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S.J.R. 10





Sponsor: Michael G. Waddoups

             6      LONG TITLE
             7      General Description:
             8          This joint resolution of the Legislature gives the Legislative Management Committee
             9      items of study they may assign to the appropriate interim committee.
             10      Highlighted Provisions:
             11          This resolution:
             12          .    gives the Legislative Management Committee items of study they may assign to the
             13      appropriate interim committee during the 2004 legislative interim;
             14          .    directs interim committees assigned these studies to study and make
             15      recommendations for legislative action to the 56th Legislature prior to the 2005
             16      Annual General Session; and
             17          .    suggests in approving studies Legislative Management Committee give
             18      consideration to time of legislators and the budget and capacity of staff to respond.
             19      Special Clauses:
             20          None
             22      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             23          WHEREAS, the Legislative Management Committee is created by law as a permanent
             24      committee to receive and assign matters for the interim study of the Legislature; and
             25          WHEREAS, the 55th Legislature has determined that certain legislative issues require
             26      additional investigation and study:
             27          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislative Management Committee

             28      is given the following items of study to assign to the appropriate interim committee with the
             29      duty to study and make recommendations for legislative action to the 56th Legislature prior to
             30      the 2005 Annual General Session.
             31          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislative Management Committee, in
             32      making study assignments from this list and in approving study requests for individual
             33      committees, give consideration to the available time of legislators and the budget and capacity
             34      of staff to respond adequately to the number and complexity of the assignments given.
             35          1. Business Names - to study issues related to distinguishable business names
             36      requested by constituents.
             37          2. Common Interest Ownership Act - to study issues related to a Common Interest
             38      Ownership Act (H.B. 99).
             39          3. Common Interest Ownership and Planned Unit Developments - to study and review
             40      forms of common interest ownership, the statutory basis for planned unit developments and
             41      condominiums, and proper recording of all land developments.
             42          4. Competition in Employment Agreements - to study preventing restrictions on
             43      competition in employment agreements.
             44          5. Crane Operators - to study the certification of crane operators (S.B. 205).
             45          6. Deferred Deposit Lending - to study modifying the Check Cashing Registration Act
             46      to address issues related to deferred deposit loans (S.B. 37).
             47          7. DOPL Regulation of Well Drilling - to study whether regulation under the Division
             48      of Occupational and Professional Licensing covers incidental work done in association with
             49      well drilling (H.B. 232).
             50          8. Insurance Customer Information and Billing Practices - to study the customer
             51      information and billing practices of insurance companies and the addition of individuals to
             52      policies without authorization.
             53          9. Notice to Registering Businesses - to study providing a notice to a person who
             54      registers a business name with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code of the
             55      limited scope of that registration.
             56          10. Private Information in Pawnshop Database - to study safeguarding private and
             57      confidential information regarding the pawnshop database (S.B. 192).
             58          11. Property and Casualty Insurance Law - to study procedures for rate filings, the

             59      prohibition of premium increases for certain claims or inquiries to property and casualty
             60      insurance, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection
             61      coverages and benefits (H.B. 250).
             62          12. Radio Frequency ID Business Practices - to study business practices, including
             63      feasibility of disabling tags at point of sale, related to radio frequency identification.
             64          13. Smoking in Private Clubs - to study banning smoking in private clubs.
             65          14. Toxic Mold - to study informing renters of the presence of mold that exceeds a
             66      minimum standard (H.B. 281).
             67          15. Recall of Elected Officials - to study issues related to the recall of elected officials
             68      (H.J.R. 14).
             69          16. Enrollment Growth Program - to study modifying the funding formula for the
             70      program that provides money to school districts for school building construction (H.B. 112).
             71          17. No Child Left Behind - to study prohibiting further participation in the No Child
             72      Left Behind Act of 2001 (1st Sub. H.B. 43).
             73          18. Nonresident Tuition - to study the state's nonresident tuition policy.
             74          19. Physical Education and Nutritional Programs - to study physical education
             75      programs in public schools and the use of proven data-driven exercise and nutritional programs
             76      which can be provided by the private sector.
             77          20. School Fees and WPU - to study issues related to the rolling of school fees into the
             78      weighted pupil unit (WPU).
             79          21. School Impact Fees - to study issues related to school impact fees for planned
             80      communities.
             81          22. Supercomputer and Networking Initiative - to study the establishment of a Utah
             82      Supercomputer and Networking Initiative in connection with the Board of Regents.
             83          23. Tuition Assistance for National Guard Members - to study tuition assistance or a
             84      waiver for National Guard members seeking higher education.
             85          24. Auditor Access to Information - to study access to information by the Legislative
             86      Auditor General.
             87          25. Citizen's Clean Election - to study Arizona's Clean Election statute and determine
             88      the feasibility of enacting similar changes in Utah law.
             89          26. Coordination of State Policies - to study the coordination of state policies through

