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S.B. 23





Chief Sponsor: Patrice M. Arent

House Sponsor: David Clark

             6      Cosponsors:
             7      Dan R. EastmanKaren Hale
Thomas V. HatchJohn W. Hickman
Peter C. Knudson              8     
             9      LONG TITLE
             10      General Description:
             11          This bill modifies provisions of the Department of Community and Culture related to
             12      the relocation of the Office of Museum Services within the Division of Housing and
             13      Community Development to the Division of Arts and Museums.
             14      Highlighted Provisions:
             15          This bill:
             16          .    provides for the relocation of the Offices of Museum Services from the Division of
             17      Housing and Community Development to the Division of Arts and Museums within
             18      the Department of Community and Culture;
             19          .    changes the name of the Division of Fine Arts to the Division of Arts and
             20      Museums; and
             21          .    makes certain technical changes.
             22      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             23          None
             24      Other Special Clauses:
             25          None
             26      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             27      AMENDS:

             28          9-6-102, as enacted by Chapter 241, Laws of Utah 1992
             29          9-6-201, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 241, Laws of Utah 1992
             30          9-6-301, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 241, Laws of Utah 1992
             31          9-6-307, as renumbered and amended by Chapter 241, Laws of Utah 1992
             32          63C-9-601, as enacted by Chapter 285, Laws of Utah 1998
             33      RENUMBERS AND AMENDS:
             34          9-6-601, (Renumbered from 9-4-1001, as enacted by Chapter 253, Laws of Utah 1993)
             35          9-6-602, (Renumbered from 9-4-1002, as last amended by Chapter 18, Laws of Utah
             36      2004)
             37          9-6-603, (Renumbered from 9-4-1003, as enacted by Chapter 253, Laws of Utah 1993)
             38          9-6-604, (Renumbered from 9-4-1004, as last amended by Chapters 194 and 243, Laws
             39      of Utah 1996)
             40          9-6-605, (Renumbered from 9-4-1005, as enacted by Chapter 253, Laws of Utah 1993)
             41          9-6-606, (Renumbered from 9-4-1006, as enacted by Chapter 253, Laws of Utah 1993)
             42          9-6-607, (Renumbered from 9-4-1007, as enacted by Chapter 253, Laws of Utah 1993)
             44      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             45          Section 1. Section 9-6-102 is amended to read:
             46           9-6-102. Definitions.
             47          As used in this chapter:
             48          (1) "Board" means the Board of Directors of the Utah Arts Council.
             49          (2) "Council" means the Utah Arts Council.
             50          (3) "Director" means the director of the Division of [Fine] Arts and Museums.
             51          (4) "Division" means the Division of [Fine] Arts and Museums.
             52          [(5) "Institute" means the Institute of Fine Arts.]
             53          Section 2. Section 9-6-201 is amended to read:
             54           9-6-201. Division of Arts and Museums -- Creation -- Powers and duties.
             55          (1) There is created within the department the Division of [Fine] Arts and Museums
             56      under the administration and general supervision of the executive director or the designee of
             57      the executive director.
             58          (2) The division shall be under the policy direction of the board.

             59          (3) The division shall advance the interests of the arts, in all their phases, within the
             60      state [of Utah], and to that end shall:
             61          (a) cooperate with and locally sponsor federal agencies and projects directed to similar
             62      undertakings;
             63          (b) develop the influence of arts in education;
             64          (c) involve the private sector, including businesses, charitable interests, educational
             65      interests, manufacturers, agriculturalists, and industrialists in these endeavors;
             66          (d) utilize broadcasting facilities and the power of the press in disseminating
             67      information; and
             68          (e) foster, promote, encourage, and facilitate, not only a more general and lively study
             69      of the arts, but take all necessary and useful means to stimulate a more abundant production of
             70      an indigenous art in this state.
             71          (4) The board shall set policy to guide the division in accomplishing the purposes set
             72      forth in Subsection (3).
             73          (5) The division may not grant funds for the support of any arts project under this
             74      section unless the project has been first approved by the board.
             75          Section 3. Section 9-6-301 is amended to read:
Part 3. Utah Arts Council

             77           9-6-301. Creation -- Members.
             78          (1) There is created the [Institute of Fine] Utah Arts Council.
             79          (2) Members of the [institute] council may be of the following four classes:
             80          (a) members of the board;
             81          (b) honorary members;
             82          (c) annual members; and
             83          (d) life members.
             84          Section 4. Section 9-6-307 is amended to read:
             85           9-6-307. Application of funds received by council.
             86          All money received by the [institute] council shall be applied or expended in the
             87      furtherance of the arts as ordered by the director under policies established by the board.
             88          Section 5. Section 9-6-601 , which is renumbered from Section 9-4-1001 is renumbered
             89      and amended to read:

Part 6. Office of Museum Services

             91           [9-4-1001].     9-6-601. Definitions.
             92          As used in this part:
             93          (1) "Museum" means an organized and permanent nonprofit institution, essentially
             94      educational or aesthetic in purpose, with permanent staff, which:
             95          (a) owns or utilizes tangible collections[,];
             96          (b) cares for them[,]; and
             97          (c) exhibits them to the public on [some] a regular schedule.
             98          (2) "Office" means the Office of Museum Services.
             99          Section 6. Section 9-6-602 , which is renumbered from Section 9-4-1002 is renumbered
             100      and amended to read:
             101           [9-4-1002].     9-6-602. Office of Museum Services created -- Purpose.
             102          (1) There is created within the Division of [Housing and Community Development]
             103      Arts and Museums the Office of Museum Services.
             104          (2) The office shall assist Utah museums in improving their ability to:
             105          (a) care for and manage collections[,];
             106          (b) develop quality educational resources such as exhibitions, collections, and
             107      publications[,]; and
             108          (c) provide access to collections for research.
             109          Section 7. Section 9-6-603 , which is renumbered from Section 9-4-1003 is renumbered
             110      and amended to read:
             111           [9-4-1003].     9-6-603. Duties of office.
             112          The office shall:
             113          (1) recommend to the Museum Services Advisory Board:
             114          (a) policies regarding:
             115          (i) a grants program; and
             116          [(b) policies regarding] (ii) the equitable dissemination of office technical assistance;
             117      and
             118          [(c)] (b) guidelines for determining eligibility for office grants;
             119          (2) advise state and local government agencies and employees regarding museum
             120      related issues, including museum capital development projects;

