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First Substitute H.B. 24

Senator Dan R. Eastman proposes the following substitute bill:




Sponsor: James A. Dunnigan

             6      LONG TITLE
             7      General Description:
             8          This bill modifies the Motor Vehicles Code by amending traffic provisions related to
             9      the exchange of insurance information, stopping at a sidewalk, lighting requirements for
             10      slow moving vehicles, aftermarket modifications to large vehicles, and nontransparent
             11      material on rear side windows.
             12      Highlighted Provisions:
             13          This bill:
             14          .    requires the operator of a vehicle to provide insurance provider information to
             15      persons involved in an accident;
             16          .    allows the operator of a vehicle to provide accident information to an investigating
             17      peace officer in lieu of providing the information to persons involved in the
             18      accident;
             19          .    repeals certain tail lamp and head lamp exceptions for motor vehicles operated at 20
             20      miles per hour or less;
             21          .    applies aftermarket limitations to adjustments to frame height, wheelbase, and
             22      bumper height to all vehicles not just vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of
             23      15,000 pounds or less;
             24          .    clarifies that rear side windows may have nontransparent material on them; and
             25          .    makes technical changes.

             26      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             27          None
             28      Other Special Clauses:
             29          None
             30      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             31      AMENDS:
             32          41-6a-401, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 2, Laws of Utah 2005
             33          41-6a-1629, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 2, Laws of Utah 2005
             34          41-6a-1632, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 2, Laws of Utah 2005
             35          41-6a-1635, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 2, Laws of Utah 2005
             36      RENUMBERS AND AMENDS:
             37          41-6a-907, (Renumbered from 41-6-100, as enacted by Chapter 33, Laws of Utah 1978)
             38      REPEALS:
             39          41-6a-1615, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 2, Laws of Utah 2005
             41      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             42          Section 1. Section 41-6a-401 is amended to read:
             43           41-6a-401. Accident involving injury, death, or property damage -- Duties of
             44      operator, occupant, and owner -- Exchange of information -- Notification of law
             45      enforcement -- Penalties.
             46          (1) The operator of a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in injury to or death of a
             47      person or damage to another vehicle or other property shall:
             48          (a) immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close as possible
             49      without obstructing traffic more than is necessary; and
             50          (b) remain at the scene of the accident until the operator has fulfilled the requirements
             51      of this section.
             52          (2) [If] Except as provided under Subsection (6), if the vehicle or other property is
             53      operated, occupied, or attended by any person or if the owner of the vehicle or property is
             54      present, the operator of the vehicle involved in the accident shall:
             55          (a) give to the persons involved:
             56          (i) the operator's name, address, and the registration number of the vehicle being

             57      operated; and
             58          (ii) the name of the insurance provider covering the vehicle being operated including
             59      the phone number of the agent or provider;
             60          (b) upon request and if available, exhibit the operator's license to:
             61          (i) any investigating peace officer present;
             62          (ii) the person struck;
             63          (iii) the operator, occupant of, or person attending the vehicle or other property
             64      damaged in the accident; and
             65          (iv) the owner of property damaged in the accident, if present; and
             66          (c) render to any person injured in the accident reasonable assistance, including
             67      transporting or making arrangements for transporting, of the injured person to a physician or
             68      hospital for medical treatment if:
             69          (i) it is apparent that treatment is necessary; or
             70          (ii) transportation is requested by the injured person.
             71          (3) The operator of a vehicle involved in an accident shall immediately and by the
             72      quickest means of communication available give notice or cause to give notice of the accident
             73      to the nearest office of a law enforcement agency if the accident resulted in:
             74          (a) injury or death of any person; or
             75          (b) property damage to an apparent extent of $1,000 or more.
             76          (4) The occupant of a vehicle involved in an accident who is not the operator of the
             77      vehicle shall give or cause to give the immediate notice required under Subsection (3) if:
             78          (a) the operator of a vehicle involved in an accident is physically incapable of giving
             79      the notice; and
             80          (b) the occupant is capable of giving an immediate notice.
             81          (5) [If] Except as provided under Subsection (6), if the vehicle or other property is
             82      unattended, the operator of the vehicle involved in the accident shall:
             83          (a) locate and notify the operator or owner of the vehicle or the owner of other property
             84      damaged in the accident of the operator's name, address, and the registration number of the
             85      vehicle causing the damage; or
             86          (b) attach securely in a conspicuous place on the vehicle or other property a written
             87      notice giving the operator's name, address, and the registration number of the vehicle causing