             90      various state agencies.
             91          27. Electing President by Popular Vote - to study repealing the electoral college vote
             92      and electing the President by popular vote.
             93          28. Federal Research Committee - to study the creation of a Federal Research
             94      Committee (S.B. 181).
             95          29. Governmental Immunity - to study whether an offer of judgment should be
             96      required of an employee who is defended by the government.
             97          30. GRAMA Revisions - to study and address issues related to access and
             98      classification of records (H.B. 287).
             99          31. Impacts Related to the Senior Population - to study the impact of population
             100      growth in the senior population and the impacts on all facets of state government.
             101          32. Initiative Costs - to study issues related to initiative cost requirements.
             102          33. Office Space for Legislators - to study whether legislators should be provided with
             103      office space in state office buildings around the state.
             104          34. Procurement and Health Care Benefits - to study procurement code requirements
             105      of health care benefits (S.B. 101, 2003 General Session).
             106          35. Property Rights Ombudsman - to study whether the role or duties of the property
             107      rights ombudsman should be changed.
             108          36. Public Officer and Employee Ethics - to study removing an exception in the Utah
             109      Public Officers' and Employees' Ethics Act regarding participation in transactions where the
             110      employee has an interest (S.B. 236).
             111          37. Uncollectible Debts Owed the State - to study whether the state should sell debts
             112      considered uncollectible to a private vendor.
             113          38. Voting by Undocumented Aliens - to study sufficient safeguards in Utah law to
             114      prevent undocumented aliens from registering to vote.
             115          39. Access to Medical Information - to study how the Legislature can enable Utahns to
             116      get information on the complication rate, mortality rate, and malpractice or error rate for
             117      individual hospitals and doctors, prices of medical procedures and services, and whether
             118      doctors and hospitals are up-to-date and adhering to the more than 1,200 published guidelines
             119      for medical care.
             120          40. Acupuncture by Chiropractors - to study defining the practice of acupuncture by

             121      chiropractors (S.B. 249).
             122          41. Any Willing Provider - to study the Any Willing Provider concept (S.B. 216).
             123          42. Arrears in Paternity Cases - to study the establishment of arrears in paternity cases.
             124          43. Asset Test for Medicaid Eligibility - to study the elimination of the asset test for
             125      Medicaid eligibility (H.B. 244).
             126          44. Bleeding Disorders in Children - to study unique challenges and costs for families
             127      of children with bleeding disorders with the objective of securing insurance coverage while
             128      allowing the family to retain assets and income.
             129          45. Charity Care - to study issues related to charity care.
             130          46. Chiropractic Training in Acupuncture - to study the amount of training
             131      chiropractic physicians should have before they can engage in the practice of acupuncture.
             132          47. Choice of Health Care - to study prohibiting unfair competition by a health insurer
             133      who owns hospitals and employs health care providers in certain markets (H.B. 331).
             134          48. Cost of Health Care for Bleeding Disorders - to study the cost of health care for
             135      people with bleeding disorders, including health insurance and possible Medicaid coverage.
             136          49. Cost of Insurance Coverage - to study and determine the reasonable cost for
             137      requiring the responsible parent to have insurance coverage.
             138          50. Coverage for Bleeding Disorders - to study an insurance cap and funding issues
             139      related to bleeding disorders.
             140          51. DCFS Involvement in Protective Orders - to study the involvement of the Division
             141      of Child and Family Services in the issuing of child protective orders.
             142          52. DCFS Ombudsman Changes - to study ombudsman changes in the Division of
             143      Child and Family Services (S.B. 54).
             144          53. Dental School Tuition - to study the subsidizing of tuition for some students at
             145      Creighton University School of Dentistry.
             146          54. Guardian Ad Litem - to study the duties and functions of the Guardian Ad Litem
             147      Office.
             148          55. Health Insurance Reimbursement for Emergencies - to study health insurance
             149      reimbursement for emergency room trauma level 1 and level 2 visits and whether the insurance
             150      discount for level 1 trauma cases should be discontinued.
             151          56. Hunger - to study issues related to hunger in Utah.

