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H.B. 288   Executive Compensation Amendments (Alexander, J.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/28/2005 Numbered by Short Title LRGC
1/29/2005 Bill Distributed LRGC
1/31/2005 House/ read 1st time (Introduced) HSTRUL
3/1/2005 Numbered HSTRUL
3/1/2005 Bill Distributed HSTRUL
3/1/2005 House/ read 2nd time (Under Suspension) H3RDHB
3/1/2005 House/ circled H3RDHB
3/1/2005 House/ read 3rd time H3RDHB
3/1/2005 House/ amended H3RDHB
3/1/2005 House/ passed 3rd reading SSEC 47 25 3
3/1/2005 House/ to Senate SSEC
3/1/2005 Senate/ received from House SINTRO
3/1/2005 Senate/ read 1st (Introduced) SSTRUL
3/2/2005 Senate/ from Rules Committee to 2nd S2ND
3/2/2005 Senate/ read 2nd & 3rd (Suspension) S2ND
3/2/2005 Senate/ floor amendment S3RD
3/2/2005 Senate/ pass 2nd & 3rd (Suspension) HCLERK 18 11 0
3/2/2005 Senate/ to House with amendments HCLERK
3/2/2005 House/ received from Senate HCLERK
3/2/2005 House/ placed on Concurrence Calendar HCURCAL
3/2/2005 House/ concurs with Senate amendments SPRES 32 40 3
3/2/2005 House/ refuse to concur in Senate amendment SSEC
3/2/2005 Senate/ refused to recede from Senate amend HCLERK
3/2/2005 Senate Conference Comm Appointed CONCOM
3/2/2005 House/ received from Senate CONCOM
3/2/2005 House Conference Comm Appointed CONCOM
3/2/2005 Senate Conference Comm Rpt Adopted HSPKR 25 4 0
3/2/2005 House/ enacting clause struck HFILE
3/2/2005 Senate/ enacting clause struck HCLERK
3/3/2005 Senate/ to House HCLERK