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H.J.R. 14 Enrolled



2007 General Session


Chief Sponsor: David Clark

Senate Sponsor: Curtis S. Bramble

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This joint resolution of the Legislature gives the Legislative Management Committee
             10      items of study it may assign to the appropriate interim committee.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This resolution:
             13          .    gives the Legislative Management Committee items of study it may assign to the
             14      appropriate interim committee during the 2007 legislative interim;
             15          .    directs interim committees assigned these studies to study and make
             16      recommendations for legislative action to the 57th Legislature prior to the 2008
             17      Annual General Session; and
             18          .    suggests in approving studies the Legislative Management Committee give
             19      consideration to the available time of legislators and the budget and capacity of staff
             20      to respond.
             21      Special Clauses:
             22          None
             24      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             25          WHEREAS, the Legislative Management Committee is created by law as a permanent
             26      committee to receive and assign matters for the interim study of the Legislature; and
             27          WHEREAS, the 57th Legislature has determined that certain legislative issues require
             28      additional investigation and study:
             29          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislative Management Committee

             30      is given the following items of study to assign to the appropriate interim committee with the
             31      duty to study and make recommendations for legislative action to the 57th Legislature prior to
             32      the 2008 Annual General Session.
             33          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislative Management Committee, in
             34      making study assignments from this list and in approving study requests for individual
             35      committees, give consideration to the available time of legislators and the budget and capacity
             36      of staff to respond adequately to the number and complexity of the assignments given.
             37          1. Alternatives to the Sexually Explicit Business and Escort Tax - to study and
             38      evaluate the scope of, and possible alternatives to, the current Title 59, Chapter 27, Sexually
             39      Explicit Business and Escort Service Tax, including whether to impose a charge on
             40      establishments that serve alcoholic beverages and want to permit persons in stages of undress
             41      to provide services on those premises, ensuring that the distributions of monies collected from
             42      any tax, fee, or charge is distributed to the appropriate state agencies to assist in addressing
             43      issues related to sexual offenses, and providing for effective collection and enforcement of any
             44      tax, fee, or charge.
             45          2. Assumption of Indebtedness - to study federal preemption of Title 57, Chapter 15,
             46      Assumption of Indebtedness on Residential Real Property.
             47          3. Auto Insurance Coverage - to study state minimum requirements for automobile
             48      insurance coverage.
             49          4. Building Standards - to study Title 58, Chapter 56, Utah Uniform Building
             50      Standards Act.
             51          5. Construction Industry Pay Practices - to study the use of independent contractor
             52      status and cash payments to workers to avoid obligations under state, federal, and local
             53      workers' compensation and unemployment insurance taxes.
             54          6. Deferred Deposit Loans - to study treatment of payments and operational
             55      restrictions, including the contents of the required written contract and prohibitions on the
             56      number, term, and the amount of a deferred deposit loan (H.B. 329).
             57          7. Disaster Insurance - to study state disaster insurance for individual homes using the

             58      state as pool.
             59          8. Displaced Mobile Home Owners - to study assistance for mobile home owners
             60      displaced from a mobile home park because of a change in land use (H.B. 332).
             61          9. Employer Organizations - to study the regulation of professional employer
             62      organizations.
             63          10. Employment Verification - to study state participation in the federal employment
             64      verification program (1st Sub. H.B. 156).
             65          11. Fair Market Value in Limited Liability Corporations - to study and compare "fair
             66      market value" for minority stockholder shares in limited liability corporations and regular
             67      corporations and explanations for the difference in treatment or definition.
             68          12. Garnishment Fees - to study whether fees paid to an employer should be paid by
             69      the creditor or the employee, and whether the amount of an employer's processing fee for a
             70      continuing garnishment should be capped (H.B. 90).
             71          13. Health Insurance and Worker's Compensation - to study issues related to health
             72      insurance managed care and worker's compensation.
             73          14. Insurance Mandates - to study health insurance mandates and their effects on small
             74      businesses.
             75          15. Legal Status Requirements - to study the legal status requirements for state
             76      workers and contractors on state projects.
             77          16. Minimum Wage - to study increases in the minimum wage and a review of
             78      minimum wages by the Labor Commission (H.B. 256).
             79          17. Mobile Home Owners - to study the rights of mobile home owners.
             80          18. Motor Vehicle Coverage - to study the Motor Vehicles Warranties Act to
             81      determine the scope and extent of coverage.
             82          19. Noncompetition Agreements - to study enacting statutes related to employee
             83      noncompetition agreements.
             84          20. Operational Requirements for On-premises and Off-premises Beer Retailers - to
             85      study whether there should be certain similar operational requirements on off-premises beer