             88      the damage.
             89          (6) The operator of a vehicle that provides the information required under this section
             90      to an investigating peace officer at the scene of the accident is exempt from providing the
             91      information to other persons required under this section.
             92          [(6)] (7) (a) A person who violates the provisions of Subsection (1) is guilty of a class
             93      A misdemeanor and shall be fined not less than $750 if the accident results in injury or death of
             94      a person.
             95          (b) A person who violates the provisions of Subsection (1) is guilty of a class B
             96      misdemeanor if the accident results only in damage to a vehicle or other property.
             97          (c) A person who violates the provision of Subsection (5) is guilty of a class B
             98      misdemeanor.
             99          Section 2. Section 41-6a-907 , which is renumbered from Section 41-6-100 is
             100      renumbered and amended to read:
             101           [41-6-100].     41-6a-907. Vehicles emerging from alleys, buildings, private roads
             102      or driveways must stop prior to sidewalk area or street.
             103          The [driver] operator of a vehicle emerging from an alley, building, private road or
             104      driveway within a business or residence district shall stop [such]:
             105          (1) the vehicle immediately prior to driving onto a sidewalk or onto the sidewalk area
             106      extending across [such] the alley, building [entrance], private road or driveway[, or in the
             107      event]; or
             108          (2) if there is no sidewalk area, [shall stop] at the point nearest the street to be entered
             109      where the [driver] operator has a view of approaching traffic [thereon].
             110          Section 3. Section 41-6a-1629 is amended to read:
             111           41-6a-1629. Vehicles subject to Sections 41-6a-1629 through 41-6a-1633 --
             112      Definitions.
             113          (1) As used in Sections 41-6a-1629 through 41-6a-1633 :
             114          (a) "Frame" means the main longitudinal structural members of the chassis of the
             115      vehicle or, for vehicles with unitized body construction, the lowest longitudinal structural
             116      member of the body of the vehicle.
             117          (b) "Frame height" means the vertical distance between the ground and the lowest point
             118      on the frame. The distance is measured when the vehicle is unladen and on a level surface.

             119          (c) "Gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR)" means the original manufacturer's gross
             120      vehicle weight rating, whether or not the vehicle is modified by use of parts not originally
             121      installed by the original manufacturer.
             122          (d) "Manufacturer" means any person engaged in manufacturing or assembling new
             123      motor vehicles utilizing new parts or components, or a person defined as a manufacturer in
             124      current applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations.
             125          (e) "Mechanical alteration" or "mechanical lift" means modification or alteration of the
             126      axles, chassis, suspension, or body by any means, including tires and wheels, and excluding
             127      any load, which affects the frame height of the motor vehicle.
             128          (f) "O.E.M." means original equipment manufacturer.
             129          (g) "Original equipment" means an item of motor vehicle equipment, including tires,
             130      which were installed in or on a motor vehicle or available as an option for the particular vehicle
             131      from the original manufacturer at the time of its delivery to the first purchaser.
             132          (h) "Wheel track" means the shortest distance between the center of the tire treads on
             133      the same axle. On vehicles having dissimilar axle widths, the axle with the widest distance is
             134      used for all calculations.
             135          (2) (a) Except as provided in Subsection (2)(b), the provisions of Sections 41-6a-1629
             136      through 41-6a-1633 apply to all motor vehicles [with an original manufacturer's gross vehicle
             137      weight rating of 15,000 pounds or less] operated or parked on a highway.
             138          (b) The provisions of Sections 41-6a-1629 through 41-6a-1633 do not apply to the
             139      following vehicles:
             140          (i) implements of husbandry;
             141          (ii) farm tractors;
             142          (iii) road machinery;
             143          (iv) road rollers; and
             144          (v) historical vehicles or horseless carriages that have been restored as near to original
             145      condition as is reasonably possible.
             146          Section 4. Section 41-6a-1632 is amended to read:
             147           41-6a-1632. Bumpers.
             148          (1) A motor vehicle shall be equipped with a bumper on both front and rear of the
             149      motor vehicle, except a motor vehicle that was not originally designed or manufactured with a

