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Sponsor: John Dougall

                  LONG TITLE
                  General Description:
                      This bill modifies the Designation of State Highways Act to amend the master list of
                  state highways.
                  Highlighted Provisions:
                      This bill:
                      .    deletes SR-308 near Kodachrome Basin State Park from the state highway system;
                      .    removes a portion of SR-74 in Alpine from the state highway system;
                      .    removes SR-295 in Orem, a driver testing range, from the state highway system; and
                      .    renames SR-666 to SR-491.
                  Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
                  Other Special Clauses:
                  Utah Code Sections Affected:
                      72-4-113, as last amended by Chapter 92, Laws of Utah 2001
                      72-4-135, as last amended by Chapter 56, Laws of Utah 2000
                      72-4-136, as last amended by Chapter 92, Laws of Utah 2001
                      72-4-137, as last amended by Chapter 92, Laws of Utah 2001
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Section 72-4-113 is amended to read:
                       72-4-113. State highways -- SR-71 to SR-80.

                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-71. From Route 154 in Riverton easterly to Seventh East Street in Draper; then
                  northerly on Seventh East and Ninth East Streets to Route 186 at Seventh East Street and Fourth
                  South Street in Salt Lake City.
                      (2) SR-72. From Route 24 in Loa northerly to a junction with Route 70 and Route 10
                  near Fremont Junction.
                      (3) SR-73. From Route 36 northeast of St. John Station southeasterly on Five Mile Pass;
                  then northeasterly to Route 89 in Lehi.
                      (4) SR-74. From Route 89 in American Fork northerly to 200 feet south of the
                  intersection with Canyon Crest Road in Alpine.
                      (5) SR-75. From Route 15 northwest of Springville easterly to Route 89 near Ironton.
                      (6) SR-76. From Route 70 easterly to old Fremont Junction on Route 72.
                      (7) SR-77. From Route 147 north of Benjamin north through Barney Corner; then
                  easterly to Route 89 in Springville.
                      (8) SR-78. From Route 15 at the Mills Junction Interchange northerly to west of Levan;
                  then east to Route 28 in Levan.
                      (9) SR-79. From Route 126 easterly on Thirty-first Street in Ogden to the lane
                  separation, then on eastbound lane only to Route 89; then easterly on Thirtieth Street to Route
                  203; beginning again at Thirtieth Street and Route 89 then westerly on the westbound lane only to
                  merge with eastbound lanes.
                      (10) SR-80. From the Utah-Nevada state line in Wendover to the Utah-Wyoming state
                  line west of Evanston, Wyoming, on Interstate 80.
                      Section 2. Section 72-4-135 is amended to read:
                       72-4-135. State highways -- SR-291 to SR-294, SR-296, SR-298, SR-299.
                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-291. The Institute for the Blind. From Route 203, Harrison Boulevard, near
                  Seventh Street in Ogden easterly and southerly to the hospital, including the loop on the
                  southwest side of the hospital.

- 2 -

                      (2) SR-292. At Salt Lake Community College.
                      (a) From 2200 West Street easterly on 4520 South for 0.17 miles; beginning again at 0.47
                  miles easterly on 4520 South to Route 68.
                      (b) From Route 68 westerly on 4600 South for 0.80 miles; then northerly on 1900 West
                  to 4520 South.
                      (c) From 4600 South northerly paralleling Route 68 to 4520 South.
                      (d) From 2200 West easterly on Bruin Boulevard to Route 68.
                      (3) SR-293. At State Capitol Building. All roads and parking areas within the capitol
                      (4) SR-294. At State Mental Hospital. From the main gate on Center Street in Provo
                  easterly to the administration building.
                      [(5) SR-295. Those roads used for drivers' tests at 1200 West in Orem City.]
                      [(6)] (5) SR-296. At American Fork Training School. From 700 North in American
                  Fork northerly.
                      [(7)] (6) SR-298. Roads at the Browning Armory in South Ogden used for automotive
                  drivers' ability tests including parking areas.
                      [(8)] (7) SR-299. Those roads used for drivers' tests at 2780 West and 4700 South in
                  Salt Lake County.
                      Section 3. Section 72-4-136 is amended to read:
                       72-4-136. State highways -- SR-301 to SR-304, SR-306, SR-309, SR-310.
                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-301. From the boat ramp at Steinaker State Park northeasterly to Route 191 near
                  the north end of Steinaker Reservoir.
                      (2) SR-302. From Route 32 near the south end of Rockport Reservoir northwesterly to a
                  point near the north boundary of Rockport State Park.
                      (3) SR-303. From the Goblin Valley Overlook northerly to the Goblin Valley State Park
                  north boundary.
                      (4) SR-304. From the parking lot at the beach area in Hyrum State Park northwesterly to

- 3 -

                  a junction with Center Street and Fifth South Street in Hyrum City.
                      (5) SR-306. From the parking area north to Route 66 near the north end of East Canyon
                  Lake State Park.
                      [(6) SR-308. From a local road at the south boundary of Kodachrome Basin State Park
                  northerly to where pavement ends and one way traffic begins.]
                      [(7)] (6) SR-309. From a local road northerly to the parking area at Millsite Lake State
                      [(8)] (7) SR-310. From the parking area at Minersville Lake State Park east to Route 21.
                      Section 4. Section 72-4-137 is amended to read:
                       72-4-137. State highways -- SR-311 to SR-320, SR-491.
                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-311. From Route 40 northerly to the boat ramp at Starvation Lake State Park.
                      (2) SR-312. From the parking area at the south marina of Willard Bay State Park east to
                  a local road.
                      (3) SR-313. From the camping area at Dead Horse Point northerly to Route 191 near
                  Seven Mile Canyon.
                      (4) SR-314. From Route 189 northwesterly to the boat ramp at Deer Creek Lake State
                  Recreation area.
                      (5) SR-315. From the parking area at the marina of Willard Bay North State Recreation
                  Area northerly to 750 North in Willard, then east to Route 89.
                      (6) SR-316. From the Great Goosenecks of the San Juan State Park northeasterly to
                  Route 261.
                      (7) SR-317. Roads and parking areas at the Calvin L. Rampton Complex.
                      (8) SR-318. From Route 9 northerly to Quail Creek State Park pay gate.
                      (9) SR-319. From the southbound on and off ramps of Route 40, Mayflower Interchange
                  southeasterly to the Jordanelle State Park fee station.
                      (10) SR-320. Department of Public Safety Emergency Vehicle Operation Range at Camp

- 4 -

                      (11) [SR-666] SR-491. From Route 191 at Monticello east to the Utah-Colorado state

- 5 -

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