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First Substitute H.B. 458

Representative J. Stuart Adams proposes the following substitute bill:





Chief Sponsor: J. Stuart Adams

Senate Sponsor: Sheldon L. Killpack

             8      LONG TITLE
             9      General Description:
             10          This bill modifies responsibility and program provisions of the Governor's Office of
             11      Economic Development related to government procurement contracts.
             12      Highlighted Provisions:
             13          This bill:
             14          .    recognizes the existence of a significant opportunity for Utah companies to secure
             15      new business with federal, state, and local governments;
             16          .    provides that the Governor's Office of Economic Development, through programs it
             17      currently administers that help create and grow companies in Utah and recruit
             18      companies to Utah, may receive and distribute monies for projects and programs
             19      that are focused on growing Utah companies by helping them secure new business
             20      with federal, state, and local governmental entities; and
             21          .    provides for monthly reporting regarding the effectiveness of the projects or
             22      programs.
             23      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             24          None
             25      Other Special Clauses:

             26          None
             27      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             28      ENACTS:
             29          63-38f-2101, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             31      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             32          Section 1. Section 63-38f-2101 is enacted to read:
Part 21. Economic Development - Government Procurement Contracts

             34          63-38f-2101. Projects to assist companies secure new business with federal, state,
             35      and local governments.
             36          (1) The Legislature recognizes that:
             37          (a) many Utah companies provide products and services which are routinely procured
             38      by a myriad of governmental entities at all levels of government, but that attempting to
             39      understand and comply with the numerous certification, registration, proposal, and contract
             40      requirements associated with government procurement often raises significant barriers for
             41      those companies with no government contracting experience;
             42          (b) the costs associated with obtaining a government contract for products or services
             43      often prevent most small businesses from working in the governmental procurement market;
             44          (c) currently a majority of federal procurement opportunities are contracted to
             45      businesses located outside of the state;
             46          (d) the Governor's Office of Economic Development currently administers programs
             47      and initiatives that help create and grow companies in Utah and recruit companies to Utah
             48      through the use of state employees, public-private partnerships, and contractual services; and
             49          (e) there exists a significant opportunity for Utah companies to secure new business
             50      with federal, state, and local governments.
             51          (2) The office, through its director:
             52          (a) shall manage and direct the administration of state programs and initiatives whose
             53      purpose is to procure federal, state, and local governmental contracts;
             54          (b) may require program accountability measures; and
             55          (c) may receive and distribute legislative appropriations and public and private grants
             56      for projects and programs that:

             57          (i) are focused on growing Utah companies and positively impacting statewide
             58      revenues by helping these companies secure new business with federal, state, and local
             59      governments;
             60          (ii) provide guidance to Utah companies interested in obtaining new business with
             61      federal, state, and local governmental entities;
             62          (iii) would facilitate marketing, business development, and expansion opportunities for
             63      Utah companies in cooperation with the Governor's Office of Economic Development's
             64      Procurement Technical Assistance Center Program and with public, non-profit, or private
             65      sector partners such as local chambers of commerce, trade associations, or private contractors
             66      as determined by the office's director to successfully match Utah businesses with government
             67      procurement opportunities; and
             68          (iv) may include the following components:
             69          (A) recruitment, individualized consultation, and an introduction to government
             70      contracting;
             71          (B) specialized contractor training for companies located in Utah;
             72          (C) a Utah contractor matching program for government requirements;
             73          (D) experienced proposal and bid support; and
             74          (E) specialized support services.
             75          (3) (a) The office, through its director, shall make any distribution referred to in
             76      Subsection (2) on a semiannual basis.
             77          (b) A recipient of monies distributed under this section shall provide the office with a
             78      set of standard monthly reports, the content of which shall be determined by the office to
             79      include at least the following information:
             80          (i) consultive meetings with Utah companies;
             81          (ii) seminars or training meetings held;
             82          (iii) government contracts awarded to Utah companies;
             83          (iv) increased revenues generated by Utah companies from new government contracts;
             84          (v) jobs created;
             85          (vi) salary ranges of new jobs; and
             86          (vii) the value of contracts generated.

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