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S.J.R. 11





Chief Sponsor: Curtis S. Bramble

House Sponsor: David Clark

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This joint resolution of the Legislature gives the Legislative Management Committee
             10      items of study it may assign to the appropriate interim committee.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This resolution:
             13          .    gives the Legislative Management Committee items of study it may assign to the
             14      appropriate interim committee during the 2008 legislative interim;
             15          .    directs interim committees assigned these studies to study and make
             16      recommendations for legislative action to the 58th Legislature prior to the 2009
             17      Annual General Session; and
             18          .    suggests in approving studies the Legislative Management Committee give
             19      consideration to the available time of legislators and the budget and capacity of staff
             20      to respond.
             21      Special Clauses:
             22          None
             24      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             25          WHEREAS, the Legislative Management Committee is created by law as a permanent
             26      committee to receive and assign matters for the interim study of the Legislature; and
             27          WHEREAS, the 57th Legislature has determined that certain legislative issues require

             28      additional investigation and study:
             29          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislative Management Committee
             30      is given the following items of study to assign to the appropriate interim committee with the
             31      duty to study and make recommendations for legislative action to the 58th Legislature prior to
             32      the 2009 Annual General Session.
             33          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Legislative Management Committee, in
             34      making study assignments from this list and in approving study requests for individual
             35      committees, give consideration to the available time of legislators and the budget and capacity
             36      of staff to respond adequately to the number and complexity of the assignments given.
             37          1. Aggressive Marketing - to study practices related to consumer lending, including
             38      home equity loans.
             39          2. Antidiscrimination Act Modifications - to study whether the Utah
             40      Antidiscrimination Act should be modified to include additional protected classes.
             41          3. Automotive Collections - to study restrictions on regulation of automotive
             42      collection activities (H.B. 147).
             43          4. Bid Preference - to study bid preference concerning the Department of Labor's
             44      Office of Apprenticeship-approved apprenticeship programs and in-state contractors.
             45          5. Boards and Commissions - to study boards and commissions under the Department
             46      of Commerce, including how often they meet, their functionality, and funding.
             47          6. Business Resources - to study and evaluate state programs providing resources to
             48      small and mid-size businesses including Business Resource Centers, Small Business
             49      Development Centers, Jobs Now, Custom Fit, Manufacturing Extension Partnership, and any
             50      other programs that may be identified, and review potential overlap in functions, performance
             51      measures, and use of state resources allocated to each.
             52          7. Certificate of Occupancy - to study certificate of occupancy requirements for
             53      residential structures.
             54          8. Child Credit Records - to study a state program to enable child credit records to be
             55      frozen by their parents.
             56          9. Credit Card Security - to study financial responsibility for breaches of credit card
             57      security (H.B. 468).
             58          10. Credit or Debit Card Contracts - to study enacting a Credit Card or Debit Card

             59      Contracts Act (1st Sub. H.B. 308).
             60          11. Incentives Benefitting Vacating Mobile Home Park Residents - to study providing
             61      incentives to developers of mobile home parks that are changing land use to provide assistance
             62      to those vacating the park.
             63          12. Long Term Estate Regulation - to study the treatment of individual fractionalized
             64      long-term estates in securities and real estate regulation.
             65          13. Minors Obtaining Alcohol - to study how minors are acquiring alcoholic
             66      beverages, and penalties for minors as well as those who supply them.
             67          14. Payroll Service Companies - to study issues related to payroll service companies
             68      raised as part of a 2007 study conducted by the Business and Labor Interim Committee.
             69          15. Private Lands Privacy Act - to study the Texas Private Lands Privacy Act for
             70      potential implementation in Utah.
             71          16. Risk Management - to study reinsurance as a risk management tool: what are the
             72      pros and cons of this approach for Utah?
             73          17. Uniform Limited Liability Company - to study adopting the Revised Uniform
             74      Limited Liability Company Act.
             75          18. Uniform Limited Partnership - to study adopting the Uniform Limited Partnership
             76      Act.
             77          19. Uniform Partnership - to study adopting the Uniform Partnership Act.
             78          20. Uniform Securities Act - to study and review the citations in the Utah Uniform
             79      Securities Act.
             80          21. Application of "civic center" provisions to Charter Schools - to study requiring
             81      charter schools to be subject to the "civic center" provisions of H.B. 332, Use of Public Schools
             82      by Community Organizations.
             83          22. Area Technical College Jurisdiction - to study shifting area technical college
             84      jurisdiction from the Board of Regents to a separate board.
             85          23. Baccalaureate Programs in Schools - to study the effectiveness, value, and funding
             86      of international baccalaureate programs in public schools.
             87          24. Children's Savings Accounts - to study savings accounts and other policies that
             88      promote saving for college, homeownership, and retirement.
             89          25. Class Size - to study reducing public school class sizes.

