H.B. 319   Family Employment Program Work Incentives (Litvack, D.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/31/2003 Numbered by Short Title LRGC
2/1/2003 Bill Distributed LRGC
2/3/2003 House Read 1st Time (Introduced) HSTRUL
2/13/2003 Numbered HSTRUL
2/13/2003 Bill Distributed HSTRUL
2/14/2003 House Received from General Counsel HSTRUL
2/17/2003 House Received Fiscal Note from Fiscal HSTRUL
2/18/2003 House Sent to Standing Committee HSTWED
2/20/2003 House Comm - Amendment Recommendation HSTWED
2/20/2003 House Comm - Favorable Recommendation HSTWED 6 0 3
2/21/2003 House Comm Report Favorable/Amended HSTWED
2/21/2003 House Read 2nd Time H3RDHB
2/24/2003 3rd Reading Calendar to Rules Comm HSTRUL
2/24/2003 House Rules Comm to 3rd Reading Calendar H3RDHB
2/25/2003 House Read 3rd Time H3RDHB
3/3/2003 3rd Reading Calendar to Rules Comm HSTRUL
3/5/2003 House / Enacting Clause Struck HFILE