             152          57. Limited Health Plans - to study audits of limited health plans.
             153          58. Maternity Health Care - to study requiring accident and health insurers to cover
             154      infertility treatment when the insurer offers maternity coverage (S.B. 221).
             155          59. Medicaid Reimbursement - to study Medicaid reimbursement rates for dentists.
             156          60. Medical Reserve Corps - to study issues related to the development of a Medical
             157      Reserve Corps in Utah to provide additional medical services in times of disaster.
             158          61. Midwifery - to study whether the state should license certified direct-entry
             159      midwives.
             160          62. Pharmaceutical Cost Reduction - to study benefits to consumers of dispensing,
             161      where appropriate, generic drugs (1st Sub. H.B. 69).
             162          63. Prescription Drug Pricing Data - to study consumer access to prescription drug
             163      pricing data.
             164          64. Prescription Drugs for Seniors - to study Arizona's CoppeRX prescription drug
             165      program, which offers discounts on generic and brand name prescription drugs for seniors.
             166          65. Protective Custody of Abused, Neglected, or Dependent Children - to study the
             167      process followed by peace officers and Division of Child and Family Services workers in both
             168      the determination to take a child into protective custody and the manner in which the custody is
             169      effected (1st. Sub. H.B. 151).
             170          66. Public Reporting of Medical Data - to study the need for periodic public reporting
             171      of morbidity and mortality rates for all hospitals and doctors, with breakdowns by appropriate
             172      category; prices for all procedures or services offered by pharmacies, doctors, and hospitals;
             173      maximum allowable charge that each insurance company makes for all procedures and
             174      diagnosis-related groups; hospital error rates; and all malpractice payments over $50,000 made
             175      by any health care provider, including hospitals.
             176          67. Reporting of Electro Shock Therapy - to study whether to require physicians to
             177      report their use of electro shock therapy (H.B. 257).
             178          68. Adoption Law - to study adoption law revisions (H.B. 276).
             179          69. Child Support Arrearages and Parental Rights - to study whether child support
             180      arrearages should be divested at the time of the termination of parental rights, as Section
             181      78-3a-413 seems to indicate, or whether parents whose parental rights have been terminated
             182      pay child support arrearages as debt.