             90          26. Curriculum Development - to study curriculum development in grades K-12
             91      concerning natural resource development, and use its state-wide.
             92          27. Deaf and Blind Education - to study recodifying Utah Schools for the Deaf and
             93      Blind statutes and revising their funding.
             94          28. Deaf and Blind School Operation - to study recodification, operation, and funding.
             95          29. Education for Blind Students - to study and evaluate ways to improve the
             96      education of blind students who have no other disabilities.
             97          30. Education Governance - to study issues related to education governance and
             98      funding.
             99          31. Formative Assessment - to study formative assessment to inform instruction for
             100      timely targeted teaching in public education grades K-12.
             101          32. Governance of Higher Education - to study the Governor's appointment authority
             102      related to the Commissioner of Higher Education and higher education institution boards of
             103      trustees, the authority of an institution of higher education's board of trustees to appoint an
             104      institution president, and whether to expand the membership of the State Board of Regents (1st
             105      Sub. H.B. 190).
             106          33. Graduation Requirements - to study and review high school graduation
             107      requirements to determine whether changes should be made.
             108          34. High Need Students - to study high need students with disabilities.
             109          35. Higher Education - to study issues related to higher education governance.
             110          36. Parent Teacher Organizations - to study PTA's in the schools.
             111          37. Private Takeover of Public Schools - to study the private takeover of academically
             112      bankrupt public schools.
             113          38. School Community Councils - to study whether the role of community councils
             114      should be enhanced and their involvement in schools enlarged.
             115          39. School District Construction Oversight - to study and review inspection reporting,
             116      plan review, structural engineering review, and the issuance of either a temporary or permanent
             117      certificate of occupancy.
             118          40. School Districts - to study governance of school districts.
             119          41. School Lands - to study school land program administration.
             120          42. Security at Institutions of Higher Education - to study preventing disruptions at

             121      institutions of higher education and enhancing campus security.
             122          43. Seismic Hazard Inventory - to study the Utah School Seismic Hazard Inventory
             123      (H.B. 162).
             124          44. State Board of Education Elections and Membership - to study whether to require
             125      that the membership of the State Board of Education be selected by partisan elections, and to
             126      consider modifications to State School Board membership.
             127          45. Teacher Licensure - to study teacher licensure, including configuration and
             128      renewal.
             129          46. Teacher Loan Program - to study mortgage loans for new teachers (H.B. 85).
             130          47. Tooele Applied Technology Center - to study designating the Tooele County
             131      Applied Technology Center as a separate entity.
             132          48. Utah High School Activities Association - to study the transparency and
             133      accountability of the Utah High School Activities Association.
             134          49. Virtual Charter Schools - to study a formula for funding virtual charter schools to
             135      replace local property taxes not received by virtual charter schools (S.B. 2).
             136          50. Campaign Finance Reporting - to study and evaluate the value of assessing an
             137      administrative fee for campaign finance reports.
             138          51. Disaster Recovery Funding - to study funding issues related to the Disaster
             139      Recovery Funding Act (Title 53, Chapter 2, Part 4).
             140          52. Election Code Changes - to study changes to election code law suggested by
             141      county clerks.
             142          53. Election Law Clean Up - to study clean-up provisions suggested by the Lt.
             143      Governor's Office.
             144          54. Election Reforms - to study reforms to state election law (H.B. 175).
             145          55. Election Results Audit - to study an independent audit of election results (H.B.
             146      404).
             147          56. Electronic State Reports - to study having most or all state-mandated and
             148      non-mandated reports produced by state agencies produced in electronic form, only to save on
             149      state paper costs.
             150          57. Ethics Reform - to study ethics reform, gifts, and campaign fund use.
             151          58. Ethics Study - to study gifts received by legislators who should be responsible for

