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First Substitute H.B. 215

This document includes Senate 2nd Reading Floor Amendments incorporated into the bill on Mon, Mar 1, 2004 at 11:59 AM by rday. -->

Representative J. Stuart Adams proposes the following substitute bill:





Sponsor: J. Stuart Adams

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies the Utah Uniform Building Standards Act.
             10      Highlighted Provisions:
             11          This bill:
             12          .    requires the Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing to adopt certain
             13      construction codes for the state and its political subdivisions to follow under certain
             14      circumstances;
             15          .    repeals provisions related to the adoption of an energy conservation code by the
             16      State Building Board; and
             17          .    makes technical changes.
             18      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             19          None
             20      Other Special Clauses:
             21          None
             22      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             23      AMENDS:
             24          58-56-4, as last amended by Chapter 75, Laws of Utah 2002
             25      REPEALS:

             26          63-9-45, as enacted by Chapter 12, Laws of Utah 1976
             27          63-9-46, as enacted by Chapter 12, Laws of Utah 1976
             28          63-9-47, as enacted by Chapter 12, Laws of Utah 1976
             29          63-9-48, as last amended by Chapter 178, Laws of Utah 1977
             30          63-9-49, as last amended by Chapter 178, Laws of Utah 1977
             31          63-9-50, as last amended by Chapter 178, Laws of Utah 1977
             32          63-9-51, as enacted by Chapter 12, Laws of Utah 1976
             33          63-9-52, as enacted by Chapter 12, Laws of Utah 1976
             35      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             36          Section 1. Section 58-56-4 is amended to read:
             37           58-56-4. Definitions -- Adoption of building codes -- Amendments -- Approval of
             38      other codes -- Exemptions.
             39          (1) As used in this section:
             40          (a) "agricultural use" means a use that relates to the tilling of soil and raising of crops,
             41      or keeping or raising domestic animals S [ , for the purpose of commercial food production ] s ;
             42          (b) "not for human occupancy" means use of a structure for purposes other than
             43      protection or comfort of human beings, but allows people to enter the structure for:
             44          (i) maintenance and repair; and
             45          (ii) the care of livestock, crops, or equipment intended for agricultural use which are
             46      kept there; and
             47          (c) "residential area" means land that is not used for an agricultural use and is:
             48          (i) (A) within the boundaries of a city or town; and
             49          (B) less than five contiguous acres;
             50          (ii) (A) within a subdivision for which the county has approved a subdivision plat
             51      under Title 17, Chapter 27, Part 8, [Subdivision] Subdivisions; and
             52          (B) less than two contiguous acres; or
             53          (iii) not located in whole or in part in an agricultural protection area created under Title
             54      17, Chapter 41, [Agricultural] Agriculture Protection Area.
             55          (2) (a) Subject to the provisions of Subsections (4) and (5), the following codes, each
             56      of which must be promulgated by a nationally recognized code authority, shall be adopted, in

             57      the manner described in Subsection (2)(b), as the construction codes which the state and each
             58      political subdivision of the state shall follow in the circumstances described in Subsection (3):
             59          (i) a building code;
             60          (ii) the National Electrical Code promulgated by the National Fire Protection
             61      Association;
             62          (iii) a residential one and two family dwelling code;
             63          [(iii)] (iv) a plumbing code; [and]
             64          [(iv)] (v) a mechanical code[.];
             65          (vi) a fuel gas code; and
             66          (vii) an energy conservation code.
             67          (b) [The] In accordance with Title 63, Chapter 46a, Utah Administrative Rulemaking
             68      Act, the division, in collaboration with the commission, shall adopt by rule specific editions of
             69      the codes described in Subsection (2)(a), and may adopt by rule successor editions of any
             70      adopted code.
             71          (c) The division, in collaboration with the commission, may, in accordance with
             72      Section 58-56-7 , adopt amendments to the codes adopted under Subsection (2)(a), to be
             73      applicable to the entire state or within one or more political subdivisions.
             74          (3) Subject to the provisions of Subsections (4) and (5), the codes and amendments
             75      adopted under Subsection (2) shall be followed when:
             76          (a) new construction is involved;
             77          (b) the owner of an existing building, or the owner's agent, is voluntarily engaged in:
             78          (i) the repair, renovation, remodeling, alteration, enlargement, rehabilitation,
             79      conservation, or reconstruction of the building; or
             80          (ii) changing the character or use of the building in a manner which increases the
             81      occupancy loads, other demands, or safety risks of the building.
             82          (4) (a) The division, in collaboration with the commission, [shall have] has discretion
             83      to approve, without adopting, certain codes in addition to those described in Subsection (2)(a),
             84      including specific editions of the codes, for use by a compliance agency.
             85          (b) If the applicable code is one which the division has approved under Subsection
             86      (4)(a), a compliance agency has the discretion to:
             87          (i) adopt an ordinance requiring removal, demolition, or repair of a building, according

             88      to a code;
             89          (ii) adopt, by ordinance or rule, a dangerous building code; or
             90          (iii) adopt, by ordinance or rule, a building rehabilitation code.
             91          (5) (a) Except in a residential area, a structure used solely in conjunction with
             92      agriculture use, and not for human occupancy, is exempted from the permit requirements of
             93      any code adopted by the division.
             94          (b) Notwithstanding Subsection (5)(a), unless otherwise exempted, plumbing,
             95      electrical, and mechanical permits may be required when that work is included in the structure.
             96          Section 2. Repealer.
             97          This bill repeals:
             98          Section 63-9-45, Legislative findings and declaration.
             99          Section 63-9-46, Adoption of energy conservation code by State Building Board.
             100          Section 63-9-47, Considerations by board in adoption of code.
             101          Section 63-9-48, Application of code.
             102          Section 63-9-49, Continuing studies by board on effectiveness of code -- Advice to
             103      political subdivisions -- Public information.
             104          Section 63-9-50, Promulgation of code -- Triennial repromulgation -- Enforcement
             105      by State Board of Education -- Adoption and enforcement by political subdivisions.
             106          Section 63-9-51, Availability of code to state's building industry.
             107          Section 63-9-52, Acceptance by board of grants of money and assistance.

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