             86      retailers as there are on on-premises beer retailers.
             87          21. Payday Lending - to study the payday lending loan industry (S.B. 329).
             88          22. Payday Lending Issues - to study payday lending in general.
             89          23. Payments to Employees - to study enforcement of labor and other laws affected by
             90      the practice of paying employees with cash.
             91          24. Plumbing Licensing - to study plumbing license changes.
             92          25. Prescription Drug Information - to study commercial use of prescription drug
             93      information.
             94          26. Prescriptions by Psychologists - to study licensure for prescriptions by
             95      psychologists.
             96          27. Prosthetic Coverage - to study insurance coverage for prosthetics.
             97          28. Reduction in Workers' Compensation Benefits - to study the 50% reduction in
             98      workers' compensation benefits when a person begins to receive Social Security insurance
             99      benefits, whether the reduction should be maintained, reduced, or eliminated, and the impact
             100      on the individual and the budget.
             101          29. Resident Relocation Assistance - to study methods of funding relocation assistance
             102      for residents displaced by the sale of mobile home parks.
             103          30. Restitution for Enforcement of Alcoholic Beverage Laws - to study whether an
             104      alcoholic beverage licensee encouraging enforcement of laws prohibiting minors from entering
             105      an establishment should receive restitution from a convicted minor for the licensee's costs.
             106          31. Savings by Low and Moderate Income Families - to study creating incentives for
             107      low and moderate income families to save for education, retirement, etc. and to form assets in
             108      general.
             109          32. Service of Garnishments - to study whether recourse should be available against an
             110      entity that disregards obvious information and causes a garnishment to be served on the wrong
             111      person.
             112          33. Small Business Health Insurance - to study how to develop a basic health
             113      insurance product for small employers and their employees that is affordable and not subject to

             114      the traditional mandates.
             115          34. Small Business Health Plan - to study and identify the most effective health
             116      insurance programs for small businesses that share actuarial risk broadly (H.B. 152).
             117          35. Uniform Real Property Electronic Recording - to study providing for the validity
             118      and recording of electronic documents, and creating the Electronic Recording Commission to
             119      adopt standards for recording electronic documents (S.B. 88).
             120          36. Workers' Compensation - to study issues related to the Workers' Compensation
             121      Fund of Utah.
             122          37. Alternative to Basic Skills Competency Test - to study allowing the State Board of
             123      Education to use a nationally norm-referenced test to satisfy the basic skills competency test
             124      requirement (H.B. 331).
             125          38. Applied Technology - to study issues related to applied technology education and
             126      governance (H.B. 371 and S.B. 229).
             127          39. Basic School Levy - to study implementing inflationary increases into the
             128      minimum basic school levy program and adding statutory language to allow for increases based
             129      on the Consumer Price Index.
             130          40. College Degrees - to study reduced-cost college degrees.
             131          41. Community Councils - to study issues related to school community councils.
             132          42. Cost of College Degrees - to study issues related to reduced-cost college degrees.
             133          43. Education Excellence - to study professional excellence in public education.
             134          44. Education Funding - to study issues related to public education and charter school
             135      funding.
             136          45. Funding College and Workforce Readiness Assessments - to study a legislative
             137      initiative whereby the state pays for all 9th grade, 10th grade, and 11th grade students to take a
             138      series of college and workforce readiness assessments with content standards in English, math,
             139      reading, and science as developed by ACT.
             140          46. Funding Formula - to study the school transportation funding formula.
             141          47. Indicators of School Quality - to study implementing the seven indicators of school

