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H.J.R. 4

This document includes House Committee Amendments incorporated into the bill on Fri, Jan 25, 2008 at 3:40 PM by ddonat. -->              1     





Chief Sponsor: Carl Wimmer

Senate Sponsor: Jon J. Greiner

             8      LONG TITLE
             9      General Description:
             10          This joint resolution of the Legislature urges the closing of public schools on Veterans
             11      Day.
             12      Highlighted Provisions:
             13          This resolution:
             14          .    urges the State Board of Education to close public schools on Veterans Day to allow
             15      students to more fully recognize veterans for preserving freedom for the United
             16      States and its citizens.
             17      Special Clauses:
             18          None
             20      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             21          WHEREAS, spanning from the Revolutionary War to the present day, the contributions
             22      made to the United States of America by her citizens who stand in our place to defend the
             23      freedoms we enjoy cannot be calculated;
             24          WHEREAS, the cost of their service frequently includes the wrenching of family, the
             25      horror of combat, the deep loneliness, the agonizing and lingering effects of physical and
             26      emotional injury and for some, the ultimate price, their lives;
             27          WHEREAS, even today, members of the military are stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan,

             28      and many other places throughout the world, and their families are in our communities;
             29          WHEREAS, families hoping for safe returns experience life in a very different way
             30      than others, as their everyday thoughts and feelings never stray far from their loved ones;
             31          WHEREAS, Veterans Day deeply impacts a vast majority of Utahns;
             32          WHEREAS, to all veterans, past and present, alive and passed on, honor is due from
             33      those they have served;
             34          WHEREAS, one fitting honor is to close public schools on Veterans Day to allow
             35      Utah's youth, many of whom have loved ones in the military, to more fully recognize the
             36      significance of that day; and
             37          WHEREAS, closing public schools on Veterans Day is a sign of Utah's reverence and
             38      gratitude for veterans and their families:
             39          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah
             40      urges the Utah State Board of Education H. and each individual school district .H to adjust
             40a      school schedules to provide for the closure of
             41      public schools on Veterans Day so that Utahns may more fully honor the men and women, past
             42      and present, who have stood in harm's way on our behalf.
             43          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to the American
             44      Legion Department of Utah, the Disabled American Veterans Department of Utah, the
             45      Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Utah, the Utah State Department of Veterans Affairs,
             46      and to the Utah State Board of Education.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 12-19-07 11:36 AM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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