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H.B. 6 Enrolled






Sponsor: Joseph G. Murray

                  LONG TITLE
                  General Description:
                      This bill modifies the Designation of State Highways Act to amend the master list of
                  state highways.
                  Highlighted Provisions:
                      This bill:
                      .    redesignates a portion of SR-89 in Draper;
                      .    creates SR-222 from a portion of SR-224 in Midway;
                      .    removes a portion of SR-235 near Pleasant View and provides a new alignment of a
                  portion of SR-134 in Weber County;
                      .    creates SR-162 from a portion of SR-163 and SR-262 in San Juan County; and
                      .    makes technical changes.
                  Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
                  Other Special Clauses:
                  Utah Code Sections Affected:
                      72-4-114, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 270, Laws of Utah 1998
                      72-4-119, as last amended by Chapter 110, Laws of Utah 2002
                      72-4-122, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 270 and last amended by Chapter
                  330, Laws of Utah 1998
                      72-4-128, as last amended by Chapter 18, Laws of Utah 2003

                      72-4-129, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 270, Laws of Utah 1998
                      72-4-132, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 270, Laws of Utah 1998
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Section 72-4-114 is amended to read:
                       72-4-114. State highways -- SR-81 to SR-84, SR-86 to SR-90.
                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-81. From Route 30 north to Fielding.
                      (2) SR-82. From Route 102 north on 300 East Street in Tremonton to Garland; then east
                  approximately 0.8 mile; then north to Route 13.
                      (3) SR-83. From Route 13 in Corinne westerly to Lampo Junction; then northerly to
                  Route 84 at Howell Interchange.
                      (4) SR-84. From the Utah-Idaho state line near Snowville to a point on Route 15 at the
                  Tremonton Interchange; then from another point on Route 15 near Roy to Route 80 near Echo,
                  traversing the alignment of interstate Route 84.
                      (5) SR-86. From Route 65 at Henefer westerly to Route 84.
                      (6) SR-87. From Route 40 in Duchesne northerly; then easterly through Altamont;
                  thence southeasterly through Upalco; then east to Route 40 southwest of Roosevelt.
                      (7) SR-88. From the south end of the Green River Bridge south of Ouray northerly to
                  Route 40 east of Ft. Duchesne.
                      (8) SR-89. From the Utah-Arizona state line northwest of Page, Arizona, westerly to
                  Kanab; then northerly to a junction with Route 70 near Sevier Junction; then beginning again at
                  the junction with Route 70 south of Salina, northerly through Salina, Gunnison and Mt. Pleasant
                  to a junction with Route 6 at Thistle Junction; beginning again at a junction with Route 6 at
                  Moark Junction northerly through Springville, Provo, Orem, and American Fork to Route 15
                  north of Lehi; then beginning again at a junction with Route [15 near Draper Crossroads] 71 in
                  Draper northerly via Murray and Salt Lake City to a junction with Route 15 at Beck Interchange;
                  then beginning again at a junction with Route 15 near Orchard Drive northerly through Bountiful

                  to a junction with Route 15 at North Bountiful Interchange; then beginning again at a junction
                  with Route 15 at Lagoon Junction northerly through Uintah Junction and Ogden to Route 91 near
                  south city limits of Brigham City; then beginning again at a junction with Route 91 in Logan
                  northeasterly to Garden City; then north to the Utah-Idaho state line.
                      (9) SR-90. From Route 13 in Brigham easterly on 2nd South Street to Route 91.
                      Section 2. Section 72-4-119 is amended to read:
                       72-4-119. State highways -- SR-132 to SR-134, SR-136 to SR-140.
                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-132. From Route 6 in Lynndyl northeasterly through Leamington to Nephi; then
                  southeasterly through Fountain Green and Moroni to Route 89 at Pigeon Hollow Junction.
                      (2) SR-133. From Kanosh south city limits north through Meadow to Route 15 north of
                      (3) SR-134. From Route 37 at Kanesville northerly to Plain City; then easterly to Route
                  [89 in Pleasant View] 235 in North Ogden.
                      (4) SR-136. From a junction with Route 50 and 125 east of Delta north to Route 6.
                      (5) SR-137. From Route 89 in Gunnison easterly to Mayfield; then northerly to Route
                      (6) SR-138. From Route 80 at Stansbury Interchange southeasterly through Grantsville
                  to Route 36 at Mills Junction.
                      (7) SR-139. From Route 6 northerly to Route 157 near Spring Glen.
                      (8) SR-140. From Route 68 at Bluffdale easterly coincident with the Bluffdale Road to
                  the on and off access ramps on the east side of Route 15.
                      Section 3. Section 72-4-122 is amended to read:
                       72-4-122. State highways -- SR-161 to SR-165, SR-167, SR-168.
                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-161. From Route 70 near Cove Fort northwesterly to Route 15.
                      (2) SR-162. From Route 191 at Bluff easterly to the Utah-Colorado state line.
                      [(2)] (3) SR-163. From the Utah-Arizona state line southwest of Mexican Hat

