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H.B. 182






Chief Sponsor: Gregory H. Hughes

Senate Sponsor: Sheldon L. Killpack

             8      LONG TITLE
             9      General Description:
             10          This bill modifies the Election Code by amending the deadline to modify voting
             11      precincts.
             12      Highlighted Provisions:
             13          This bill:
             14          .    changes the date by which a county legislative body must designate voting precincts
             15      from February 1 on a regular general election year to January 1 on a regular general
             16      election year.
             17      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             18          None
             19      Other Special Clauses:
             20          None
             21      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             22      AMENDS:
             23          20A-5-303, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2006, Chapter 262
             25      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             26          Section 1. Section 20A-5-303 is amended to read:
             27           20A-5-303. Establishing, dividing, abolishing, and changing voting precincts --

             28      Common polling places -- Combined voting precincts -- Counties.
             29          (1) (a) After receiving recommendations from the county clerk, the county legislative
             30      body may establish, divide, abolish, and change voting precincts.
             31          (b) Within 30 days after the establishment, division, abolition, or change of a voting
             32      precinct under this section, the county legislative body shall file with the Automated
             33      Geographic Reference Center, created under Section 63F-1-506 , a notice describing the action
             34      taken and specifying the resulting boundaries of each voting precinct affected by the action.
             35          (2) (a) The county legislative body shall alter or divide voting precincts so that each
             36      voting precinct contains not more than 1,250 active voters.
             37          (b) The county legislative body shall:
             38          (i) identify those precincts that may reach the limit of active voters in a precinct under
             39      Subsection (2)(a) or that becomes too large to facilitate the election process; and
             40          (ii) divide those precincts [before February 1] on or before January 1, of a general
             41      election year.
             42          (3) The county legislative body may not:
             43          (a) establish or abolish any voting precinct after [February] January 1 of a regular
             44      general election year; or
             45          (b) alter or change the boundaries of any voting precinct after [February] January 1 of a
             46      regular general election year.
             47          (4) (a) For the purpose of voting in an election, the county legislative body may
             48      establish a common polling place for two or more whole voting precincts.
             49          (b) At least 90 days before the election, the county legislative body shall designate:
             50          (i) the voting precincts that will vote at the common polling place; and
             51          (ii) the location of the common polling place.
             52          (c) A county may use one set of election judges for the common polling place under
             53      this Subsection (4).
             54          (5) Each county shall have at least two polling places open for voting on the date of the
             55      election.
             56          (6) Each common polling place shall have at least one voting device that is accessible
             57      for individuals with disabilities in accordance with Public Law 107-252, the Help America
             58      Vote Act of 2002.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 11-27-07 9:24 AM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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