             152      recording the receipt of gifts, complete transparency to the public, and the use of campaign
             153      funds, including whether they should only be used on expenses associated with a political
             154      campaign.
             155          59. Expired Gift Certificates - to study treating expired gift certificates as unclaimed
             156      property.
             157          60. Human Resources - to study revising the state Human Resources statutes.
             158          61. Legislative Ethics - to study and define "expenditure of campaign funds," "conflict
             159      of interest," and "legislative gifts."
             160          62. Legislative Ethics Reform - to study expenditure of campaign donations,
             161      promoting legislative action that is a financial conflict of interest, and investigating alleged
             162      ethics violations.
             163          63. Municipal Elections Equipment - to study utilizing electronic voting machines in
             164      municipal elections.
             165          64. Neutrality of Poll Workers - to study ways to ensure that poll workers do not
             166      display an affiliation with any candidate, political party, political issue, corporation, or
             167      advocacy organization (H.B. 338).
             168          65. Ombudsman - to study ways to better inform, investigate, and mediate to assist
             169      citizens and agencies to resolve disputes.
             170          66. Open and Public Meetings Act - to study coordinating GRAMA with the Open and
             171      Public Meetings Act.
             172          67. Presidential Election Compact - to study a compact agreement among the states to
             173      elect the U.S. President by national popular vote (H.B. 283).
             174          68. Public Notices on the Web - to study a public notice website for legal and all other
             175      government notices.
             176          69. Special District Elections - to study placing special district elections on the same
             177      ballot as regular elections.
             178          70. State Lands Acquisition - to study establishing a State Lands Acquisition Agency
             179      to purchase land for public purposes.
             180          71. State Per Diem - to study standardized per diem requirements for all state
             181      agencies.
             182          72. Voter Registration - to study election day voter registration (H.B. 317).

             183          73. Access to Health Insurance - to study providing that every citizen of Utah,
             184      regardless of health status, may purchase health insurance available to any other Utah citizen,
             185      with guaranteed issue and community rating.
             186          74. Adoption Law Changes - to study modifying current adoption law to remove
             187      restrictions on cohabitating adults and assess whether the current law impedes adoptions and
             188      foster care placements (H.B. 318).
             189          75. Aging and Disability Care and Supports - to study and determine the most
             190      effective balance between proactive and preventive supports, including acute care, in meeting
             191      needs in the aging and disability populations.
             192          76. Aging and Disability Populations - to study the existing and potential demand and
             193      cost of facility-based care vs. community-based supports for people with disabilities and the
             194      aging population.
             195          77. Anesthesiologists - to study the licensing of anesthesiologists.
             196          78. Asbestos Abatement - to study asbestos abatement requirements and standards.
             197          79. Authorization for Autopsy - to study the implications of providing that a majority
             198      of family members who desire an autopsy may override an order of the next of kin that an
             199      autopsy not take place (UCA Subsection 26-4-24(1)(c)).
             200          80. Autism - to study the costs and impact of autism on Utah children.
             201          81. Barriers to Medicaid Participation - to study the asset test and other barriers of
             202      Medicaid participation, the pros, cons and costs to the state of removing the asset test, and
             203      similar barriers to health care coverage.
             204          82. Billing Practices - to study issues related to hospital billing practices.
             205          83. Children's Health - to study the feasibility of establishing a medical home for all
             206      children with chronic medical and mental health conditions in Utah.
             207          84. Community-based Support Structure - to study the community-based support
             208      structure: how the state can develop the community infrastructure to support individuals with
             209      disabilities and the aging population in an effective manner, and how the state can attract and
             210      retain qualified direct care staff to support persons with disabilities and the elderly in the
             211      community.
             212          85. Comprehensive Care Coordination - to study what amount of reimbursement,
             213      training, and education on best practices would be required for primary health care providers to

