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Chief Sponsor: John W. Hickman

House Sponsor: David Clark

                  LONG TITLE
                  General Description:
                      This joint resolution of the Legislature extends its deepest appreciation to retiring Dixie
                  State College of Utah President Robert C. Huddleston.
                  Highlighted Provisions:
                      This resolution:
                      .    proclaims gratitude, recognition, and honors the exemplary achievements of
                  President Robert C. Huddleston for his 12 years of service to the students,
                  faculty, and staff of Dixie State College as well as to the Dixie community.
                  Special Clauses:
                  Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
                      WHEREAS, Robert C. Huddleston, President of Dixie State College, has announced
                  his retirement effective June 30, 2005, and will return to teaching full-time at Dixie State
                  College beginning in 2006;
                      WHEREAS, Robert C. Huddleston, named the 15th President of Dixie State College on
                  July 1, 1993, is currently Utah System of Higher Education's longest tenured president and has
                  served in this capacity as long as any president in Dixie State College history;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston's years of service at Dixie State College have been a
                  milestone in the history of the college;

                      WHEREAS, his perseverance, dedication, and passion have led to many
                  accomplishments that have been paramount to the growth and the success of the college;
                      WHEREAS, accountability, both of self and of those he has managed, has been his
                  mantra throughout his tenure and is evidenced through his plan of institutional effectiveness and
                  annual reports, which have been praised by many;
                      WHEREAS, economic development has been another focus of President Huddleston's,
                  having established the first paid professional position for economic development in Washington
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston has vitalized the Washington County Economic
                  Development Council, and the council's efforts have resulted in over 700 county jobs, over a
                  million square feet in new facilities, and $111 million in capital investment in Washington
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston was the positive force to oversee Dixie College
                  becoming Dixie State College and expanding its mission to offer baccalaureate programs, four of
                  which are now available to students;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston later led the college in achieving top accreditation
                  marks at the baccalaureate level;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston has been an advocate of the students, personally
                  seeing to it that tuition at the college has remained among the lowest in the state;
                      WHEREAS, tremendous growth has occurred at the college under the administration of
                  President Huddleston, with total enrollment soaring from 3,000 in 1993 to nearly 9,000 in 2005;
                      WHEREAS, the physical campus has also grown extensively under his leadership and has
                  included an expanded library, a new institutional residence, an expanded student union building,
                  the Udvar-Hazy Business Building, a seven-acre encampment mall, Pine Valley Conference
                  Center, a fitness center, computer center, soccer and practice fields, a baseball/softball complex,
                  and the new Graff Eccles Fine Arts Center;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston also acquired a former grocery store and LDS institute
                  building, transforming them into instructional buildings;

                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston took the college to the communities of Hurricane and
                  Kanab, establishing education centers in both cities;
                      WHEREAS, an average of $3 million annually has been raised from private donations,
                  plus millions more in deferred gifts, during President Huddleston's tenure, and he has been the
                  driving force behind the college's capital acquisition campaign;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston improved the working relationships with the Board of
                  Trustees, Utah State Board of Regents, and the Legislature to fund the College to meet its
                  operational and capital needs for students and the community;
                      WHEREAS, the college's athletic department has played for seven national
                  championships, winning four, and 27 conference championships since 1993;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston's current passion is health-related programs, and he
                  has established and expanded both two and four-year health sciences programs in the areas of
                  nursing, dental hygiene, emergency medical services, and other health sciences licensure
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston developed strong partnerships with Intermountain
                  Health Care (IHC) and other health service providers in the county;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston implemented a countywide inservice project for all
                  faculty and staff in conjunction with the Washington County School District;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston established a community educational television
                  channel, which serves the county and is headquartered on campus;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston challenged the faculty to examine the general
                  education curriculum, which resulted in a complete revision of that curriculum;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston has promoted and implemented energy conservation
                  practices on campus by upgrading the cooling and heating systems and redesigned landscaping
                  plans for the campus, converting existing lawns to xeriscaping in order to conserve water use;
                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston has taught an accounting course off and on while
                  serving as president and will now return to the classroom on a full-time basis to teach in the
                  business administration program he established on campus in 2000; and

                      WHEREAS, President Huddleston's efforts on behalf of the students and community will
                  continue to impact many individuals for good both now and for many years ahead:
                      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah
                  extends its deepest appreciation to retiring Dixie State College of Utah President Robert C.
                  Huddleston for his many years of service to the students, faculty, and staff of the college and to
                  the community.
                      BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be presented to President
                  Robert C. Huddleston.

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