             142      quality as identified by the Center for the School of the Future at Utah State University.
             143          48. Kindergarten Readiness - to study statewide prekindergarten program, including
             144      provisions of the Kindergarten Readiness Initiative (S.B. 222).
             145          49. Mission of Higher Education - to study the role and mission of higher education at
             146      individual institutions.
             147          50. Obesity Prevention in Schools - to study expanding Gold Medal Schools to include
             148      middle schools.
             149          51. Online Testing in Public Education - to study online testing for criterion
             150      referenced tests, the UBSCT, and other state mandated tests in public education.
             151          52. Public Education Funding - to study the equalization of all state and local public
             152      school education funding.
             153          53. School Services for the Deaf and Blind - to study ways to more effectively provide
             154      services that will meet the needs of deaf and blind students throughout the state (3rd Sub. H.B.
             155      291).
             156          54. Statewide Compensation for Teachers - to study uniformity in handling
             157      compensation for teachers by the state rather than by individual school districts and charter
             158      schools.
             159          55. Taylor Plan - to study state-funded, merit-based opportunities for high school
             160      students to earn their college tuition, meet standardized test scores, and meet and maintain
             161      grade point average requirements.
             162          56. Teacher Loans - to study low cost loans for teachers (H.B. 416).
             163          57. Teacher Salaries and Benefits - to study and compare the salary schedules and
             164      benefits of neighboring states and determine the advisability and means of increasing teacher
             165      salaries to the national average, and continue ProExcel implementation.
             166          58. Technology in Schools - to study ensuring technology-assisted instruction is
             167      utilized in Utah's public schools.
             168          59. Testing and Diplomas - to study high school diploma requirements and high stakes
             169      testing.

             170          60. Use of Education Funds - to study the use of surplus Education Fund and Uniform
             171      School Fund monies (H.B. 429).
             172          61. Withdrawal from Compact - to study the withdrawal of the state from the Compact
             173      for Education (S.B. 128).
             174          62. Agency Influence - to study the role the Office of Ethnic Affairs plays in
             175      influencing legislation, including links from state websites to various affiliations.
             176          63. Audit of Leases Related to Revenue Bonds - to study requiring certain contract
             177      clauses related to the financial condition of a private entity that is making lease payments
             178      pledged to pay the principal or interest on revenue bonds (H.B. 251).
             179          64. Certifying Ballot Information - to study consolidation of dates relating to
             180      certification of ballot information by the Lieutenant Governor.
             181          65. Constitutional Defense Council - to study the duties of the Constitutional Defense
             182      Council.
             183          66. Early Voting - to study early voting for the disabled in municipal elections.
             184          67. Financing Legislative Races - to study issues related to the public financing of
             185      legislative races in Utah.
             186          68. Legal Notices - to study issues related to the posting of legal notices on the Internet
             187      (S.B. 67).
             188          69. Noncitizen Utilization of Public Services - to study noncitizen use of public
             189      services using research from other states, and Utah's experience.
             190          70. Noncompete Reimbursement - to study the feasibility of having new employees
             191      sign a noncompete or reimbursement contract that provides that if, after being trained at state
             192      expense, they leave for another government job (i.e. state to county), either the employee or the
             193      government entity the employee joins be required to reimburse the state for training costs.
             194          71. Notice of Public Meetings Website - to study the feasibility of creating a
             195      state-provided website for state and local governmental entities to post notices of their
             196      meetings.
             197          72. Ombudsman Consolidation - to study consolidating the ombudsman's offices into

             198      an information center.
             199          73. Political Activities of Public Entities - to study Title 20A, Chapter 11, Part 12,
             200      Political Activities of Public Entities Act, to determine whether the current statute adequately
             201      defines and limits public entities from influencing ballot propositions, whether increased
             202      penalties for a violation of the act should be provided, and determine whether the act
             203      adequately identifies who is responsible for enforcement of the act against violations.
             204          74. President Elections - to study enacting an agreement between states to elect the
             205      President of the United States by national popular vote (H.B. 346).
             206          75. Public Employees Union Financial Responsibility - to study reporting
             207      requirements for public employee unions (H.B. 430).
             208          76. Public Hearings on Water Rights - to study amending open meetings laws to
             209      expand the current strategy session exemption for the discussion of the sale, purchase,
             210      exchange, or lease of real property to include personal property, including the purchase of
             211      water rights.
             212          77. Remedy for Alleged Sexual Harassment - to study whether to amend the
             213      Utah-Anti-Discrimination Act to make it clear that alleged victims of sexual harassment have
             214      the right to pursue claims which would be actionable under Utah common law.
             215          78. State Planning Coordinator - to study the powers and duties of the state planning
             216      coordinator.
             217          79. Veterans' Benefits and Procurement Preferences - to study the current programs to
             218      help veterans enjoy economic self-reliance by providing them a preference program for
             219      government procurement contracts.
             220          80. Voter Registration and Provisional Voting - to study permitting election day voter
             221      registration and extending provisional voting to all elections (1st Sub. H.B. 287).
             222          81. Wage Comparison - to study and compare wages of corrections officers with
             223      those of surrounding states, including privatized prison employees.
             224          82. Baby Watch and Early Intervention - to study the feasibility of utilizing private
             225      insurance for the early intervention program.

