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Room W125 - West Office Building, State Capitol Complex

Tuesday,January 25, 2005

COMMITTEE MEMBERS:    Rep. Brad L. Dee, Chair
                Rep. M. Susan Lawrence, Vice Chair
                Rep. D. Gregg Buxton
            Rep. Julie Fisher
            Rep. Kerry W. Gibson
            Rep. Ann W. Hardy
            Rep. Kory M. Holdaway
            Rep. Brad King
            Rep. Ronda Rudd Menlove
            Rep. LaWanna Lou Shurtliff
MEMBERS ABSENT:    Rep. Ralph Becker            
STAFF PRESENT:    Joseph Wade, Policy Analyst
        Doris Donat, Committee Secretary

Note: A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.

Representative Dee called the meeting to order at 8:00 a.m.

Motion:    Rep. Hardy moved to approve the minutes of January 21, 2005. The motion passed          unanimously, with Rep. King absent for the vote.

H.B. 40     Repeal of Sunset of Township Provision (Rep. M. S. Lawrence)

Rep. Lawrence introduced H.B. 40.

Motion: Rep. Lawrence moved to delete in title and body H.B. 40 and replace it with 1st Substitute          H.B. 40. The motion passed unanimously, with Rep. King absent for the vote.

Motion: Rep. Holdaway moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.    Page 2, Lines 39 through 43 :    

             39          (2) each county of the first class and each municipality that is in a county of the first
             40      class and is adjacent to a township area shall
  jointly       , by July 1, 2008, provide appropriate public

             41      information and funding to conduct a survey of residents and property owners within each
             42      township in the county to determine their desires about whether all or portions of
             43      unincorporated areas within the township should:

The Motion to amend passed unanimously, with Rep. King absent for the vote.

Spoke to the bill:    Joan Haven, Millcreek Township
            Lillian Rowley, citizen
            Ken Smith, Mount Olympus Community Council
            Norm Fitzgerald, Magna Township ACCT
            Michael Jensen, Salt Lake County Council
            Joe Smolkey, Community Council, Emmigration Canyon Township
            Lincoln Shurtz, Utah League of Cities and Towns
            Wes Loffer, Mayor of South Salt Lake
            Janice Auger, Mayor of Taylorsville

Motion:    Rep. Holdaway moved to pass 1st Sub H.B. 40 out favorably as amended. The motion passed          unanimously.

Rep. Dee relinquished the Chair to Rep. Lawrence.

S.B. 9 Aerospace and Aviation Development Zone Modifications (Sen. M. Dmitrich)

Rep. Dee introduced S.B. 9 and explained it to the committee.

Spoke in favor of the bill: David Spatafore, R.D.C (handout).

Motion: Rep. Shurtliff moved to pass S.B. 9 out favorably. The motion passed unanimously.

Motion:    Rep. King moved that S.B. 9 be placed on the Consent Calender. The motion          passed unanimously.

Motion: Rep. Buxton moved to adjourn. The vote was unanimously and the meeting adjourned at
9:23 a.m.

                    Brad L. Dee, Chair