H.B. 473

house floor Amendments

Amendment 1 February 28, 2008 8:16 am

Representative Stephen Urquhart proposes the following amendments:

1.    Page 1, Lines 13 through 15 :    

             13          .    provides a definition for a concealed firearm permit that permits, but does not
             14      require, the concealment of the firearm on the permittee
  with an exception       ; and

             15          .    makes certain technical changes.

2.    Page 3, Lines 83 through 85 :    

             83          (3)
  (a)       "Concealed firearm permit" means a permit issued pursuant to Section 53-5-704

             84      that permits, but does not require, concealment of the firearm on the permittee
  , except as otherwise provided in Subsection (3)(b)(i).

    (b)(i) The permittee shall conceal the firearm on the permittee if carrying it on about school premises under Subsection 76-10-505.5(3)(a)
    (ii) Violation of Subsection (3(b)(i) is an infraction, except that it is not a violation of Subsection(3)(b)(i) or Subsection 76-10-505.5(3)(a) if a permittee inadvertently, unintentionally, or accidentally exposes the firearm while carrying it on or about the school premises  

             85          [(3)] (4) "Criminal history background check" means a criminal background check

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