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S.B. 46 Enrolled





Chief Sponsor: Dan R. Eastman

House Sponsor: Stephen H. Urquhart

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill amends the Solid Waste Management Act.
             10      Highlighted Provisions:
             11          This bill:
             12          .    defines terms;
             13          .    prohibits a public entity from requiring solid waste to be stored, recovered, or
             14      disposed of at a specific waste facility except in certain circumstances;
             15          .    gives a private right of action; and
             16          .    makes technical changes.
             17      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             18          None
             19      Other Special Clauses:
             20          None
             21      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             22      AMENDS:
             23          19-6-502, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2007, Chapter 329
             24          19-6-503, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2005, Chapter 105
             25      ENACTS:
             26          19-6-502.5, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             27          19-6-507, Utah Code Annotated 1953
             29      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:

             30          Section 1. Section 19-6-502 is amended to read:
             31           19-6-502. Definitions.
             32          As used in this part:
             33          (1) "Governing body" means the governing board, commission, or council of a public
             34      entity.
             35          (2) "Jurisdiction" means the area within the incorporated limits of:
             36          (a) a municipality[,];
             37          (b) a special service district[,];
             38          (c) a municipal-type service district[,];
             39          (d) a service area[,]; or [all of]
             40          (e) the territorial area of a county not lying within a [city or town] municipality.
             41          (3) "Long-term agreement" means an agreement or contract having a term of more than
             42      five years [and] but less than 50 years.
             43          (4) "Municipal residential waste" means solid waste that is:
             44          (a) discarded or rejected at a residence within the public entity's jurisdiction; and
             45          (b) collected at or near the residence by:
             46          (i) a public entity; or
             47          (ii) a person with whom the public entity has as an agreement to provide solid waste
             48      management.
             49          [(4)] (5) "Public entity" means:
             50          (a) a county[,];
             51          (b) a municipality[,];
             52          (c) a special service district under Title 17A, Chapter 2, Part 13, Utah Special Service
             53      District Act[, or];
             54          (d) a service area under Title 17B, Chapter 2a, Part 9, Service Area Act [and]; or
             55          (e) a municipal-type service district created under Title 17, Chapter 34, Municipal-Type
             56      Services to Unincorporated Areas.
             57          (6) "Requirement" means an ordinance, policy, rule, mandate, or other directive that

             58      imposes a legal duty on a person.
             59          (7) "Residence" means an improvement to real property used or occupied as a primary
             60      or secondary detached single-family dwelling.
             61          [(5)] (8) "Resource recovery" means the separation, extraction, recycling, or recovery
             62      of usable [materials] material, energy, fuel, or heat from solid waste and the disposition of it.
             63          [(6)] (9) "Short-term agreement" means [any] a contract or agreement having a term of
             64      five years or less.
             65          [(7)] (10) (a) "Solid waste" means [all] a putrescible [and] or nonputrescible [materials
             66      or substances] material or substance discarded or rejected as being spent, useless, worthless, or
             67      in excess [to] of the owner's needs at the time of discard or rejection, including:
             68          (i) garbage[,];
             69          (ii) refuse[,];
             70          (iii) industrial and commercial waste[, sludges from];
             71          (iv) sludge from an air or water control [facilities,] facility;
             72          (v) rubbish[, ashes,];
             73          (vi) ash;
             74          (vii) contained gaseous material[,];
             75          (viii) incinerator residue[,];
             76          (ix) demolition[,] and construction debris[,];
             77          (x) a discarded [automobiles] automobile; and
             78          (xi) offal[, but not including sewage and other].
             79          (b) "Solid waste" does not include sewage or another highly diluted water carried
             80      [materials or substances] material or substance and those in gaseous form.
             81          [(8)] (11) "Solid waste management" means the purposeful and systematic collection,
             82      transportation, storage, processing, recovery, [and] or disposal of solid waste.
             83          [(9)] (12) "Solid waste management facility" means [any] a facility employed for solid
             84      waste management, including:
             85          (a) a transfer [stations,] station;