             214      provide comprehensive care coordination within Medicaid.
             215          86. Contract Provider Pay - to study contract provider pay in the Department of Health
             216      and Human Services.
             217          87. Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services (CLAS) - to study the extent to
             218      which the state's health care delivery systems meet the national CLAS standards and current
             219      proposed efforts to meet those standards.
             220          88. Death Certificate Procedures - to study data and form requirements of custodial
             221      funeral directors and physicians related to processing death certificates (S.B. 175).
             222          89. Disability Standards - to study uniformity of disability standards adopted by the
             223      state of Utah and enforcement of standards not adopted by the state.
             224          90. Drug Overdose and DUI Reporting and Controlled Substances Monitoring - to
             225      study the feasibility and impact of requiring hospitals to report admissions for drug overdoses
             226      to the Department of Health and to the prescribing health care practitioner; creating a process
             227      for developing better practice protocols for prescribing controlled substances and monitoring
             228      patient use; and exploring the feasibility of having law enforcement or the courts report arrests
             229      or convictions for driving under the influence of a prescribed controlled substance to the health
             230      care practitioner who prescribed the controlled substance.
             231          91. Drug Testing - to study whether welfare recipients should be required to submit to
             232      random drug tests.
             233          92. EMS Paramedic Program - to study needs and necessity, and agency expansion.
             234          93. Health Care - to study issues related to health care.
             235          94. Health Care for Underserved and Underinsured - to study access to comprehensive
             236      primary health care for the medically underserved and underinsured, and the role of community
             237      health care centers in expanding cost-effective care and providing a medical home.
             238          95. Health Disparities - to study issues related to health disparities: review problems
             239      and solutions.
             240          96. Health Plan Exemption from Selected Requirements - to study allowing insurers to
             241      offer health insurance coverage to uninsurable individuals that is exempt from certain mandates
             242      (1st Sub. H.B. 491).
             243          97. Identifying Support Animals - to study an identification scheme for emotional
             244      support animals.

             245          98. Insurance Parity - to study prosthetic Limb Health Insurance Parity (H.B. 108).
             246          99. Long-term Care Demographic Shifts - to study how changing demographic factors,
             247      including an increasing aging population, influence the need for long-term care change over the
             248      lifespan, and how Utah will confront these changes.
             249          100. Medicaid Assistance and Managed Care - to study providing managed care,
             250      chronic care management, and other services to Medicaid clients and CHIP recipients (S.B.
             251      133).
             252          101. Medicaid Malpractice - to study Medicaid malpractice reform.
             253          102. Medical Examiner's Office - to study the adequacy of funding and the feasibility
             254      of establishing regional facilities.
             255          103. Nursing Homes - to study a Medicare moratorium, reimbursement, and Medicaid
             256      beds.
             257          104. Obesity - to study expanding obesity prevention programs in Gold Medal Schools
             258      and the role of "Utah Partnership for a Healthy Weight."
             259          105. Parent and Custody Training - to study training received by custody evaluators,
             260      special masters, and parent coordinators to perform their duties, and the amount of fees that are
             261      charged to the parties involved.
             262          106. Patient Safety - to study the role of government in addressing issues related to
             263      patient safety in Utah's health care facilities.
             264          107. Preferred Drug List - to study preferred drug lists: successes, failures, and
             265      options.
             266          108. Prescription Licensure - to study prescription licensure of psychologists.
             267          109. Prescription Overdose - to study the impact of unintended overdoses from
             268      prescription drugs.
             269          110. Respite Care - to study respite care for persons on the Disability Waiting List.
             270          111. Sexually Transmitted Disease Rate - to study Utah's dramatically increasing rate
             271      and how to best educate, prevent, and ensure treatment for those who are infected.
             272          112. Spay and Neuter Fees - to study charging fees for unneutered cats and dogs sold
             273      in pet stores, with fees deposited into the Cat and Dog Community Spay and Neuter Program
             274      Restricted Account.
             275          113. State Hospital - to study and evaluate the possible privatization of the State