             121          (3) provide to Utah museums technical advice and information about sources of direct
             122      technical assistance;
             123          (4) assist and advise Utah museums in locating sources of training for their museum
             124      staff members;
             125          (5) develop and coordinate programs, workshops, seminars, and similar activities
             126      designed to provide training for staff members of [the] Utah museums;
             127          (6) undertake scholarly research as necessary to understand the training needs of the
             128      museum community and to assess how those needs could best be met; and
             129          (7) administer a state Museum Grant Program to assist eligible Utah museums.
             130          Section 8. Section 9-6-604 , which is renumbered from Section 9-4-1004 is renumbered
             131      and amended to read:
             132           [9-4-1004].     9-6-604. Museum Services Advisory Board -- Membership.
             133          (1) There is created the Museum Services Advisory Board.
             134          (2) The board shall consist of 11 members appointed by the governor.
             135          (3) The governor shall ensure that the board includes:
             136          (a) at least six members who are qualified, trained, and experienced museum
             137      professionals, three of whom shall have a minimum of five years continuous paid work
             138      experience in a museum and be drawn from a list proposed by the Utah Museums Association;
             139          (b) other persons with an interest in Utah's museums; and
             140          (c) representation from throughout Utah.
             141          (4) (a) Advisory board members shall be appointed for terms of four years except that
             142      three shall initially be appointed for two years, four for three years, and four for four years [and
             143      shall].
             144          (b) They serve until their successors are appointed and qualified.
             145          (5) (a) The governor shall appoint the chair of the board.
             146          (b) The board shall choose a vice chair from its own members.
             147          (c) Members may be reappointed for one additional term only, unless the governor
             148      determines that unusual circumstances warrant a further term.
             149          (6) When a vacancy occurs in the membership for any reason, the replacement shall be
             150      appointed for the unexpired term.
             151          (7) Six members of the board [shall] constitute a quorum for the transaction of

             152      business.
             153          (8) The advisory board shall meet at least once a year.
             154          (9) (a) Members shall receive no compensation or benefits for their services, but may
             155      receive per diem and expenses incurred in the performance of the member's official duties at
             156      the rates established by the Division of Finance under Sections 63A-3-106 and 63A-3-107 .
             157          (b) Members may decline to receive per diem and expenses for their service.
             158          (10) The department shall pay those expenses on warrant to the Division of Finance
             159      from money in the budget appropriated for that purpose.
             160          Section 9. Section 9-6-605 , which is renumbered from Section 9-4-1005 is renumbered
             161      and amended to read:
             162           [9-4-1005].     9-6-605. Board -- Duties.
             163          (1) The board [shall be] is the policymaking body for the office.
             164          (2) The board shall, in consultation with the director of the office:
             165          (a) set policies and [write], in accordance with Title 63, Chapter 46a, Utah
             166      Administrative Rulemaking Act, make rules governing:
             167          (i) the office grants program; and
             168          (ii) the awarding of grants to assist Utah's eligible museums; and
             169          (b) set eligibility guidelines for grants administered through the office[; and].
             170          [(c) set policies and make rules governing the awarding of grants to assist Utah's
             171      eligible museums.]
             172          Section 10. Section 9-6-606 , which is renumbered from Section 9-4-1006 is
             173      renumbered and amended to read:
             174           [9-4-1006].     9-6-606. Office limitations.
             175          The office may not:
             176          (1) collect, manage, borrow, or purchase artifacts, objects, or other items for its own
             177      collection;
             178          (2) operate its own exhibit or display area; or
             179          (3) direct any action to be taken or make any mandatory policies to be followed by an
             180      individual [museums] museum or [their] its parent [agencies] agency.
             181          Section 11. Section 9-6-607 , which is renumbered from Section 9-4-1007 is
             182      renumbered and amended to read:

             183           [9-4-1007].     9-6-607. Office director.
             184          (1) The [director of the office shall be appointed by the] executive director of the
             185      department, after consultation with the board[.], shall appoint the director of the office.
             186          (2) The director shall have a graduate degree in museum studies or a related field or
             187      comparable nonformal training and preferably a minimum of five years continuous paid work
             188      service in a museum.
             189          Section 12. Section 63C-9-601 is amended to read:
             190           63C-9-601. Responsibility for items.
             191          Furniture, furnishings, fixtures, works of art, and decorative objects for which the board
             192      has responsibility under this chapter are not subject to the custody or control of the State
             193      Library Board, State Library Division, the Division of Archives and Records Service, the
             194      Division of State History, the Office of Museum Services, the Utah Arts Council, the Division
             195      of [Fine] Arts[, the Institute of Fine Arts] and Museums, the Alice Art Collection Committee,
             196      or any other state agency.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 11-10-05 10:11 AM

Based on a limited legal review, this legislation has not been determined to have a high
probability of being held unconstitutional.

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Interim Committee Note
    as of 12-22-05 9:38 AM

The Workforce Services and Community and Economic Development Interim Committee
recommended this bill.

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