             86          (b) a transport [systems,] system;
             87          (c) a baling [facilities, landfills,] facility;
             88          (d) a landfill; and
             89          (e) a processing [systems] system, including:
             90          (i) a resource recovery [facilities or other facilities] facility;
             91          (ii) a facility for reducing solid waste volume[, plants and facilities];
             92          (iii) a plant or facility for compacting, composting, or pyrolization of solid [wastes,
             93      incinerators and other] waste;
             94          (iv) an incinerator;
             95          (v) a solid waste disposal, reduction, or conversion [facilities, and facilities] facility; and
             96          (vi) a facility for resource recovery of energy consisting of:
             97          [(a) facilities] (A) a facility for the production, transmission, distribution, and sale of
             98      heat and steam; [and]
             99          [(b) facilities] (B) a facility for the generation and sale of electric energy to a public
             100      utility [or], municipality, or other public entity [which] that owns and operates an electric power
             101      system on March 15, 1982[,]; and
             102          (C) a facility for the generation, sale, and transmission of electric energy on an
             103      emergency basis only to a military installation of the United States[; provided, that solid waste
             104      management facilities are not a public utility as defined in Section 54-2-1 ].
             105          Section 2. Section 19-6-502.5 is enacted to read:
             106          19-6-502.5. Solid waste management facility not a public utility.
             107          A solid waste management facility is not a public utility as defined in Section 54-2-1 .
             108          Section 3. Section 19-6-503 is amended to read:
             109           19-6-503. Powers and duties of public entities.
             110          (1) Subject to the powers and rules of the department[, the] and except as provided by
             111      Section 19-6-507 , a governing body of [each] a public entity may:
             112          [(1)] (a) supervise and regulate the collection, transportation, and disposition of [all]
             113      solid waste generated within its jurisdiction;

             114          [(2)] (b) provide a solid waste management [facilities] facility to adequately handle
             115      [adequately] solid waste generated or existing within or without its jurisdiction;
             116          [(3)] (c) assume, by agreement, responsibility for the collection and disposition of solid
             117      waste whether generated within or without its [jurisdictional boundaries] jurisdiction;
             118          [(4)] (d) enter into a short or long-term interlocal [agreements] agreement to provide
             119      for or operate a solid waste management facility with [other]:
             120          (i) another public [entities, with] entity;
             121          (ii) a public [agencies] agency, as defined in [Title 11, Chapter 13, Interlocal
             122      Cooperation Act, with] Section 11-13-103 ;
             123          (iii) a private [persons or entities,] person; or [any]
             124          (iv) a combination of [them, to provide for or operate solid waste management
             125      facilities] persons listed in Subsections (1)(d)(i) through (iii);
             126          [(5)] (e) levy and collect [taxes, fees, and charges and] a tax, fee, or charge or require
             127      [licenses] a license as may be appropriate to discharge its responsibility for the acquisition,
             128      construction, operation, maintenance, and improvement of a solid waste management [facilities
             129      or any portion of them] facility, including licensing a private [collectors] collector operating
             130      within its jurisdiction;
             131          [(6)] (f) require that [all] solid waste generated within its jurisdiction be delivered to a
             132      solid waste management facility;
             133          [(7)] (g) control the right to collect, transport, and dispose of [all] solid waste
             134      generated within its jurisdiction;
             135          [(8)] (h) agree that, according to Section 19-6-505 , the [sole and] exclusive right to
             136      collect, transport, and dispose of solid waste within its jurisdiction [shall] may be assumed by
             137      [any other]:
             138          (i) another public entity [or entities, any];
             139          (ii) a private [persons or entities,] person; or [any]
             140          (iii) a combination of [them, pursuant to Section 19-6-505] persons listed in
             141      Subsections (1)(h)(i) through (ii) ;

