            Bryant Howe, Policy Analyst
                Sharron Corelli, Secretary
VISITORS:            List filed with committee minutes.

Vice Chair Clark called the meeting to order at 4:40 p.m.

MOTION:    Rep. Winn moved to approve the minutes of February 25, 2003. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Harper, Rep. Winn and Rep. Philpot absent for the vote.

H.B.286    Waste Tax and Fee Amendments (D. Ure)

MOTION:    Rep. Anderson moved to adopt the following amendment:

1.    Page 3, Line 75:    After "(2)(a)" insert "(i)"

2.    Page 3, Line 76:    Bracket "hazardous waste and"

3.    Page 3, Line 78:    After Line 78 insert:

        "(ii) The owner or operator of each facility under Subsection (1) shall collect from the generators of hazardous waste a fee of $14 per ton or fraction of a ton on all hazardous waste received at the facility or site for disposal, treatment, or both."

4.    Page 3, Line 83:    Delete "(i)"

5.    Page 3, Line 86:    Reinstate "(i)" and delete "(A)"

6.    Page 3, Line 87:    Reinstate "(ii)" and delete "(B)"

7.    Page 3, Line 88:    Delete Lines 88 and 89

8.    Page 7, Line 199:    Delete "the following amounts:"

9.    Page 7, Line 200:    Delete Lines 200 and 201

10.    Page 7, Line 202:    Delete "(b)"

The following people spoke to the amendment:

Mr. Lowell Peterson, Clean Harbors Environmental Services
Mr. Brent Bradford, Deputy Director, Dept. of Environmental Quality

The motion to amend the bill failed with Rep. Anderson, Rep. Buffmire, Rep. Daniels, Rep. Moss, Rep. Clark and Rep. Philpot voting in favor.

The following people spoke in favor of the bill:

Mr. Vic Arnold, Executive Director, Davis Education Association
Ms. Janis Dubno, Tax and Budget Analyst, Utah Issues

The following people spoke in opposition to the bill:

Mr. Cory Coleman, District Manager, Allied Waste
Mr. Dix McMullin, Lobbyist, ECDC Allied Waste
Mr. Ken Alkema, Envirocare

Mr. Jason Groenewald, Director, Families Against Incinerator Waste, spoke to the bill.

MOTION:    Rep. Philpot moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.     Page 1, line 7:    After “hazardous waste facilities” delete “and
2.     Page 1, line 8:    Delete “nonhazardous solid waste facilities
3.     Page 1, line 12:    Delete “and nonhazardous solid
4.     Page 1, line 13:    Delete “waste facilities
5.     Page 3, Line 76:    Delete “$28" and add “$14"
6.     Page 3, Line 89:    Delete “$28" and add “$14"
7.     Page 6, Line 167:    Delete “ AND NONHAZARDOUS
8.     Page 6, Line 168:    Delete “ SOLID WASTE FACILITY
9.     Page 6, Line 170:    Delete “and Nonhazardous Solid Waste
10.     Page 6, Line 182:    Delete line 182
11.     Page 7, Lines 183-191:    Delete lines 183-191
12.     Page 7, Line 192:     Delete “as applied to solid waste, is as defined in
            section 19-6-102 and
13.     Page 7, Line 194:    Delete line 194
14.     Page 7, Line 196    After “facility” delete “and nonhazardous solid waste
15.     Page 7, Line 202    After “facility” delete “or nonhazardous solid waste
16.     Page 7, Line 203    Delete line 203
17.     Page 7, Line 204    After “hazardous waste” delete “ or nonhazardous solid
18.              waste
19.     Page 7, Line 205    Delete “or nonhazardous solid waste is received at a nonhazardous solid waste facility
20.     Page 7, Line 212    Delete “or nonhazardous solid waste for treatment
21.     Page 8, Line 222    Delete “or nonhazardous solid waste
22.     Page 8, Line 223    Delete “facility
23.     Page 8, Line 225    After facility delete “or
24.     Page 8, Line 226    Delete “nonhazardous solid waste facility
25.     Page 8, Line 230    Delete “or nonhazardous solid waste facility
26.     Page 10, Line 278    After facility delete “or nonhazardous solid waste facility

MOTION:    Rep. Harper moved to pass the bill out favorably.

MOTION:    Rep. Clark called the previous question. The motion passed with Rep. Philpot voting in opposition.

        The substitute motion passed with Rep. Peterson, Rep. Anderson, Rep. Buffmire, Rep. Moss and Rep. Philpot voting in opposition.

H.B. 183    Individual Income Tax Amendments (P. Jones)

MOTION:    Rep. Seitz moved to delete in title and body HB 183 and replace it with 1st Substitute         HB 183. The motion passed unanimously.

Rep. Jones introduced the bill and explained it to the committee with the assistance of Rep. Mascaro.

MOTION:    Rep. Seitz moved to adjourn the meeting. The motion passed with Rep. Philpot and
        Rep. Buffmire voting in oppostion.

Vice Chair Clark adjourned the meeting at 5:50 p.m.

            Wayne A. Harper, Chair