                  northeasterly to Route 191 near Bluff [and beginning again on Route 191 at Bluff easterly to
                  Route 262 at Montezuma Creek].
                      [(3)] (4) SR-164. From Route 15 southwest of Spanish Fork easterly to Route 198
                  one-half mile south of Spanish Fork.
                      [(4)] (5) SR-165. From Paradise northerly through Hyrum and Nibley to Route 91 in
                      [(5)] (6) SR-167. From Route 84 near Mountain Green northerly on Trappers Loop
                  Road to Route 39 south of Huntsville.
                      [(6)] (7) SR-168. From the north entrance of Hill Air Force Base northerly to Route 60
                  in Riverdale.
                      Section 4. Section 72-4-128 is amended to read:
                       72-4-128. State highways -- SR-222, SR-224 to SR-228.
                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-222. From Route 113 in Midway northerly to Pine Creek Campground.
                      [(1)] (2) SR-224. From [Route 113 in Midway northerly to Pine Creek Campground;
                  beginning again at] the Wasatch-Summit County line south of Park City through Ontario Canyon
                  and Park City to Route 80 at Kimball Junction.
                      [(2)] (3) SR-225. From Route 15 east on Burke Lane to Route 106 in Farmington.
                      [(3)] (4) SR-226. From Snow Basin Ski Lodge lower parking lot in Weber County
                  southeasterly to Route 167 the Trappers Loop Road.
                      [(4)] (5) SR-227. From Route 15 near Glover Lane north on Walker Lane to State Street;
                  then east to Route 106 in Farmington.
                      [(5)] (6) SR-228. From the northbound off-ramp of Route 15 at the South Leeds
                  Interchange; then northerly on Main Street in Leeds to the northbound on-ramp of Route 15; then
                  westerly to the southbound off-ramp of Route 15; and from the southbound on-ramp of Route 15
                  easterly to Main Street in Leeds.
                      Section 5. Section 72-4-129 is amended to read:
                       72-4-129. State highways -- SR-232, SR-235, SR-237 to SR-240.

                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-232. From Route 126 in Layton north to the south entrance to Hill Air Force
                      (2) SR-235. From Route 89 in Ogden north to Route 134 in North Ogden[; then west to
                  Route 89 in Pleasant View].
                      (3) SR-237. From Seventh North Street and Eighth East Street in Logan northerly to
                  Hyde Park; then west to Route 91 west of Hyde Park.
                      (4) SR-238. From Route 165 east to Millville; then northerly through Providence and
                  River Heights to Route 91 in Logan.
                      (5) SR-239. From Route 91 in Logan east on 1400 North Street to Route 237.
                      (6) SR-240. From Route 15 east to Route 38 in Honeyville.
                      Section 6. Section 72-4-132 is amended to read:
                       72-4-132. State highways -- SR-261, SR-262, SR-264 to SR-266, SR-268 to SR-270.
                      State highways include:
                      (1) SR-261. From Route 163 north of Mexican Hat to Route 95 east of Natural Bridges
                  National Monument.
                      (2) SR-262. From Route 191 approximately eleven miles north of Bluff easterly and
                  southerly to [near the San Juan River Bridge; then southeasterly on Aneth to the Utah-Colorado
                  state line] Route 162 near Montezuma Creek.
                      (3) SR-264. From Route 31 easterly through Flat Canyon and Eccles Canyon to Route
                  96 south of Scofield.
                      (4) SR-265. From Route 114 near Twelfth South Street in Orem southeasterly to Route
                  189 in Provo.
                      (5) SR-266. From Route 215 easterly on Forty-seventh South Street and Forty-fifth
                  South Street to Route 215.
                      (6) SR-268. From Route 15 easterly on 600 North Street to Route 89 in Salt Lake City.
                      (7) SR-269. From Route 15 easterly on Fifth and Sixth South Streets to Route 89 in Salt
                  Lake City, providing one-way couplets.

                      (8) SR-270. From Route 15 easterly and northerly on West Temple Street to Route 186
                  in Salt Lake City.

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