             142          [(9)] (i) accept and disburse funds derived from a federal or state [grants or from
             143      private sources or from] grant, a private source, or moneys that may be appropriated by the
             144      Legislature for the acquisition, construction, ownership, operation, maintenance, and
             145      improvement of a solid waste management [facilities] facility;
             146          [(10)] (j) contract for the lease or purchase of land, [facilities, and vehicles] a facility, or
             147      a vehicle for the operation of a solid waste management [facilities] facility;
             148          [(11)] (k) establish one or more policies for the operation of a solid waste management
             149      [facilities] facility, including:
             150          (i) hours of operation[,];
             151          (ii) character[,] and kind of wastes accepted at a disposal [sites,] site; and [other rules]
             152          (iii) another policy necessary for the safety of the operating personnel;
             153          [(12)] (l) sell or contract for the sale, [pursuant] according to a short or long-term
             154      [agreements] agreement, of [any] usable [materials] material, energy, fuel, or heat separated,
             155      extracted, recycled, or recovered from solid waste in a solid waste management facility, on
             156      terms in its best [interests, and to] interest;
             157          (m) pledge, assign, or otherwise convey as security for the payment of [its] bonds [any],
             158      revenues and receipts derived from the sale or contract or from the operation and ownership of
             159      a solid waste management facility or an interest in it;
             160          [(13)] (n) issue [bonds pursuant] a bond according to Title 11, Chapter 14, Local
             161      Government Bonding Act; [and]
             162          [(14)] (o) issue industrial development revenue bonds [pursuant] according to Title 11,
             163      Chapter 17, Utah Industrial Facilities and Development Act, to pay the costs of financing
             164      [projects] a project consisting of a solid waste management [facilities, as defined in Section
             165      19-6-502 ,] facility on behalf of [entities] an entity that [constitute] constitutes the users of a
             166      solid waste management facility project within the meaning of Section 11-17-2 [, and];
             167          (p) agree to construct and operate or to provide for the construction and operation of a
             168      solid waste management facility project, which project [shall manage] manages the solid waste
             169      of [one or more public or private entities, all pursuant] a public entity or private person,

             170      according to one or more contracts and other arrangements provided for in [the proceedings
             171      pursuant] a proceeding according to which [the bonds are] a bond is issued[. In addition to the
             172      authority to issue bonds contained in Title 11, Chapter 17, Utah Industrial Facilities and
             173      Development Act, bonds may be issued pursuant to the authority contained in this subsection];
             174      and
             175          (q) issue a bond to pay the cost of establishing reserves to pay principal and interest on
             176      the bonds as provided for in the proceedings [pursuant] according to which the bonds are
             177      issued.
             178          (2) The power to issue a bond under this section is in addition to the power to issue a
             179      bond under Title 11, Chapter 17, Utah Industrial Facilities and Development Act.
             180          Section 4. Section 19-6-507 is enacted to read:
             181          19-6-507. Flow control for solid waste prohibited -- Exceptions.
             182          (1) Except as provided in Subsection (2), a public entity may not require solid waste
             183      discarded or rejected within the public entity's jurisdiction to be stored, recovered, or disposed
             184      of at a solid waste management facility owned or operated by a public entity.
             185          (2) A public entity may require solid waste discarded or rejected within the public
             186      entity's jurisdiction to be stored, recovered, or disposed of at a solid waste management facility
             187      owned or operated by a public entity if:
             188          (a) the solid waste is municipal residential waste;
             189          (b) no more than one landfill that may take the solid waste exists within:
             190          (i) the public entity's jurisdiction; and
             191          (ii) 125 miles outside the public entity's jurisdiction, as measured from the landfill's
             192      primary entrance by following the shortest route of ordinary travel by motor vehicle; or
             193          (c) the solid waste management facility owned or operated by the public entity receives
             194      less than 75 tons of solid waste per day.
             195          (3) A requirement described in Subsection (1) that is:
             196          (a) in effect on January 1, 2008 is void as of January 1, 2013; and
             197          (b) adopted on or after January 2, 2008 and in effect on May 4, 2008 is void as of May

             198      5, 2008.
             199          (4) A person engaged in solid waste management that is aggrieved by a violation of this
             200      section may seek judicial review of the violation in a court of competent jurisdiction.

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