             276      Hospital by July 1, 2009, including issuing requests for information from interested private
             277      providers and hiring a private consultant, to determine whether a private provider could at
             278      funding levels authorized to the State Hospital in fiscal year 2009:
             279      a. operate and manage the State Hospital at its current location:
             280      i. while maintaining or improving upon the services and quality of care currently provided at
             281      the State Hospital; and
             282      ii. implementing the applicable recommendations included in the Performance Audit of the
             283      Utah State Hospital performed by the Office of the Utah Legislative Auditor General, dated
             284      January 2008;
             285      b. demolish the Medical Services Building;
             286      c. finance, design, and construct:
             287      i. a new Medical Services Building; and
             288      ii. a new Pediatric Treatment Facility;
             289      d. convert 24 beds in the Rampton Complex to forensic beds; and
             290      e. pay transition costs of a private entity taking over the operation and management of the State
             291      Hospital.
             292          114. Statewide Standards for Health Care Interpreters - to study requiring the
             293      Department of Health to evaluate the effectiveness of health care interpreter services in the
             294      state (1st Sub. H.B. 428).
             295          115. Telepharmacy - to study defining "telepharmacy" (S.B. 291).
             296          116. Therapy for Sexually Transmitted Diseases - to study expedited partner therapy
             297      for sexually transmitted diseases (S.B. 289).
             298          117. Trauma Counseling for Parents - to study trauma counseling for parents whose
             299      children are removed from the home by the Division of Child and Family Services.
             300          118. Treatment Program Availability - to study ways to increase the availability of
             301      substance abuse and mental health treatment programs.
             302          119. Utah Adoption Code - to study Utah's adoption code and the Utah Termination of
             303      Parental Rights Act to ascertain whether it properly protects the rights of unwed fathers and
             304      parents from minority backgrounds, and whether it complies with federal and state
             305      constitutional law regarding notice as recently interpreted by United States Supreme Court
             306      cases.

             307          120. Vaccinations - to study reducing health care costs by increasing childhood
             308      vaccinations for preventive diseases and increasing public awareness of the health benefits of
             309      vaccinations to the general public.
             310          121. Co-parenting - to study issues related to co-parenting agreements.
             311          122. DUI Court Programs - to study special DUI court programs, including viable
             312      sanctions and incentives to encourage participation in special DUI court programs.
             313          123. Juvenile Services - to study youth services at the Tooele County Juvenile
             314      Receiving Center.
             315          124. Legal Standing - to study the legal standing of children and illegal immigrants.
             316          125. Physician Liability - to study requiring physicians to be liable for drug addiction
             317      resulting from their prescribing schedule 2 drugs (Stephenson amendment to H.B. 119).
             318          126. Protective Orders - to study penalties for inducing a breach of a protective order.
             319          127. Uniform Probate Code - to study changes to the Uniform Probate Code
             320      recommended by the Uniform Law Commission.
             321          128. Wrongful Death Designee - to study and define the term "wrongful death
             322      designee" (S.B. 73).
             323          129. Citation Quotas - to study a prohibition on citation quotas (H.B. 264).
             324          130. Controlled Substances - to study issues related to controlled substances, including
             325      SUDA controls (H.B. 267).
             326          131. Illegal Immigrant Crime Statistics - to study statistics for crimes committed by
             327      undocumented immigrants vs. the general population, and compare vehicular accident rates.
             328          132. Immigration - to study issues related to immigration.
             329          133. Jail Contracting - to study jail reimbursement, jail contracting, and private
             330      contracting.
             331          134. Maintenance of Sex Offender Registry - to study agencies that may input
             332      offenders into the sex offender registry.
             333          135. Penalties for Offenses Committed in the Presence of a Child - to study ways to
             334      structure penalties for committing violent offenses in the presence of a child, including creating
             335      a separate criminal offense or increasing the level of an offense if it is committed in the
             336      presence of a child, and imposing responsibility for the costs of child counseling.
             337          136. Sex Offender Registry Issues - to study appropriate inclusions and exclusions

             338      related to the Sex Offender Registry.
             339          137. Bison Population Issues - to study ways to address excess bison in the Henry
             340      Mountains and habitat damage.
             341          138. Division of Water Rights Operations - to study Division of Water Rights issues,
             342      including the duties and powers of the State Engineer; whether there should be a policy board
             343      within the division; administrative orders issued by the State Engineer and the division; the
             344      process for appealing the State Engineer's water rights decisions; potential need for an
             345      administrative law judge; potential need for an ombudsman; the adjudicative process for
             346      reviewing existing water rights; and whether the water rights forfeiture process should be
             347      modified.
             348          139. Education Funding Source - to study whether the money to fund education
             349      projects administered by the Department of Agriculture and Food should be paid for with
             350      education funds.
             351          140. Elk and Bison and Wildlife Board Issues - to study the duties and makeup of the
             352      Wildlife Board, the damage to fences by wildlife, the number of elk and bison compared to the
             353      number being counted by the Division of Wildlife Resources, mitigation permits, and other elk
             354      and bison issues.
             355          141. Fire Issues - to study funding and other fire issues as outlined in S.B. 251.
             356          142. Fish Hatcheries - to study both private and state-owned fish hatcheries, the effect
             357      of state-owned fish hatcheries on private hatcheries, and the markets available to private
             358      hatcheries in the state system and other markets.
             359          143. Great Salt Lake Commission - to study the formation of a commission to govern
             360      the Great Salt Lake to address water issues, including water quality standards and mercury.
             361          144. Groundwater Aquifers - to study Utah's groundwater aquifers, where they are,
             362      where they flow, etc.
             363          145. Jordan River Recreation - to study enhanced recreational opportunities on the
             364      Jordan River through Salt Lake County, what changes and improvements would be needed, and
             365      what tributaries could be included.
             366          146. Land Use Development and Management Act - to study the Utah Land Use
             367      Development and Management Act, its history, and potential changes.
             368          147. Natural Resources Statutes - to study creating a natural resources title in the Utah

