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TUESDAY, JANUARY 21, 2003 - 10:30 A.M.
Room 414/416, State Capitol Building

Members Present:        Sen. David Thomas, Committee Chair
            Sen. Thomas Hatch
            Sen. Lyle Hillyard
            Sen. Scott Jenkins
            Sen. Paula Julander             Sen. David Steele
            Sen. John Valentine

Members Excused:        Sen. Ed Mayne
Staff Present:        Jami Momberger, Policy Analyst
            Bonnie Brinton, Committee Secretary

Public Speakers Present:    Sen. Beverly Evans
            Director Lynette Rasmussen, Office of Child Care
            Dan Olsen, State Department of Finance
            Director Mark Renda, Industrial Assistance Fund
            Jerry Oldroyd, Industrial Assistance Fund Board Member
            Karen Silver, Salt Lake Community Action Program
            Elyce Mouskandis, Office of Child Care Advisory Committee
Visitor List on File.

Chair Thomas called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.

    Chair Thomas stated that Sen. Mayne was excused from the meeting.

1. SB 11 - Child Care Amendments (B. Evans)

    Sen. Evans explained the amendments and clarifications in SB 11.

    Director Lynette Rasmussen, Office of Child Care, spoke to the bill.

    Dan Olsen, State Department of Finance, spoke to the bill.

    Elyce Mouskandis, Office of Child Care Advisory Committee Chair, spoke for the bill.

    Sen. Evans presented the following amendment:

1. Page 9, Line 264:        After “(4)” insert:
                “(a) There shall be deposited into the fund money from                 numerous sources, including, grants, private foundations,                 and individual donors.

    MOTION: Sen. Hatch moved to adopt the proposed amendment presented by Sen. Evans.

    The motion passed unanimously, with Sen. Valentine absent for the vote.

    MOTION: Sen. Steele moved to pass SB11 as amended out of committee with a favorable recommendation.

    The motion passed unanimously.

2. SB 12 - Industrial Assistance Fund Amendments (B. Evans)

Sen. Evans stated that this is a clarification bill and she explained the clarifications.

    Mark Renda, Industrial Assistance Fund Director, spoke to the bill.

    Jerry Oldroyd, Industrial Assistance Fund Board Member, spoke for the bill.

    Karen Silver, Advocate, Salt Lake Community Action Program, spoke to the bill.

    MOTION: Sen. Valentine moved to amend the bill to change line 212 to remove “may” and insert “shall.”

    SUBSTITUTE MOTION: Sen. Hillyard moved to hold this bill until the next meeting. It is to be placed first on the agenda.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    MOTION: Sen. Hillyard moved to express the appreciation of the Committee to the Business Board for their work.

    The motion passed unanimously.

     MOTION: Sen. Hillyard moved to adjourn the meeting.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    Chair Thomas adjourned the meeting at 11:40 a.m.

    Minutes were reported by Bonnie Brinton, Secretary.

Sen. David Thomas, Committee Chair