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Members Present:        Sen. Bill Wright, Committee Chair
                Sen. Patrice M. Arent
                Sen. D. Chris Buttars
                Sen. David L. Gladwell                
                Sen. Karen Hale
                Sen. Sheldon L. Killpack
                Sen. Howard A. Stephenson
Member Absent:        Sen. John L. Valentine
Staff Present:            Constance C. Steffen, Policy Analyst
                Nedra Duzett, Secretary

Public Speakers Present:    Kim Burningham, Chair, Utah State Board of Education
                Cheryl Phipps, Education Commissioner, Utah PTA
                Ronda Rose, Utah PTA
                Gary Cameron, Executive Director, USBA/USSA
                Vick Arnold, Director Government Relations, UEA
                Andrew Parker, Parent
                Patti Harrington, Assoc. Supt. State Office of Education
                Steve Laing, Supt., State Office of Education
                Ken Meyer, U.S. Dept. of Education

A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.

Committee Chair Wright called the meeting to order at 8:17 a.m.

MOTION: Sen. Arent moved to approve the minutes of February 23, 2004.

The motion passed unanimously.

1.    H.B. 223 State School Board Candidate Selection Committees (K. Morgan)

    Rep. Morgan said the bill modifies the nominating and recruiting committee that selects candidates for the State Board of Education.

    The following spoke to the bill:
        Kim Burningham, Chair, Utah State Board of Education

        Cheryl Phipps, Utah PTA
        Ronda Rose, Utah PTA
        Gary Cameron, Utah School Boards Association
        Vick Arnold, UEA

     MOTION: Sen. Hale moved to amend the bill as follows:

    Page 3, Lines 69-70
    House Floor Amendments
    2-16-2004:                Reinstate lines 69-70

    Page 3, Line 73:
    House Floor Amendments
    2-16-2004:                Reinstate "four" and delete "five"

    Renumber accordingly.

     SUBSTITUTE MOTION: Sen. Buttars moved to table the bill.

     The motion passed with Sen. Arent and Sen. Hale voting in opposition.

2.    H.B. 43S1 No Child Left Behind Options (M. Dayton)

    Rep. Dayton said the bill prohibits the state or school districts from further participation in the No Child Left Behind Act except where there is adequate federal funding.

    The following spoke in support of the bill:
        Patti Harrington, Assoc. Supt., Utah State Office of Education

    The following spoke in opposition to the bill:
        Andrew Parker, parent

    Ken Meyer, U.S. Department of Education, responded to committee members' questions.

    Steve Laing, Supt., Utah State Office of Education, commented on the bill.

     MOTION: Sen. Gladwell moved to pass the bill out favorably.

    The motion passed with Sen. Hale voting in opposition.

MOTION: Sen Hale moved to adjourn the meeting at 9:10 a.m.

The motion passed unanimously.

Minutes recorded by Nedra Duzett, Secretary

                     Sen. Bill Wright, Committee Chair