             369      Code and recodifying natural resources-related chapters left in Title 63.
             370          148. Nutrient Impact on Water - to study the impact of nutrient pollution on Utah's
             371      waters.
             372          149. Recycling Fees for Malt Beverages - to study issues related to malt beverage
             373      recycling fees (H.B. 469).
             374          150. State Recycling - to study requiring state agencies, state departments, schools,
             375      and charter schools in counties of the first and second class to recycle and to have a recycling
             376      program.
             377          151. Underground Storage Tank Program - to study any needed revisions to the
             378      Underground Storage Tank program in the wake of events surrounding a gasoline leak in
             379      Gunnison.
             380          152. Water Quality Board Permits and Membership - to study the need for legislation
             381      authorizing the Water Quality Board to issue permits and to add a board member representing
             382      local health departments similar to the provisions included in H.B. 222, Water Quality Board
             383      Amendments.
             384          153. Water Rights of Piute Indian Tribe - to study whether the water rights of the
             385      Indian Peaks Band of the Piute Indian Tribe, granted in 1915, is a valid right and can be used
             386      today on their land in Iron County.
             387          154. Water Settlement - to study issues related to the Piute Water Rights Settlement.
             388          155. Wildland Urban Interface - to study the administrative adoption of a Wildland
             389      Urban Interface Code.
             390          156. County Surveyors - to study issues related to county surveyors (S.B. 129 and S.B.
             391      158).
             392          157. Disaster Fund Participation - to study whether local districts and special service
             393      districts should be authorized to participate in the state's disaster funding program (Title 53,
             394      Chapter 2, Part 4).
             395          158. Health Department Funding - to study allowing counties to increase their mill
             396      levy to fund county health departments or other means to increase county health department
             397      funding.
             398          159. Local Regulation of State Land Development - to study whether the Department
             399      of Transportation, the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration, and other state

             400      agencies who acquire or develop land should be required to abide by local city and county
             401      ordinances or the wishes of the county legislative body or the city mayor and council.
             402          160. Manufactured Housing - to study manufactured and mobile home parks
             403      preservation.
             404          161. New Entities and Boundary Changes - to study certifying and recording
             405      documents related to newly created entities and changes to entity boundaries (H.B. 447).
             406          162. Residential Construction and Affordable Housing - to study the cost of municipal
             407      land use and construction regulation on residential construction and affordable housing.
             408          163. Riparian Overlay Zones - to study whether cities should be allowed to put
             409      riparian overlay zones on streams or creeks which are used as storm sewers, and where
             410      untreated run-off water is channeled.
             411          164. Zoning and Housing Development - to study ways for the state to encourage
             412      zoning which invites the development of a wide range of housing choices.
             413          165. 211 System - to study statewide implementation of the 211 phone system for
             414      citizen access to government information and the dissemination of information to citizens
             415      during emergencies.
             416          166. Alternative Energy - to study the alternative energy issues identified in S.B. 169.
             417          167. Emergency Communication Systems - to study the emergency radio
             418      communications system to determine ways to meet the 2013 federal guidelines for Narrow
             419      Band Radio Systems.
             420          168. Energy Efficiency - to study electricity demand reductions and energy efficiency
             421      incentives.
             422          169. Energy Incentives - to study solar energy development incentives.
             423          170. Merging Informational Numbers - to study the merging of *11 and 511
             424      informational, non-emergency numbers.
             425          171. Power Generation Sources - to study and identify, map and maintain in the State
             426      Geographic Information Database the areas in the state with economically feasible electrical
             427      power generation from renewable, traditional, and other sources, and research the cost of
             428      developing power generation from each source (S.B. 169).
             429          172. Sewage Treatment Systems - to study types of on-site sewage treatment systems,
             430      and whether to allow a few demonstration projects utilizing biosystems in residential settings.