             183          70. Child Support Termination - to study the abatement or termination of child support
             184      when children are alienated from the noncustodial parent by the custodial parent.
             185          71. Custodial and Noncustodial Parents - to study issues related to custodial and
             186      noncustodial parents.
             187          72. Division of Property in Divorce - to study whether marital property is equitably
             188      divided in cases of divorce.
             189          73. Divorce Decrees if Trial Delayed - to study whether Utah judges should be
             190      authorized to issue a divorce decree, including issues of custody and division of property, when
             191      the parties have exceeded trial deadlines from one year of filing for the divorce.
             192          74. Duration of Child Support - to study whether the Office of Recovery Services
             193      should be required to collect on unpaid child support until the last child is 26.
             194          75. Impact of Child Support on Driver License Privileges - to study the administrative
             195      suspension of driver licenses for failure to pay child support.
             196          76. Justice Court Appeals - to study the rights of appeal from Justice (municipal)
             197      Courts.
             198          77. Marriage Preparation Education - to study ways to encourage married couples to
             199      engage in education on issues critical to achieving marriage longevity and reducing discord and
             200      divorce (H.B. 7).
             201          78. Mediation in Divorce - to study the expansion of the mediation program in
             202      divorces involving children.
             203          79. Privacy of Radio Frequency - to study rights of privacy related to radio frequency
             204      identification.
             205          80. Recall Election Process - to study the recall of elected officials (H.B 316 and
             206      H.J.R. 14).
             207          81. Referendum and Election - to study municipal referendum and election processes.
             208          82. Termination of Parental Rights Related to Child Support - to study clarifying the
             209      intent of the statutory language on the termination of parental rights regarding the collection of
             210      previously accrued arrears in child support.
             211          83. Abandoned Vehicles - to study the increasing problems caused by illegally
             212      abandoned vehicles.
             213          84. Asset Forfeiture - to study whether federal seizures are conducted in accordance

             214      with state forfeiture procedures and whether the resultant proceeds pass through the
             215      state-mandated redistribution scheme.
             216          85. Background Checks for Those in Contact with Children - to study cost-effective
             217      methods of conducting criminal background checks on government employees and others who
             218      have contact with children and the general public.
             219          86. Counterfeiting Medical Devices - to study issues related to the counterfeiting of
             220      medical devices.
             221          87. Cross Burning - to study prohibitions against burning crosses in certain locations
             222      (H.B. 246).
             223          88. Funding Treatment for Sex Offenders - to study how treatment is currently funded
             224      and how to address needs.
             225          89. Notice of Child Protective Orders - to study whether child protective orders should
             226      be reported to UBCI so probation officers can determine whether the orders have been violated
             227      by probationers.
             228          90. Pound Seizure - to study Utah's pound seizure law.
             229          91. Recodifying Youth Corrections - to study the recodification of Utah Code Title
             230      62A, Chapter 7, Youth Corrections.
             231          92. Traffic Accident Response - to study whether exceptions should be allowed to the
             232      current tow truck rotation system, administered by the Department of Public Safety, to allow an
             233      officer to use a closer tow truck to clear the accident to restore the traffic flow (H.B. 212).
             234          93. Transmitting Computer Viruses - to study the crime of transmitting computer
             235      viruses.
             236          94. Unsolicited Pornographic E-mail - to study ways to stop unsolicited pornographic
             237      e-mail.
             238          95. Waiver of Claims - to study issues related to the waiver of claims by minors.
             239          96. Weapons Law Exemptions - to study exemptions to weapons laws related to an off
             240      duty police officer.
             241          97. Animal Diseases - to study preventive steps to address various animal diseases.
             242          98. Animal Feeding Issues - to study total daily maximum load as it relates to water
             243      pollutants, animal feeding operations, and confined animal feeding operations.
             244          99. Bottle Recycling - to study requiring a deposit on the purchase of certain beverage