             150      bumper or bumpers.
             151          (2) (a) On a motor vehicle [under 15,000 GVWR] required to have bumpers under
             152      Subsection (1), a bumper shall be:
             153          (i) at least 4.5 inches in vertical height;
             154          (ii) centered on the vehicle's center line; and
             155          (iii) extend no less than the width of the respective wheel track distance.
             156          (b) A bumper shall be securely mounted, horizontal load bearing, and attached to the
             157      motor vehicle's frame to effectively transfer impact when engaged.
             158          (3) If a motor vehicle is originally or later equipped with a bumper, the bumper shall:
             159          (a) be maintained in operational condition; and
             160          (b) comply with this section.
             161          Section 5. Section 41-6a-1635 is amended to read:
             162           41-6a-1635. Windshields and windows -- Tinting -- Obstructions reducing
             163      visibility -- Wipers -- Prohibitions.
             164          (1) Except as provided in Subsections (2) and (3), a person may not operate a motor
             165      vehicle with:
             166          (a) a windshield that allows less than 70% light transmittance;
             167          (b) a front side window that allows less than 43% light transmittance;
             168          (c) any windshield or window that is composed of, covered by, or treated with any
             169      material or component that presents a metallic or mirrored appearance; or
             170          (d) any sign, poster, or other nontransparent material on the windshield or side
             171      windows of the motor vehicle except:
             172          (i) a certificate or other paper required to be so displayed by law; or
             173          (ii) the vehicle's identification number displayed or etched in accordance with rules
             174      made by the department under Section 41-6a-1601 .
             175          (2) Nontransparent materials may be used:
             176          (a) along the top edge of the windshield if the materials do not extend downward more
             177      than four inches from the top edge of the windshield or beyond the AS-1 line whichever is
             178      lowest;
             179          (b) in the lower left-hand corner of the windshield provided they do not extend more
             180      than three inches to the right of the left edge or more than four inches above the bottom edge of

             181      the windshield; or
             182          (c) on the rear windows including rear side windows located behind the vehicle
             183      operator.
             184          (3) A windshield or other window is considered to comply with the requirements of
             185      Subsection (1) if the windshield or other window meets the federal statutes and regulations for
             186      motor vehicle window composition, covering, light transmittance, and treatment.
             187          (4) Except for material used on the windshield in compliance with Subsections (2)(a)
             188      and (b), a motor vehicle with tinting or nontransparent material on any window shall be
             189      equipped with rear-view mirrors mounted on the left side and on the right side of the motor
             190      vehicle to reflect to the driver a view of the highway to the rear of the motor vehicle.
             191          (5) (a) (i) The windshield on a motor vehicle shall be equipped with a device for
             192      cleaning rain, snow, or other moisture from the windshield.
             193          (ii) The device shall be constructed to be operated by the operator of the motor vehicle.
             194          (b) A windshield wiper on a motor vehicle shall be maintained in good working order.
             195          (6) A person may not have for sale, sell, offer for sale, install, cover, or treat a
             196      windshield or window in violation of this section.
             197          (7) Notwithstanding this section, any person subject to the federal Motor Vehicle
             198      Safety Standards, including motor vehicle manufacturers, distributors, dealers, importers, and
             199      repair businesses, shall comply with the federal standards on motor vehicle window tinting.
             200          Section 6. Repealer.
             201          This bill repeals:
             202          Section 41-6a-1615, Requirements for slow-moving vehicles.

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