             431          173. State Trademarks in E-Commerce - to study the legitimate use of state
             432      trademarks in e-commerce.
             433          174. Underground Sewage Facilities - to study methods of locating underground
             434      sewage facilities, who should locate them, and whether existing or only new facilities should
             435      be located (1st Sub. S.B. 127).
             436          175. Utilities in Mobile Home Parks - to study providing utility services to mobile
             437      home park residents, and determining responsibility for improvements (H.B. 335).
             438          176. Cable Company Assessment - to study central assessment of cable companies
             439      (H.B. 367).
             440          177. Capital Outlay - to study issues related to capital outlay equalization.
             441          178. Corporate and Income Tax Credits - to study apportionment of corporate and
             442      individual income tax credits.
             443          179. Deduction for College Expenses - to study tax deductions for college expenses,
             444      including deductions for payment of tuition.
             445          180. Determining Property Value - to study the best method for determining the value
             446      of property under the property tax (H.J.R. 14).
             447          181. Energy Efficient Residences - to study tax credits for energy efficient residences
             448      (H.B. 199).
             449          182. Exemption for Civic Organizations - to study a property tax exemption for
             450      non-profit fraternal civic organizations.
             451          183. Military Retired Pay - to study a tax credit for military retired pay (H.B. 158).
             452          184. Pass-Through Entities - to study the taxation of pass-through entities.
             453          185. Property Tax Residential Exemption - to study extending the residential
             454      exemption to more than one acre of land (H.B. 155).
             455          186. Property Taxes - to study issues related to property taxes.
             456          187. Revenue and Taxation - to study revenue and taxation issues.
             457          188. Sales Tax on Food - to study reducing the state sales and use tax on food (H.B.
             458      304).
             459          189. Severance Tax Fund - to study placing severance tax revenues in a permanent
             460      trust fund.
             461          190. Tax Commission Penalties - to study penalties related to a tax, fee, or charge

             462      administered by the State Tax Commission.
             463          191. Tax Commission Taxes, Fees, and Charges - to study the administration,
             464      collection, and enforcement of taxes, fees, or charges by the State Tax Commission (S.B. 233).
             465          192. Tax Credits for Capital Investments - to study issues related to tax credits for
             466      manufacturing capital investments.
             467          193. Tax on Oil Shale and Tar Sands - to study the severance tax on oil shale and tar
             468      sands after the current exemption expires.
             469          194. Tax on Social Security - to study whether Utah taxes Social Security income, and
             470      if so, whether the Utah Income Tax on Social Security income may be eliminated.
             471          195. Tax Relief - to study issues related to property tax relief (H.B. 391 and 1st Sub.
             472      H.B. 391).
             473          196. Taxpayer Advocate Program - to study the implementation of a taxpayer advocate
             474      program (H.B. 180).
             475          197. Benefits for In-Session Employees - to study providing retirement benefits to
             476      sergeants-at-arms and pages to the House and Senate who have served a certain number of
             477      years.
             478          198. Divestment of Retirement Funds - to study divestment of retirement funds from
             479      Iran, with the report limited to how much money is being invested, and also study voluntary
             480      efforts between the Legislature and the Governor.
             481          199. Independent Entities - to study whether independent entities are competing with
             482      the private sector and whether actions of independent entities go beyond what state statute has
             483      authorized.
             484          200. Independent Entity - to study issues related to independent entities.
             485          201. Restricting Retirement Investment in Sudan - to study ensuring that Utah State
             486      Retirement Investment Fund monies are not invested in any business operations with
             487      companies that have certain business operations with the Khartoum government of the
             488      Republic of the Sudan, which is perpetuating the conflict in Darfur (H.B. 138).
             489          202. Retirement - to study retirement issues.
             490          203. Retirement Benefits - to study retirement benefits for law enforcement, fire, and
             491      public service employees (H.B. 328).
             492          204. Spousal Election - to study retirement issues related to spousal election (H.B. 94).

