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FEBRUARY 11, 2005

Room W110, West Office Building, State Capitol Complex

Members Present:    Sen. Curtis Bramble, Chair
    Sen. Ron Allen
    Sen. Gregory Bell
    Sen. Darin G. Peterson
    Sen. Mike Dmitrich
    Sen. Howard A. Stephenson
    Sen. Lyle Hillyard
Members Excused:    Sen. John Valentine
Staff Present:    Bryant Howe, Assistant Director
    Jeanne Wride, Committee Secretary
Public Speakers Present:    Scott Barlow, Central Utah Clinic
    Andrea Jones, Citizen
    Sue Ormsby, Citizen
    Mitch Tibbitts, Mountain Star Network
    Merrill Gappmeyer, Chairman IHC Board of Trustee's
    Kent Murdock, Vice Chair IHC Board of Trustee's
    Greg Poulsen, Vice President IHC
    Alan R. Nelson, IHC
    Larry Lewin, IHC
    Nancy Nowak, IHC
    Jay Atie, Physician
    Mark Donaldson, Physician
    Karen Crompton, Voices for Children
    JoAnn Seghini, Mayor of Midvale
    Keith Rattie, Questar
    Kent Jones, Physician, LDS Hospital
    Jeff Bennion, Physician, Cache County
A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.

Chair Bramble called the meeting to order at 8:05 a.m.

Sen. Allen moved to approve the minutes of February 9, 2005

    The motion passed with Sen. Dmitrich and Sen. Hillyard absent for the vote.


Sen. Waddoups presented the bill to the committee.

     MOTION: Sen. Bell moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.    Page 4, Lines 98 through 104 :    

             98          (7) "Privately owned health care organization" means an organization that:
             99          (a) is an integrated health system;
             100          (b) owns and operates one or more health care facilities that are located within a
             101      standard metropolitan statistical area
  in a county other than a county of the fifth class that is located within a standard metropolitan statistical area       ;

             102          (c) receives consideration from one or more patients for providing a health care
             103      service; and
             104          (d) is not owned or operated by a governmental entity.

    The motion passed with Sen. Stephenson voting against and Sen. Hillyard absent at the time     of the vote.

    Scott Barlow, Central Utah Clinic; Andrea Jones, Citizen; Sue Ormsby, Citizen
    Mitch Tibbitts, Mountain Star Network; Kent Jones, Physician, LDS Hospital
    spoke in favor of the bill.

Merrill Gappmeyer, Chairman IHC Board of Trustee's; Greg Poulsen,Vice President, IHC;     Kent Murdock, IHC Trustee; Allan Nelson, Physician; Larry Lewin, Consultant & Trustee of     IHC; Nancy Nowak, IHC Trustee, spoke in opposition to the bill.

     MOTION: Sen. Hillyard moved to have two minutes each of public testimony for the     remaining time of the meeting. Meeting again on Monday, February 14th, for committee     discussion and action.

    The motion failed, with Sen. Bramble, Sen. Allen, Sen. Bell, Sen. Peterson, Sen. Dmitrich     and Sen. Stephenson voting against.

    Jay Atie, Physician; Mark Donaldson, Physician, and Jeff Bennion, Physician, Cache     County, spoke in favor of the bill.

    Karen Crompton, Voices for Children; JoAnn Seghini, Mayor of Midvale; Keith Rattie,     Questar; and Kent Jones, Physician, LDS Hospital spoke in opposition.
     MOTION: Sen. Peterson moved to adopt 1st. Sub S.B. 61.
    MOTION: Sen. Bell moved to adjourn.

    The motion passed unanimously.

    Sen. Bramble adjourned the meeting at 10:00 a.m.

Minutes recorded by Jeanne Wride, Committee Secretary

            Sen. Curtis Bramble, Committee Chair