             245      containers, providing for a refund of the container deposit, and other recycling issues (H.B.
             246      338).
             247          100. Brine Shrimp Royalties - to study issues related to brine shrimp royalties on the
             248      Great Salt Lake.
             249          101. Brownfield Legislation - to study legislation related to preparing land for reuse.
             250          102. Cache Valley and St. George Air Quality - to study issues related to Cache Valley
             251      and St. George air quality.
             252          103. Drainage Water Rights - to study what effect wells, diversions, or development
             253      have when a water right includes an entire drainage.
             254          104. Fees for Imported Waste - to study whether to require municipal and county
             255      landfills to pay the same fees as commercial landfills if they accept waste generated beyond
             256      their boundaries.
             257          105. Filing and Perfecting of Water Rights - to study changes to water appropriation
             258      provisions to provide an application of beneficial use for public agencies (H.B. 104).
             259          106. Ground Water Management - to study cases where more water than the safe
             260      annual yield of an aquifer could be withdrawn based on existing water rights.
             261          107. Impact of Wildlife - to study codes for building in high risk areas and other
             262      impacts of wildlife.
             263          108. Livestock Identification Program - to study the impact to the state of the national
             264      livestock identification program.
             265          109. Nuclear Waste Transportation - to study high level nuclear waste transportation.
             266          110. Participation in Federal Programs - to study the federal programs in which the
             267      Department of Natural Resources participates.
             268          111. Pesticide Misuse - to study the effects of pesticide spraying on beekeeping
             269      businesses.
             270          112. Petroleum Storage Tank Trust Fund - to study whether to privatize the Petroleum
             271      Storage Tank Trust Fund.
             272          113. Solvency of Petroleum Storage Tank Trust Fund - to study the solvency of the
             273      Petroleum Storage Tank Trust Fund.
             274          114. Subdivision Development Partnership - to study environmental, wastewater, and
             275      drinking water issues related to subdivision development partnerships.

             276          115. Test Wells - to study the appropriate use of test wells (for water) to make sure
             277      they are used properly to test for location and quality of water, but not used to improperly
             278      appropriate water.
             279          116. Water Rights Transfer - to study ways to help water companies and their
             280      members against suits for denying water rights transfer requests.
             281          117. Watershed Management - to study issues related to watershed management.
             282          118. Wildfires - to study issues related to wildfires.
             283          119. Wildlife - to study issues related to wildlife, including costs, sensitive species,
             284      and building codes.
             285          120. Associations of Governments - to study placing in state statute the existing seven
             286      associations of governments.
             287          121. County Option Funding for Botanical, Cultural, Recreational, and Zoological
             288      Organizations or Facilities - to study changing the definition of "recreational facility" to include
             289      a "cultural facility" and defining "cultural facility" (H.B. 125).
             290          122. County Powers to Condemn Water - to study whether counties should have the
             291      power of eminent domain in order to allow them, or special districts established by them, to
             292      condemn water rights.
             293          123. County Recorder Amendments and GRAMA Revisions - to study changing
             294      certain county recorder fees and establishing that placing endorsements, references, or other
             295      notes on an instrument of record is not a prohibited act, and review what changes should be
             296      made to GRAMA (S.B. 116 and H.B. 287).
             297          124. GIS and Political Subdivision Boundaries - to study ways county surveyors,
             298      county recorders, and others might coordinate with the state to improve the accuracy of
             299      cadastral and political subdivisions boundary Geographic Information System information.
             300          125. Land Use Development Act - to study land use procedures and changes to the
             301      County and Municipal Land Use Development and Management Acts.
             302          126. Land Use Management - to study the recodification of County and Municipal
             303      Land Use Development and Management Acts.
             304          127. Lobbyists for Cities and Counties - to study whether tax dollars should be used to
             305      pay lobbyists hired by cities and counties.
             306          128. Municipal Boards of Examiners - to study the establishment of county and city

             307      boards of examiners (S.B. 153).
             308          129. Municipal Fee Repeals - to study the repeal of fees in clerk and recorder offices.
             309          130. Municipal Water Rate Variances - to study the reasons for different water rates
             310      between county and city residents served by a city water utility, and options for county
             311      residents served by a city water utility to increase their representation.
             312          131. Prosecution Costs for Small Counties - to study the creation of a pool for
             313      prosecuting capital crimes similar to the pool for capital defense costs.
             314          132. Redevelopment Agencies - to study various issues relating to Redevelopment
             315      Agencies.
             316          133. Sewer Service Outside a Local Government Entity - to study whether to require
             317      local government entities that provide sewer service to allow property outside the entity to
             318      hook into sewer service without annexing if the property to be served is uphill and it would be
             319      impractical to receive service from the entity in which the property is located.
             320          134. Variance Requirements - to study Board of Adjustment requirements to grant a
             321      variance.
             322          135. Electric Generation Competitive Bids - to study the enactment of an Electric
             323      Reliability and Transparency Act (S.B. 198).
             324          136. Government Data Development - to study the development of key data that will
             325      help legislative and executive branch agencies better address the growth of the technology
             326      industry.
             327          137. HELP Program Classification - to study whether the HELP program is a third
             328      party transaction as described in Utah Code Section 54-4-37.
             329          138. Impact of Utility Rates on Decisionmaking - to study making the economic
             330      impact of utility rates a major part of Public Service Commission decisions.
             331          139. Information Technology Governance - to study and review information
             332      technology governance and efficiency in state government.
             333          140. Internet Provider Disclosure of Information - to study the disclosure of personally
             334      identifiable information by an Internet business and the importance of ensuring privacy (H.B.
             335      216).
             336          141. Power Plants and Transmission Corridors - to study power plants and
             337      transmission corridor-related issues including additional capacity needs, siting, permitting, etc.

