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Chief Sponsor: Lorie D. Fowlke

Senate Sponsor: Mark B. Madsen

                  LONG TITLE
                  General Description:
                      This joint resolution of the Legislature urges that public comment, research, and
                  recommendations be provided and considered for the adoption of an authentic charity
                  care system in the state of Utah.
                  Highlighted Provisions:
                      This resolution:
                      .    urges academicians, the insurance industry, think tanks, and others to study the
                  feasibility of implementing an authentic charity care system in Utah;
                      .    urges that a list of factors be considered by these groups as part of the study; and
                      .    urges that a report of this group's findings be made to the Legislature by November
                  30, 2005.
                  Special Clauses:
                  Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      WHEREAS, Utah is known for its compassionate people who are generous and kind in
                  helping their neighbors in need;
                      WHEREAS, Utahns have demonstrated an unsurpassed dedication to voluntary service;
                      WHEREAS, according to the Utah Department of Health, approximately 215,000 or
                  9% of Utahns lacked health insurance in 2003;

                      WHEREAS, over 200,000 Utahns receive their health insurance from the Utah
                  Department of Health at a budgeted cost of more than $1.5 billion in fiscal year 2005;
                      WHEREAS, Utah faces severe fiscal challenges in providing for rapidly expanding and
                  very expensive education, health care, and transportation needs; and
                      WHEREAS, the Sutherland Institute has released a report recommending that Utah can
                  meet the basic health care needs for all of its indigent and needy uninsured residents while saving
                  the state hundreds of millions of dollars, building true community, and without eligibility
                      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah urges
                  think tanks, academicians, the insurance industry, and all others with an interest in providing
                  universal health care for the poor to study the feasibility of implementing an authentic charity
                  care system in Utah and report their findings to the Legislature by November 30, 2005.
                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislature specifically requests thoughtful
                  consideration and direct input from these groups on:
                      .    the projected costs of all state government-provided health care services over the
                  next ten years;
                      .    how a proposed authentic charity care system should be governed, administered,
                  and sufficiently financed;
                      .    how volunteer medical professionals should be organized, coordinated, and
                  utilized in an authentic charity care system;
                      .    the projected capital and operating costs of providing the necessary number of
                  conveniently located, full-service, charity care facilities throughout the state;
                      .    how the principle of reciprocity should be administered in the new system; and
                      .    the projected costs of implementing an authentic charity care system over the next
                  ten years.
                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to the Utah
                  Department of Insurance, the Utah Department of Health, the presidents of the state's institutions
                  of higher education, the Utah Medical Association, and the Utah Insurance Association.


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