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Chief Sponsor: Ronda Rudd Menlove

Senate Sponsor: Ed Mayne

             8      Cosponsor:Sheryl L. Allen              9     
             10      LONG TITLE
             11      General Description:
             12          This joint resolution of the Legislature urges the citizens of Utah to increase their
             13      awareness of the contributions paraeducators make in educating children in public
             14      schools.
             15      Highlighted Provisions:
             16          This resolution:
             17          .    urges the citizens of Utah to increase their awareness of the contributions made by
             18      paraeducators to the quality of children's educational experiences in the state's
             19      public schools.
             20      Special Clauses:
             21          None
             23      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             24          WHEREAS, for the more than 40 years since they were first introduced into the nation's
             25      schools, the roles of "teacher aides" have become more complex and demanding;
             26          WHEREAS, these aides have become technicians who are more aptly described as
             27      paraeducators;
             28          WHEREAS, under the direction of teachers, paraeducators assist with the delivery, to
             29      both learners and their parents, of instructional and other direct services designed to support

             30      instructional plans and educational goals;
             31          WHEREAS, more than 7,000 paraeducators serve in Utah's school districts and charter
             32      schools, providing invaluable services and support to students in Utah's public schools;
             33          WHEREAS, these paraeducators display a high degree of professionalism and spend
             34      considerable time and energy in career development;
             35          WHEREAS, paraeducators work as members of teams in the classroom where the
             36      teacher has the ultimate responsibility for the design and implementation of the classroom
             37      education program, the education programs of individual students, and for the evaluation of
             38      those programs and student progress;
             39          WHEREAS, paraeducators work under the ultimate supervision of the school principal
             40      and are assigned to work under the direction of a teacher or team of teachers;
             41          WHEREAS, while they perform clerical tasks, prepare materials, and monitor learners
             42      in nonacademic settings, paraeducators perform many other tasks under the supervision of
             43      teachers and, in some cases, related services professionals;
             44          WHEREAS, paraeducators in early childhood, elementary, middle, and secondary
             45      classrooms and programs engage individual and small groups of learners in instructional
             46      activities developed by teachers, carry out behavior management and disciplinary plans
             47      developed by teachers, and assist teachers with functional and other assessment activities;
             48          WHEREAS, paraeducators can also document and provide objective information about
             49      learner performance that enables teachers to plan and modify curriculum and learning activities
             50      for individuals, assist teachers with organizing learning activities and maintaining supportive
             51      environments, and assist teachers with involving parents or other caregivers in their child's
             52      education;
             53          WHEREAS, recent legislation requires paraprofessionals to be qualified to perform
             54      their jobs and requires local districts to provide adequate training and supervision of their
             55      paraeducators;
             56          WHEREAS, by serving jointly with teachers, paraeducators enhance the continuity and
             57      quality of services for many students in Utah schools; and

             58          WHEREAS, the services provided by paraeducators, though not widely understood or
             59      recognized, are a key element in the success of Utah's education efforts:
             60          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah
             61      urges the citizens of Utah to increase their awareness of the critical role paraeducators play in
             62      the education of Utah school children.
             63          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to each of Utah's
             64      school districts, charter schools, the National Resource Center for Paraprofessionals, members
             65      of the Utah Education Coalition and education community, the Utah Parent Teacher
             66      Association, the Utah State Board of Education, and the Utah State Office of Education.

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