             338          142. PSC Approval Prior to Construction - to study requiring the Public Service
             339      Commission to approve projects for expansion or operation, over a certain dollar amount,
             340      before construction.
             341          143. Regulation of Cable Companies - to study the Public Service Commission's
             342      regulation of cable companies (H.B. 167).
             343          144. Security of Public Utilities - to study whether public utility security information
             344      is exempted from GRAMA requirements.
             345          145. Alternatives to Individual Income Tax - to study whether to replace the individual
             346      income tax with a consumption tax or a flat tax.
             347          146. Apportionment of Taxable Income Under the State Corporate Income Tax - to
             348      study the statutory formula and when taxable income is apportioned under the state corporate
             349      income tax.
             350          147. Central Assessment in Property Tax Rate Calculation - to study how to include
             351      changes in the value of centrally assessed firms attributable to inflation in the calculation of the
             352      certified property tax calculation.
             353          148. Clean Air Discounts and Tax Credits - to study the use of corporate franchise and
             354      income tax credit and the individual income tax credit for a vehicle manufactured to use clean
             355      fuel and the use of a clean fuel loan or grant under certain conditions (S.B. 213).
             356          149. Corporate Accountability - to study requiring a person that receives certain tax
             357      incentives or other financial incentives to prepare an annual public report containing the
             358      amount of financial benefit the person receives (S.B. 57).
             359          150. Education Access to Income Tax Monies - to study a 1996 proposition (which
             360      passed) that allowed higher education to access income tax monies versus keeping monies in
             361      public education.
             362          151. Factors in Calculating the Property Tax Rate - to study whether to include
             363      redemptions, penalties, and interest from property taxes when calculating the property tax
             364      certified rate.
             365          152. Fee Structure for Motor Homes - to study creating a statewide uniform fee that
             366      applies exclusively to motor homes (H.J.R. 11).
             367          153. Local Option Sales Tax - to study the allocation of local option sales and use
             368      taxes.

             369          154. North American Industrial Classification - to study how to adopt the North
             370      American Industrial Classification system in the tax code.
             371          155. Property Tax System - to study whether to reform the state's property tax system.
             372          156. Purchase Price Reduction Coupons - to study the taxability of purchase price
             373      reduction coupons.
             374          157. Review of Tax Credits - to study whether tax credits should have a ten-year
             375      sunset date to require the Legislature to review tax credits and affirmatively renew tax credits if
             376      they are still valid.
             377          158. Sales and Use Taxes - to study whether to change certain sales and use tax
             378      exemptions currently in place (S.B. 31).
             379          159. Severance Tax - to study severance tax issues, including point of assessment or
             380      collection, pricing and production in calculating the tax amount, and value fluctuation.
             381          160. State and Corporate Income Tax - to study the corporate income tax allocation
             382      formula, state income tax, and collection procedures.
             383          161. Tax Treatment by Municipalities of Satellite and Cable Television Services - to
             384      study issues related to taxes and fees imposed by municipalities on satellite and cable television
             385      services.
             386          162. Taxing Income From Military Service - to study the taxing of income received
             387      from active duty military service (H.B. 117).
             388          163. Telecommunications Tax - to study issues related to a telecommunications tax.
             389          164. Benefits and Reimbursements - to study state employee benefits and the entire
             390      reimbursement package.
             391          165. Employee Benefits - to study medical and retirement benefits for part-time state
             392      employees.
             393          166. Retirement - to study and review all retirement plans.
             394          167. Retirement and Health Systems - to study retirement and Public Employees
             395      Health Plan issues.
             396          168. Retirement Board Modifications - to study board membership, open meetings,
             397      reports, scope of coverage, and issues such as whether the Legislature should mandate
             398      investment practices and whether health benefits should be separated from pension benefits.
             399          169. Retirement for Charter Schools - to study the issues and make a final

