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S.B. 116

This document includes Senate 3rd Reading Floor Amendments incorporated into the bill on Thu, Feb 5, 2004 at 11:14 AM by rday. -->              1     




Sponsor: Thomas V. Hatch


             6      LONG TITLE
             7      General Description:
             8          This bill amends provisions that establish certain county recorder fees and modifies
             9      provisions that define certain prohibited acts by a county recorder.
             10      Highlighted Provisions:
             11          This bill:
             12          .    changes certain county recorder fees;
             13          .    provides that placing endorsements, references, or other notes on an instrument of
             14      record is not a prohibited act; and
             15          .    makes technical corrections.
             16      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             17          None
             18      Other Special Clauses:
             19          None
             20      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             21      AMENDS:
             22          17-21-17, as last amended by Chapter 191, Laws of Utah 2002
             23          17-21-18.5, as last amended by Chapter 211, Laws of Utah 2003

             25      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             26          Section 1. Section 17-21-17 is amended to read:
             27           17-21-17. Prohibited acts.

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- 2 -
Senate 3rd Reading Amendments 2-5-2004 rd/jlf
         (1) Upon acceptance of an instrument entitled to be recorded, the recorder may not:
             29          (a) record the instrument in any manner other than the manner required by this chapter;
             30      or
             31          (b) alter, change, obliterate, or insert any new matter in [any] an instrument of record.
             32          (2) It is not a prohibited act under this section when a recorder:
             33          (a) denies access to:
             34          [(a)] (i) an instrument of record that has been classified as private under Section
             35      63-2-302 ; or
             36          [(b)] (ii) a portion of an instrument of record that has been classified as private under
             37      Section 63-2-302 [.]; or
             38          (b) places endorsements S [ , ] OR s references S [ , or other notes ] s on an instrument of record.
             39          Section 2. Section 17-21-18.5 is amended to read:
             40           17-21-18.5. Fees of county recorder.
             41          (1) The county recorder shall receive the following fees:
             42          (a) for receiving, entering, and filing any instrument, paper, or notice, not otherwise
             43      provided for, other than bonds of public officers, [$10] $15;
             44          (b) for recording any instrument, paper, or notice, including those provided for under
             45      Title 70A, Uniform Commercial Code, other than bonds of public officers, and not otherwise
             46      provided for, [$10] $15 for the first page, if the page is not larger than 8-1/2 inches x 14 inches
             47      in size, and $2 for each additional page, and if any instrument, paper, or notice contains more
             48      than one description, $1 for each additional description;
             49          (c) for recording any instrument in which a right-of-way is described, which is
             50      connected with or is appurtenant to any tract of land described in the instrument, $1, but if the
             51      instrument contains a description of more than one right-of-way, $1 for each additional
             52      right-of-way, and if any instrument contains more than two names for either first or second
             53      party, or plaintiffs or defendants, for each additional name, $1;
             54          (d) for recording, indexing, and abstracting mining location notices, and recording,
             55      indexing, and abstracting affidavits of labor affecting mining claims, [$10] $15 for the first
             56      page if that page is not larger than 8-1/2 inches by 14 inches in size, and $2 for each additional
             57      page; and
             58          (e) for a location notice, affidavit, or proof of labor which contains names of more than

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- 3 -
     two signers, $1 for each additional name, and for an affidavit or proof of labor which contains
             60      more than one mining claim, $1 for each additional mining claim.
             61          (2) (a) Each county recorder shall record the mining rules of the several mining
             62      districts in each county without fee.
             63          (b) Certified copies of these records shall be received in all tribunals and before all
             64      officers of this state as prima facie evidence of the rules.
             65          (3) The county recorder shall receive the following fees:
             66          (a) for copies of any record or document, a reasonable fee as determined by the county
             67      legislative body;
             68          (b) for each certificate under seal, $5;
             69          (c) for recording any plat [of a subdivision into lots], $50 for each sheet and [blocks,
             70      $1] $2 for each lot[, and $30 for each sheet] or unit designation;
             71          [(d) for recording any other plat or map, $30 for each sheet and $1 for each lot or unit
             72      designation;]
             73          [(e)] (d) for taking and certifying acknowledgments, including seal, $5 for one name
             74      and $2 for each additional name;
             75          [(f)] (e) for recording any license issued by the Division of Occupational and
             76      Professional Licensing, [$10] $15; and
             77          [(g)] (f) for filing of federal tax lien, [$10] $15, and for the discharge of the lien, [$10]
             78      $15.
             79          (4) The county may determine and collect a fee for all services not enumerated in this
             80      section.
             81          (5) A county recorder may not be required to collect a fee for services that are
             82      unrelated to the county recorder's office.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 1-19-04 3:13 PM

A limited legal review of this legislation raises no obvious constitutional or statutory concerns.

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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