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S.B. 70 Enrolled






Sponsor: John W. Hickman

                  LONG TITLE
                  General Description:
                      This bill amends the Health Care Facility Licensing and Inspection Act.
                  Highlighted Provisions:
                      This bill:
                      .    authorizes the Department of Health to exempt certain end-of-life health care
                  facilities from the licensing and inspections of Title 26, Chapter 21, Health Care
                  Facility Licensing and Inspection Act, by administrative rule.
                  Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
                  Other Special Clauses:
                  Utah Code Sections Affected:
                      26-21-7, as last amended by Chapter 353, Laws of Utah 1995
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Section 26-21-7 is amended to read:
                       26-21-7. Exempt facilities.
                      This chapter does not apply to:
                      (1) a dispensary or first aid facility maintained by any commercial or industrial plant,
                  educational institution, or convent;
                      (2) a health care facility owned or operated by an agency of the United States;

                      (3) the office of a physician or dentist whether it is an individual or group practice;
                      (4) a health care facility established or operated by any recognized church or
                  denomination for the practice of religious tenets administered by mental or spiritual means
                  without the use of drugs, whether gratuitously or for compensation, if it complies with statutes
                  and rules on environmental protection and life safety; [and]
                      (5) any health care facility owned or operated by the Department of Corrections, created
                  in Section 64-13-2 [.]; and
                      (6) a residential facility providing 24-hour care:
                      (a) that does not employ direct care staff;
                      (b) in which the residents of the facility contract with a licensed hospice agency to receive
                  end-of-life medical care; and
                      (c) that meets other requirements for an exemption as designated by administrative rule.

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