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H.B. 109 Enrolled





Chief Sponsor: Gregory H. Hughes

Senate Sponsor: Mike Dmitrich

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies the Code of Criminal Procedure to require the Utah Department of
             10      Corrections to use a periodic multi-domain assessment tool during a three-year trial
             11      period to evaluate sex offenders who are supervised in the community.
             12      Highlighted Provisions:
             13          This bill:
             14          .    requires the Utah Department of Corrections to issue a request for proposals to
             15      provide a multi-domain assessment to registered sex offenders it supervises in the
             16      community in Region 3 beginning July 1, 2008 and ending June 30, 2011;
             17          .    requires that the assessment is to be administered:
             18              .    not less than every 16 weeks during the first year the offender is supervised in
             19      the community; and
             20              .    not less than every 26 weeks nor more than every 12 weeks as determined to be
             21      appropriate by the department's supervisory personnel and the sex offender's
             22      treatment team, during the second or subsequent year the offender is supervised
             23      in the community and continuing until termination of the offender's probation or
             24      parole;
             25          .    specifies the content of the assessment tool; and
             26          .    provides definitions.
             27      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             28          This bill appropriates $200,000 in non-lapsing funds from the General Fund for fiscal
             29      year 2008-09 only, to the Utah Department of Corrections.

             30      Other Special Clauses:
             31          None
             32      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             33      ENACTS:
             34          77-27-21.9, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             36      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             37          Section 1. Section 77-27-21.9 is enacted to read:
             38          77-27-21.9. Sex offender assessment.
             39          (1) As used in this section:
             40          (a) "Dynamic factors" means a person's individual characteristics, issues, resources, or
             41      circumstances that:
             42          (i) can change or be influenced; and
             43          (ii) affect the risk of recidivism or the risk of violating conditions of probation or parole.
             44          (b) "Multi-domain assessment" means an evaluation process or tool which reports in
             45      quantitative and qualitative terms an offender's condition, stability, needs, resources, and
             46      dynamic factors affecting the offender's transition into the community and compliance with
             47      conditions of probation or parole, such as the following:
             48          (i) alcohol and other drug use;
             49          (ii) mental health status;
             50          (iii) physical health;
             51          (iv) criminal behavior;
             52          (v) education;
             53          (vi) emotional health and barriers;
             54          (vii) employment;
             55          (viii) family dynamics;
             56          (ix) housing;
             57          (x) physical health and nutrition;

             58          (xi) spirituality;
             59          (xii) social support systems;
             60          (xiii) special population needs, including:
             61          (A) co-existing disorders;
             62          (B) domestic violence;
             63          (C) drug of choice;
             64          (D) gender, ethnic, and cultural considerations;
             65          (E) other health issues;
             66          (F) sexual abuse; and
             67          (G) sexual orientation;
             68          (xiv) transportation; and
             69          (xv) treatment involvement.
             70          (c) "Qualitative terms" means written summaries used to describe meaning, enrich, or
             71      explain significant quantitative indicators or benchmarks within the areas defined in Subsection
             72      (1)(b).
             73          (d) "Quantitative terms" means numerical distinctions or benchmarks used to describe
             74      conditions within the areas defined in Subsection (1)(b).
             75          (2) The department shall issue a request for proposals to provide a periodic
             76      multi-domain assessment tool, as defined in Subsection (1)(b) and implement the tool for a
             77      three-year trial period in the management of sex offenders being supervised in the community in
             78      the department's Region 3.
             79          (3) The request for proposals shall include a requirement that the multi-domain
             80      assessment tool be designed to be administered:
             81          (a) every 16 weeks during the first year a sex offender is supervised in the community;
             82      and
             83          (b) every 12 to 26 weeks during the second and subsequent years a sex offender is
             84          supervised in the community, as determined appropriate by the department's supervisory
             85      personnel and the sex offender's treatment team.

             86          (4) The department shall promptly make results of the multi-domain assessment
             87      available to:
             88          (a) the sex offender's treatment team; and
             89          (b) the corrections personnel responsible for supervising the offender.
             90          (5) The department shall provide to the legislative Law Enforcement and Criminal
             91      Justice Interim Committee at the conclusion of the trial period a written report of the results of
             92      the use of the multi-domain assessments, including:
             93          (a) the impact on recidivism;
             94          (b) other indicators of the effect of the use of the assessments;
             95          (c) the number of assessments administered annually;
             96          (d) the number of individuals who were assessed during the year; and
             97          (e) any recommended legislative or policy changes.
             98          Section 2. Appropriation.
             99          (1) There is appropriated from the General Fund, for fiscal year 2008-09 only,
             100      $200,000 to the Utah Department of Corrections to be used for issuing a request for proposals
             101      and conducting a three-year trial of a multi-domain assessment tool, for sex offenders being
             102      supervised in the community, as described in Section 77-27-21.9 .
             103          (2) It is the intent of the Legislature that this one-time appropriation be non-lapsing.

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