             226          83. Cancer Prevention - to study vaccinations for cervical cancer.
             227          84. Children with Autism - to study what measures can be taken to address the role of
             228      whether an unhealthy immune system is causing autism in children.
             229          85. Cigarette Ignition - to study reducing cigarette ignition propensity.
             230          86. Contraceptive Equity - to study issues related to contraceptive equity.
             231          87. Deaf/Blind - to study definitions of "deaf" and "blind" in the Utah Code.
             232          88. Disaster Case Management - to study "pay for performance" strategies for quality
             233      improvement and cost management of Medicaid disaster cases.
             234          89. Enhancing Service to Aged and Disabled - to study and identify efficiencies and
             235      evaluate options for enhancing and expanding the home and community-based care
             236      infrastructure and related services for aged and disabled Utahns.
             237          90. Health Care Cost Shifting - to study health care cost shifting and how it can be
             238      reduced.
             239          91. Health Care Financing Issues - to study the relationships, similarities, differences,
             240      costs, patient characteristics, and outcomes between home and community-based waiver
             241      services and institutional care.
             242          92. Health Care Utilization - to study whether there is overutilization of health care
             243      services in the public or private sector.
             244          93. Insurance for Morbid Obesity - to study requiring the Insurance Commissioner to
             245      adopt administrative rules directing insurance carriers to offer accident and health insurance for
             246      morbid obesity (H.B. 225).
             247          94. License Exemption in Child Care - to study the license exempt portion of child
             248      care licensing.
             249          95. Local Health Department Funding - to study and evaluate state funding in relation
             250      to state services provided and other sources of local health department funding.
             251          96. Low Income Cancer Screening - to study expanding breast and cervical cancer
             252      screening for low income women ages 40-50.
             253          97. Managed Care and Insurance - to study issues related to managed care, including

             254      existing law, and affordable health insurance.
             255          98. Medicaid Provider Reimbursement Rates - to study and compare Medicaid
             256      provider reimbursement rates with market insurance rates and create a plan to improve provider
             257      rates.
             258          99. Medical Assistance Funds - to study the portability of medical assistance funds
             259      (S.B. 61).
             260          100. Medically Uninsured - to study reimbursement for health care services affecting
             261      the medically uninsured (H.B. 136).
             262          101. Midwife Licensing - to study Direct-entry midwife licensure amendments.
             263          102. Needs of Medicaid Patients - to study requiring acceptance of Medicaid patients,
             264      how to better serve those individuals, and the level of funding for Medicaid patients.
             265          103. Nursing Care Facilities - to study the need to lift the nursing home Medicare
             266      moratorium, how to allow more "choice" in skilled nursing home care, and how to bring more
             267      free market competitiveness into the nursing facility market.
             268          104. Nursing Home Moratorium - to study a moratorium on new nursing homes that
             269      use Medicare funds.
             270          105. Pandemic Issues - to study the recommendation by the Governor's Task Force on
             271      Pandemic Influenza Preparedness to examine the effectiveness of executive branch emergency
             272      powers needed to respond to an influenza pandemic.
             273          106. Placing Children into Adoption - to study limiting the placing of children into
             274      adoption to child placing agencies only.
             275          107. Promotion of Health Efficiencies - to study requiring the Medicaid program to
             276      allow the use of telemedicine for certain services that are otherwise reimbursable under the
             277      state Medicaid plan, and review guidelines for reimbursing for telemedicine services (H.B.
             278      444).
             279          108. Rate Bonding and Affordable Health Care - to study rate bonding by health
             280      insurers and affordable health care.
             281          109. Telehealth - to study telehealth and telemedicine initiatives.

