S.B. 198   Electric Generation Competitive Bid Amendments (Bramble, C.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/30/2004 Numbered by Short Title LRGC
1/31/2004 Bill Distributed LRGC
2/13/2004 Numbered LRGC
2/13/2004 Bill Distributed LRGC
2/16/2004 Senate/ received from Legislative Research SINTRO
2/16/2004 Senate/ read 1st (Introduced) SSTRUL
2/18/2004 Senate/ from Rules Committee to 2nd S2ND
2/18/2004 Senate/ read 2nd (Suspension) S2ND
2/19/2004 Senate/ 2nd Reading Calendar to Rules Committee SSTRUL
3/3/2004 Senate/ enacting clause struck SFILE