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S.B. 135





Chief Sponsor: Lyle W. Hillyard

House Sponsor: David Ure

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill expands the definition of the inherent risk of skiing to include competitive and
             10      professional skiing and more fully describes the hazards associated with changing
             11      weather and snow conditions, surface and subsurface conditions, variations in different
             12      terrain, and the potential impact with towers and other structures.
             13      Highlighted Provisions:
             14          This bill:
             15          .    defines skier as a person who, within a ski area, uses skis, sled, tube, snowboard, or
             16      any other device to engage in the sport of skiing;
             17          .    defines the sport of skiing to include participation in, or practicing or training for,
             18      competitions or special events;
             19          .    more fully describes the inherent hazards of changing weather and snow conditions
             20      by identifying different types of snow conditions such as hard pack, powder, packed
             21      powder, wind pack, corn, crust, slush, cut-up snow, and machine-made snow;
             22          .    more fully describes the inherent hazards of surface and subsurface conditions by
             23      referencing cliffs, trees, streambeds, and other natural objects; and
             24          .    more fully describes variations and steepness in terrain to include snowmaking and
             25      grooming operations and terrain parks and features, such as jumps, rails, fun boxes,
             26      and other constructed and natural features, such as half pipes, quarter pipes, and
             27      freestyle-bump terrain.

             28      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             29          None
             30      Other Special Clauses:
             31          None
             32      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             33      AMENDS:
             34          78-27-52, as last amended by Chapter 86, Laws of Utah 1993
             36      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             37          Section 1. Section 78-27-52 is amended to read:
             38           78-27-52. Inherent risks of skiing -- Definitions.
             39          As used in this act:
             40          (1) "Inherent risks of skiing" means those dangers or conditions which are an integral
             41      part of the [sports of] sport of recreational, competitive, or professional skiing, [snowboarding,
             42      and ski jumping,] including, but not limited to:
             43          (a) changing weather conditions[, variations or steepness in terrain];
             44          (b) snow or ice conditions[;] as they exist or may change, such as hard pack, powder,
             45      packed powder, wind pack, corn, crust, slush, cut-up snow, or machine-made snow;
             46          (c) surface or subsurface conditions such as bare spots, forest growth, rocks, stumps,
             47      streambeds, cliffs, trees, and other natural objects;
             48          (d) variations or steepness in terrain, whether natural or as a result of slope design,
             49      snowmaking or grooming operations, and other terrain modifications such as terrain parks, and
             50      terrain features such as jumps, rails, fun boxes, and all other constructed and natural features
             51      such as half pipes, quarter pipes, or freestyle-bump terrain;
             52          (e) impact with lift towers and other structures and their components[;] such as signs,
             53      posts, fences or enclosures, hydrants, or water pipes;
             54          (f) collisions with other skiers; [and a skier's failure to ski or jump]
             55          (g) participation in, or practicing or training for, competitions or special events; and
             56          (h) the failure of a skier to ski within the skier's own ability.
             57          (2) "Injury" means any personal injury or property damage or loss.
             58          (3) "Skier" means any person present in a ski area for the purpose of engaging in the

             59      sport of skiing, nordic, freestyle, or other types of ski jumping, [and snowboarding] using skis,
             60      sled, tube, snowboard, or any other device.
             61          (4) "Ski area" means any area designated by a ski area operator to be used for skiing,
             62      nordic, freestyle, or other type of ski jumping, and snowboarding.
             63          (5) "Ski area operator" means those persons, and their agents, officers, employees or
             64      representatives, who operate a ski area.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 1-9-06 10:23 AM

Based on a limited legal review, this legislation has not been determined to have a high
probability of being held unconstitutional.

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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