             282          110. Transport Fees - to study EMS transport and nontransport fees for emergency
             283      response.
             284          111. Uninsured Issues - to study health insurance for uninsured children over 200% of
             285      the federal poverty level, requiring full-time higher education students to have health insurance,
             286      and providing vaccines for underinsured children.
             287          112. Utah Premium Partnership - to study the use of public and private partnerships to
             288      provide health insurance (H.B. 267).
             289          113. Womens' Health - to study womens' health issues.
             290          114. Administrative Law Judge Issues Related to the Labor Commission - to study
             291      whether the Labor Commission's administrative law judges (ALJ's) should be moved to the
             292      courts and whether ALJ decisions should be appealed straight to the Utah Court of Appeals.
             293          115. Criminal Case Judgment Collections - to study aiding collection of criminal case
             294      judgments by the Office of State Debt Collection, and consider clarifying that judgments on
             295      criminal cases are abstracted or otherwise recorded in a way that assists in collection by the
             296      office, and consider statute of limitations and victim restitution collection issues (civil v.
             297      criminal status).
             298          116. Custodial Interrogations - to study requiring custodial interrogations at police
             299      stations to be recorded for admissibility in court.
             300          117. Custody Evaluators - to study the training, appointment or selection, and payment
             301      of custody evaluators.
             302          118. Custody in Cases of Sexual Offense - to study custody of children when a parent
             303      has been convicted of a sex offense involving a minor.
             304          119. Custody Relationships - to study the way relationships with children of divorce
             305      are characterized, and the labels given to the parent the child does not live with (S.B. 178).
             306          120. Enforcing Child Visitation Orders - to study methods of enforcing child visitation
             307      orders, including whether some of the same enforcement measures used to enforce child
             308      support orders could be used to enforce visitation orders.
             309          121. Parent-time - to study issues related to noncustodial and custodial parent time.

             310          122. Qualified Domestic Relations Order - to study the effect of death after a Qualified
             311      Domestic Relations Order.
             312          123. Reporting on Appellate Court Rulings - to study requiring the Office of
             313      Legislative Research and General Counsel to make an annual report to the Judiciary Interim
             314      Committee regarding any final, unappealable opinion by certain appellate courts that holds a
             315      Utah Code provision unconstitutional (S.B. 212).
             316          124. Split Estates - to study issues related to split estates.
             317          125. Status of Nonbiological Parent - to study legal determinations of parent status of
             318      the nonbiological parent upon the death or disability of the biological parent in alternative
             319      family situations.
             320          126. Surcharge Cycle - to study changing the cycle in which court surcharges are
             321      remitted to the state.
             322          127. Wrongful Death Designation - to study selecting a wrongful death designee in a
             323      will or trust (S.B. 58).
             324          128. Communications Law - to study amending a provision of the communications
             325      fraud law to address an issue of vagueness.
             326          129. Concealed Weapons Sales - to study concealed weapons sales outside Utah and
             327      Utah's concealed weapons permit law.
             328          130. Consumption of Alcohol or Drugs when Pregnant - to study options, including
             329      voluntary and involuntary treatment, and adding consumption of alcohol or drugs when
             330      pregnant to the definition of child neglect.
             331          131. Criminal Code Review - to study and review the state's criminal code for
             332      antiquated, unconstitutional, outdated, and unused criminal provisions for possible repeal or
             333      revision.
             334          132. Death Penalty Execution Procedures - to study Utah's execution provisions, case
             335      law addressing procedure requirements, various methods regarding execution by lethal
             336      injection, and related policies on the issue.
             337          133. Document Fraud - to study issues related to document fraud (H.B. 131).

             338          134. Early Intervention - to study utilizing early intervention programs, and directing a
             339      portion of monies saved due to these programs to early intervention pilot programs.
             340          135. Felony Classifications for Adult Sex Offenses - to study and evaluate the current
             341      first and second degree felony classifications of certain adult sex offenses.
             342          136. Human Trafficking - to study criminalizing human trafficking for forced labor
             343      and for sexual exploitation (H.B. 167).
             344          137. Identity Theft Impact - to study the impact of illegal immigrants on identity theft
             345      levels.
             346          138. Inmate Costs - to study issues related to inmate medical costs.
             347          139. Jail Issues - to study jail contracting and reimbursement.
             348          140. Law Enforcement Districts - to study establishing a separate process for the
             349      creation of a county service area to provide extended police protection services (H.B. 450).
             350          141. Penalty for Illegal Vehicle Use - to study the suspension of hunting or fishing
             351      privileges for illegal use of a vehicle (H.B. 421).
             352          142. Police Services - to study issues related to the consolidation of police services.
             353          143. Sex Offender Registry - to study and develop a sex offender registry policy that
             354      places Utah in compliance with the federal Adam Walsh Act.
             355          144. Sex Offender Registry Amendments - to study and update the current law,
             356      including addressing F.B.I. recommendations, clarifying requirements, and increasing
             357      frequency of reporting by sex offenders.
             358          145. Air Quality Planning - to study the findings of a stakeholder-based task force
             359      within the Division of Air Quality that will review the likely impacts of new air quality
             360      standards for PM2.5 and ozone on public health, transportation, and economic development in
             361      Utah, consider options for funding work in the division to identify and implement actions
             362      necessary to address those impacts, and review this report in the Natural Resources,
             363      Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee in 2007 on the impacts and funding options.
             364          146. Care of Waste Facilities - to study perpetual care of commercial radioactive and
             365      hazardous waste disposal facilities.

