TO:                   Members of the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Standing Committee


FROM:             Rep. DeMar 'Bud' Bowman, Chair

                          Rep. Curtis Oda, Vice Chair


RE:                    Committee Meeting

                                       DATE:             Monday, February 11, 2008

                                       TIME:              8:00 AM

                                       PLACE:           Room W025, West Office Building, Utah State Capitol Complex



- Call to order and approval of minutes - Representative DeMar 'Bud' Bowman, Chair

- The following bills are scheduled for consideration:

1.    SCR003            Resolution Supporting Observance of Peace Officers Memorial Day (J. Greiner)


2.    HB0171            Driving Privilege Card Amendments (B. Daw)


3.    HB0161            Sex Offenders' Contact with Children (R. Greenwood)


4.    HB0344            Alcoholic Beverage Enforcement Provisions (C. Oda)


5.    HB0181            Disposition of Potential Evidence (T. Cosgrove)


6.    HB0156            Dna Sample - Felony and Certain Misdemeanor Arrests (K. Gibson)


7.    HB0339            Human Trafficking Amendments (C. Herrod)


8.    HB0187            Death Caused by Illegal Drugs (C. Herrod)


9.    HB0136            Illegal Drug Activity Reporting Hotline Through the Office of the Attorney General (C. Herrod)


10.  HB0377            Code of Criminal Procedure Amendments (R. Lockhart)


11.  HB0247            Domestic Violence and Dating Violence Amendments (D. Litvack)


- Bills tabled previously:

       HB0267            Controlled Substances Amendments - Suda Controls (N. Hansen)




Rep. DeMar 'Bud' Bowman, Chair

Rep. Curtis Oda, Vice Chair


Rep. Brad L. Dee

Rep. David Litvack

Rep. Rebecca D. Lockhart

Rep. Michael T. Morley

Rep. Paul Ray

Rep. Jennifer M. Seelig

Rep. Kenneth W. Sumsion

Rep. Larry B. Wiley

Rep. Carl Wimmer

Committee Analyst: Stewart E. Smith, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Committee Secretary: Linda Black