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S.B. 132 Enrolled





Chief Sponsor: Allen M. Christensen

House Sponsor: Kerry W. Gibson

                  LONG TITLE
                  General Description:
                      This bill amends the Utah Health Data Authority Act to require annual reports of
                  comparisons between health care facilities based on certain designated quality, safety,
                  and cost factors.
                  Highlighted Provisions:
                      This bill:
                      .    requires the Health Data Authority to publish reports at least annually that compare
                  and identify health care facilities;
                      .    requires the Health Data Authority to publish the data in a form that is easily
                  accessible to the public; and
                      .    requires the reports comparing health care facilities to be based on several
                  designated factors.
                  Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
                  Other Special Clauses:
                  Utah Code Sections Affected:
                      26-33a-106.5, as last amended by Chapter 53, Laws of Utah 2001
                  Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      Section 1. Section 26-33a-106.5 is amended to read:

                       26-33a-106.5. Comparative analyses.
                      (1) The committee may publish compilations or reports that compare and identify health
                  care providers or data suppliers from the data it collects under this chapter or from any other
                      (2) (a) The committee shall publish compilations or reports from the data it collects
                  under this chapter or from any other source which:
                      (i) contain the information described in Subsection (2)(b); and
                      (ii) compare and identify by name at least a majority of the health care facilities and
                  institutions in the state.
                      (b) The report required by this Subsection (2) shall:
                      (i) be published at least annually; and
                      (ii) contain comparisons based on at least the following factors:
                      (A) nationally recognized quality standards;
                      (B) charges; and
                      (C) nationally recognized patient safety standards.
                      [(2)] (3) The committee [shall ] may contract with a private, independent analyst to
                  evaluate the standard comparative reports of the committee that identify, compare, or rank the
                  performance of data suppliers by name. The evaluation shall include a validation of statistical
                  methodologies, limitations, appropriateness of use, and comparisons using standard health
                  services research practice. The analyst must be experienced in analyzing large databases from
                  multiple data suppliers and in evaluating health care issues of cost, quality, and access. The
                  results of the analyst's evaluation must be released to the public before the standard comparative
                  analysis upon which it is based may be published by the committee.
                      [(3)] (4) The committee shall adopt by rule a timetable for the collection and analysis of
                  data from multiple types of data suppliers.
                      (5) The comparative analysis required under Subsection (2) shall be available free of
                  charge and easily accessible to the public.

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