             366          147. Drinking Water Source Protection - to study the need for a state law requiring the
             367      adoption by counties and cities of a drinking water source protection ordinance similar to the
             368      provisions included in H.B. 140, Safe Drinking Water Amendments.
             369          148. Electronic Recycling - to study a state program for the recycling of electronic
             370      devices (S.B. 76).
             371          149. Halting Fluoridation by Vote - to study voting to remove fluoridation from the
             372      water supply of a city or town.
             373          150. Local Water Supply Provisions - to study the requirements of UCA Section
             374      10-7-4, regarding water supplies, and recommend the removal of obsolete provisions, if any.
             375          151. Nonprofit Water Companies - to study developing a separate nonprofit code for
             376      nonprofit water companies, and to correct any unintended consequences from the passage of
             377      S.B. 9 and S.B. 53, 2007 General Session.
             378          152. Petroleum Storage Fund - to study the solvency of the Petroleum Storage Tank
             379      Trust Fund.
             380          153. Protection of Surface Owner When Minerals Developed - to study establishing a
             381      procedure for mineral development on private land to protect and properly notify the surface
             382      owner (H.B. 121).
             383          154. Public Lands Policy Coordinating Council - to study the duties of the Public
             384      Lands Policy Coordinating Council.
             385          155. Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office - to study the powers and duties of the
             386      Public Lands Policy Coordinating Office.
             387          156. Recycling - to study capitol hill recycling.
             388          157. Safe Drinking Water - to study protecting water sources from contamination
             389      (H.B. 140).
             390          158. School and Institutional Trust Lands - to study School and Institutional Trust
             391      Lands (SITLA) issues, including whether the lands held are public or private, public access to
             392      the lands, the preservation of lands for public purposes, SITLA compensation, and other issues.
             393          159. State Engineer Return Flow Decisions - to study how return flow from imported

             394      waters should be addressed in decisions of the state engineer.
             395          160. State Engineer's Role in Forfeiture Issues - to study and review the state
             396      engineer's role in dealing with forfeiture issues associated with a change application.
             397          161. State Engineer's Use of Burden of Proof Standard - to study whether to amend the
             398      Utah Water Code to specify that the state engineer or the Division of Water Rights shall apply
             399      "preponderance of the evidence" as the burden of proof in all administrative actions, such as
             400      applications to appropriate water, change applications, and permit applications.
             401          162. Water Issues - to study Snake Valley water issues (H.J.R. 1).
             402          163. Appointment and Removal of Certain Officials - to study whether to require the
             403      advice and consent of the municipal council or legislative body with respect to the removal of
             404      department heads, officers and employees, commissions, boards, committees, and planning
             405      commission members (H.B. 457).
             406          164. Board of Trustee Member Qualifications - to study whether the 50% rule of
             407      Subsection 17B-1-302(1)(b) of H.B. 65, 2007 General Session, relating to the qualifications of
             408      board of trustees members in a local district with seasonally occupied homes, should be
             409      modified.
             410          165. Eminent Domain Remedies - to study taking of property from owners through
             411      eminent domain, when the diminished value of the remaining property is not considered
             412      damage deserving of compensation because, although the taken property is needed for a large
             413      project, nothing is actually built on the taken property; to look at potential discriminatory
             414      practices to the property owner, who exercises no control over whether something is built on
             415      the taken property or not (H.B. 187).
             416          166. Implementing Special and Local Districts Amendments - to study the
             417      implementation of H.B. 65, Special and Local Districts Amendments, and make adjustments if
             418      needed.
             419          167. Items on Ballot - to study placing special districts and municipalities on the same
             420      ballot.
             421          168. Public Land Sales - to study whether to require voter approval if a municipality