             400      recommendation on whether charter schools should be included or excluded from the Utah
             401      State Retirement System (H.B. 108).
             402          170. State Health Plans - to study and review all state employee health plans.
             403          171. Audit of Division of Motor Vehicles - to study and review the performance audit
             404      of the Division of Motor Vehicles.
             405          172. Bid Limit on Road Construction - to study the requirement for bid limit
             406      estimating size of project on government-constructed B and C road construction.
             407          173. Fund-Raising License Plates - to study issues related to fund-raising license
             408      plates.
             409          174. Handicap Parking Permits for Motorcycles - to study allowing persons assisting a
             410      handicapped person on a motorcycle to park with them.
             411          175. Notice of Traffic Laws - to study ways to inform drivers of traffic laws through
             412      use of signs, website, etc. (H.B. 333).
             413          176. Off-Highway Vehicles - to study issues related to off-highway vehicles.
             414          177. Out-of-State Registration - to study out-of-state vehicle and R.V. registration.
             415          178. Speed Lanes - to study the restructuring of speed lanes for commercial vehicles.
             416          179. Toll Roads - to study the feasibility of using "hot lanes" on toll roads on portions
             417      of Utah's interstate system.
             418          180. Traffic Code - to study recodifying the traffic code, Title 41, Chapter 6, Traffic
             419      Rules and Regulation.
             420          181. Traffic School Limit - to study limiting the number of traffic school completions
             421      a person can have to avoid a traffic ticket.
             422          182. Uninsured and Unregistered Motorists - to study ways to reduce the number of
             423      motorists who are driving with no automobile insurance and revoked registration.
             424          183. Use of Photo Radar Technologies - to study current technology and costs of
             425      photo red light and photo radar with the objective of providing local law enforcement with an
             426      additional tool of traffic safety and enforcement and public protection from injury and fatality.
             427          184. Aerospace and Aviation Development Zone - to study instrument and other
             428      requirements for an airport to qualify as an Aerospace and Aviation Development Zone (S.B.
             429      74).
             430          185. Capital Gains Exemption for Economic Development - to study implementing a

             431      state capital gains exemption for investors to create investment incentive to support technology
             432      companies in the state.
             433          186. Impacts on the Family Employment Program - to study the impact of "pausing the
             434      clock" on the Family Employment Program.
             435          187. Increasing Flow of Federal Grants to Utah - to study implementing a
             436      comprehensive plan for developing higher levels of federal grant money flowing to Utah
             437      business.
             438          188. State Incentive Best Practices for Technology - to study best practices of other
             439      states for state-sponsored incentives to aid growth of middle, early, and start-up stage
             440      technology companies.
             441          189. Dynamic Fiscal Notes - to study whether to incorporate truth into fiscal
             442      forecasting by requiring an analysis of the benefits of tax exceptions and reductions in revenues
             443      resulting from legislation in addition to the static recitation of revenue losses only.
             444          190. Connecting Names to Legislation or Programs - to study the policy and whether it
             445      is appropriate to connect an individual's name with legislation or a program.
             446          191. Timing of Committee Report Distribution - to study distributing a hard copy of
             447      House Rules Committee reports, and other committee reports, to all members of the House
             448      before the vote on the reports.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 3-3-04 4:19 PM

A limited legal review of this legislation raises no obvious constitutional or statutory concerns.

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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