             493          205. Accident and Injury Prevention - to study reducing the number of teen motor
             494      vehicle accidents.
             495          206. Car Insurance Renewal Rate - to study the car insurance renewal rate by persons
             496      holding driver privilege cards.
             497          207. Driver Training for Teens - to study a pilot program to provide additional driver
             498      training for teens after they are licensed.
             499          208. License Plate Readers - to study the installation of license plate readers on
             500      enforcement vehicles and bridge structures located on Utah's interstate freeway systems.
             501          209. License Plates - to study issues related to special group license plates.
             502          210. Loss of Driving Privileges - to study revoking driver license privileges for
             503      underage drinking.
             504          211. Multi-purpose Vehicles - to study multi-purpose vehicles and road use.
             505          212. Peak Traffic Congestion Pricing - to study implementing congestion pricing
             506      during peak traffic periods on main congested highways and interstates, and the concept of a
             507      diesel tax surcharge to impose a fee in lieu of per-trip pricing under certain circumstances.
             508          213. Penalty for Distracted Driving - to study enhancing the penalty for distracted
             509      driving.
             510          214. Phone Use While Driving - to study the use of cell phones while driving a motor
             511      vehicle.
             512          215. Roads and Bridges - to study the condition of state highway pavements and
             513      bridges.
             514          216. Traffic in Construction Areas - to study methods to minimize traffic congestion
             515      due to construction.
             516          217. Transit Issues - to study transit fare reductions and transit air quality (1st Sub.
             517      H.B. 298).
             518          218. Vehicle Emissions - to study reducing emissions by school and UTA buses, and
             519      by idling and stopped trucks.
             520          219. Disadvantaged Rural Communities Account - to study the Business Development
             521      for Disadvantaged Rural Communities Restricted Account and determine the feasibility of
             522      appropriating money to the fund, the level of funding, and other issues.
             523          220. Economic Impact of Shakespearean Festival - to study the Utah Shakespearean

             524      Festival's impact on the economy on Iron County and Southern Utah and determine the
             525      feasibility of building a new theater and a Shakespeare Village.
             526          221. Economic Incentives - to study economic incentives, how many are there and
             527      how they are coordinated.
             528          222. Housing Funds - to study sources for state matching funds for the National
             529      Housing Trust Fund.
             530          223. Housing Loan Fund Revenue - to study a dedicated source of revenue for the
             531      Olene Walker Housing Loan Fund.
             532          224. Motion Picture Incentives - to study issues related to Motion Picture Incentives
             533      through the Governor's Office of Economic Development (S.B. 250).
             534          225. Social Security Offset - to study the offset for Social Security and workers'
             535      compensation.
             536          226. Student/Worker Permit - to study creating a temporary legal student permit,
             537      creating a temporary limited legal student/worker permit with a financial ceiling with legal
             538      standing, and including in-state tuition.
             539          227. Budgetary Procedures - to study recodifying the Budgetary Procedures Act.
             540          228. Capital Facilities Prioritization - to study having the Department of Community
             541      and Culture's boards annually prepare and submit a prioritized capital facilities request to the
             542      Governor and the Legislature.
             543          229. Compensation and Revenue - to study and evaluate the need for fee or other
             544      non-General Fund revenue increases in the same fiscal year as a compensation increase, and
             545      determine a method to authorize this action.
             546          230. Grant Proposal Hearing Process - to study ways to improve the process for
             547      hearing grant proposals in the Economic Development and Revenue Appropriations
             548      Subcommittee.
             549          231. Tax Cuts - to study the current requirement that tax cuts be "funded."
             550          232. Weighted Pupil Unit Funding - to study moving more line items above the line on
             551      education funding to increase the weighted pupil unit amount.
             552          233. Zero-based Budgeting - to study Sen. Niederhauser's Zero-based Budgeting
             553      Proposal.
             554          234. Fiscal Notes - to study replacing the current fiscal note process with a dynamic

             555      economic analysis.
             556          235. Limiting Personal Privileges - to study prohibiting, by rule, personal privileges
             557      for the purpose of introducing guests during the last two weeks of the annual legislative general
             558      session.

Legislative Review Note
    as of 3-5-08 12:15 PM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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