             422      intends to dispose of a parcel of real property with a value of $1,000,000 or more (H.B. 109).
             423          169. Public Water Protection - to study whether to require counties and municipalities
             424      to adopt an ordinance protecting its public drinking water sources.
             425          170. Special Service Districts - to study and complete the process for rewriting statutes
             426      applicable to special service districts and the remaining dependent special districts (H.B. 65).
             427          171. Emergency Communications Definition - to study and adopt a Utah Code
             428      definition of "Voiceover Internet Protocol" (H.B. 119).
             429          172. Internet Pornography - to study further actions that the state may take to regulate
             430      Internet pornography.
             431          173. College Savings - to study the equalization of college savings plans (S.B. 177).
             432          174. Deduction for Long-term Care Savings - to study providing an income tax
             433      deduction for long-term care savings accounts.
             434          175. Deduction on Income Earned out of Utah or the United States - to study
             435      providing an income tax deduction for military retirement income earned out of the state or
             436      country.
             437          176. Education and Taxes - to study issues related to public education and property
             438      taxes.
             439          177. Income Tax Additions and Subtractions - to study whether a resident or
             440      nonresident estate or trust may subtract certain qualified investments in the Utah Educational
             441      Savings Plan Trust from federal taxable income, and whether to require adding to federal
             442      taxable income amounts not expended for higher education costs under certain circumstances
             443      (H.B. 36).
             444          178. Income Tax Credit Shifting - to study and develop methods for switching
             445      individual income tax credits to rebates, vouchers, grants, or other funding mechanisms.
             446          179. Income Tax Deductions as Insurance Incentives - to study income tax deductions
             447      for insurance premiums for businesses to motivate them to provide health insurance for their
             448      employees, and how to structure and implement (H.B. 406).
             449          180. Income Tax Subtractions for Medical Care - to study modifying an individual

             450      income tax subtraction for amounts paid for certain insurance relating to medical care, and the
             451      subtraction for long-term care insurance (H.B. 43).
             452          181. Property Tax - to study issues related to property tax equalization.
             453          182. Property Tax Deferral - to study a property tax deferral for senior citizens (S.B.
             454      132).
             455          183. Providing Incentives to Oil Refineries - to study providing incentives to new oil
             456      refineries, due to the significant shortage of refining capacity in the region.
             457          184. Refund for Tax Overpayment - to study allowing a taxpayer to claim a tax refund
             458      for an overpayment for the same time period as a State Tax Commission audit.
             459          185. Sales Tax Distribution - to study a resolution to sales tax distribution challenges
             460      related to point of sale and population.
             461          186. Sales Tax on Business Inputs - to study implementation of a Tax Reform Task
             462      Force proposal to remove the sales tax on business inputs.
             463          187. Sales Tax Rate - to study a uniform statewide sales tax rate.
             464          188. Tax Credit for Liquid Fuels - to study the adoption of an income tax credit for the
             465      production of liquid fuels from waste materials, including coal and other tailings.
             466          189. Tax Reciprocity - to study the feasibility of imposing certain reciprocity taxes.
             467          190. Tax Relief for Military Pensions - to study the feasibility of granting a full or
             468      partial exemption from the state individual income tax for income received from a military
             469      pension.
             470          191. Tax Revisions - to study miscellaneous tax revisions.
             471          192. Taxes on Senior Citizens - to study tax deferrals for senior citizens (H.B. 78).
             472          193. Taxes Related to Aviation - to study the property tax, the fuel tax, and uniform
             473      fees for aviation (H.B. 414).
             474          194. Taxpayer Attorney Fees - to study the payment of taxpayer attorney fees when the
             475      taxpayer is required to bring the same issue on appeal multiple times (S.B. 208).
             476          195. Benefits and Contributions - to study issues related to defined benefits and
             477      defined contributions.

             478          196. Health Reimbursement Arrangements - to study health reimbursement
             479      arrangements for state employees.
             480          197. Post-Retirement Employment Restrictions - to study whether the Legislature
             481      should implement additional recommendations from the December 2006 Performance Audit of
             482      Post-Retirement Re-employment (H.B. 260).
             483          198. Public Safety COLA - to study providing the option to participating employers to
             484      provide an additional 1.5% COLA to public safety retirees.
             485          199. Retirement Benefits Consent - to study requiring spousal consent on retirement
             486      benefits.
             487          200. Additional Car Rental Insurance - to study variable additional car rental insurance
             488      as a supplement to primary insurance.
             489          201. Airport Improvements - to study needs of airports for maintenance improvements
             490      (H.B. 414).
             491          202. Driver License -- Application of Minor - to study allowing a parent or responsible
             492      adult, who is willing to assume certain obligations, to sign the application for a temporary
             493      learner permit, practice permit, or provisional driver license for a minor applicant who is in the
             494      custody of the Division of Child and Family Services (H.B. 213).
             495          203. Foster Parent Signature for Driver License - to study whether foster parents
             496      should be allowed to sign for a foster child's driver license, and examine the potential liability
             497      concerns (H.B. 213).
             498          204. Idling - to study anti-idling legislation.
             499          205. Interfacility Issues - to study issues related to interfacility transport.
             500          206. Motor Fuel Tax - to study the current motor fuel tax and determine whether it
             501      should be replaced (partially or in whole) with a cent-per-mile-driven charge or a flexible
             502      excise tax.
             503          207. Rail Security - to study and develop a Local Community Rail Security Act (S.B.
             504      79).
             505          208. Real-Time Carpooling - to study using web/cell phone technology to assist in

             506      carpooling, to provide an individual direct communication with the nearest driver headed in the
             507      same direction.
             508          209. Reducing Large Rig Accidents - to study safety issues related to large rigs on
             509      highways, including a study of the frequency of accidents involving large rigs as compared to
             510      surrounding states, and measures to reduce accidents.
             511          210. Traffic Light Enforcement - to study the use of an automated red light traffic
             512      enforcement system and requirements for citations issued using the system (H.B. 470).
             513          211. Traffic Needs Study - to study state traffic needs, including Utah Highway Patrol
             514      needs and the I-80 Corridor.
             515          212. Truck Speed Limit - to study whether the speed limit on interstate highways
             516      should be reduced for vehicles with five or more axles (H.B. 199).
             517          213. Business Resource Centers - to study the organization of the state's economic
             518      development business resource centers.
             519          214. Community-based Self-sufficiency Grants - to study establishing a grant program
             520      for community-based public and nonprofit organizations that establish programs to help people
             521      obtain self-sufficiency, and the need to insure that grant funds are contingent upon a matching
             522      component from the applicant and that monies are used for community and economic
             523      development, exclusively, without overhead for private administration (H.B. 278).
             524          215. County Affordable Housing - to study the Optional County Affordable Housing
             525      Funds Act (S.B. 256, 2000 General Session).
             526          216. Economic Development Incentives Assessment - to study the nature and extent of
             527      state and local economic development incentives, their effectiveness, and whether to target
             528      them to specific industries, specific tax bases, or to create higher paying jobs.
             529          217. Fostering Self-support through Assistance Programs - to study the adequacy of
             530      Family Employment Program grants and the standard needs budget in fostering self-support
             531      among program participants.
             532          218. Hardship Extension in the Family Employment Program - to study the impact of
             533      granting hardship extensions for participants in the Family Employment Program during the

             534      36-month time limit.
             535          219. Housing Loan Fund Sources - to study permanent funding sources for the Olene
             536      Walker Housing Loan Fund.
             537          220. Sports Authority Return on Investment - to study the return on investment on
             538      monies allocated by the Legislature to sports authorities that promote sports or sports
             539      competitions.
             540          221. Budgeting - to study zero-based budgeting (S.B. 63).
             541          222. Driver License Fees in Appropriations Act - to study whether the Driver License
             542      Division fees should be taken out of statute and placed in the fee schedule that is included in
             543      the Appropriations Act (H.B. 52).
             544          223. Funds Consolidation - to study and review restricted funds and accounts to
             545      determine whether to implement a revised Funds Consolidation Act.
             546          224. Nonlapsing Authority - to study and review all the nonlapsing authority currently
             547      in statute, and examine whether moneys should in fact lapse where currently they are
             548      nonlapsing.
             549          225. Special Revenue Funds - to study special revenue funds and restricted special
             550      revenue funds.
             551          226. Utilization of Existing Statewide Networks - to study the possible development,
             552      acquisition, maintenance, and effective and optimal utilization of existing Internet services,
             553      information technology networks, and other network assets.
             554          227. Legislative Session Starting Dates - to study constitutional legislative session
             555      starting dates, with considerations of state and federal holidays and opportunities for legislators
             556      to have time to interface with constituents.
             557          228. Reporting to Legislature by United States Senators from Utah - to study granting
             558      authority to the Legislature, by joint resolution, to direct a United States Senator elected from
             559      Utah to report to the Legislature on certain issues determined by the Legislature (S.B. 202).
             560          229. Session Schedule - to study issues related to a revised general session schedule.
             561          230. Guides and Outfitters - to study registration of Outdoor Guides and Outfitters.

             562          231. Active Duty Tax Exemption - to study an exemption on personal income tax for
             563      active duty military personnel.
             564          232. Instream Flow - to study temporary water rights changes for instream flow to
             565      protect trout habitat (S.B. 29).

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