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Room C450, State Capitol, Utah State Capitol Complex
February 24, 2009

MEMBERS PRESENT:        Rep. Bradley M. Daw, Chair
                    Rep. Julie Fisher, Vice Chair
                    Rep. Steven D. Clark
                    Rep. Tim M. Cosgrove
                    Rep. Janice M. Fisher
                    Rep. Lynn N. Hemingway
                    Rep. Kory M. Holdaway
                    Rep. Steven R. Mascaro
                    Rep. Michael T. Morley
                    Rep. F. Jay Seegmiller
                    Rep. C. Brent Wallis

MEMBERS EXCUSED:        Rep. Bradley G. Last

MEMBERS ABSENT:        Rep. Wayne A. Haper
                    Rep. Ronda R. Menlove
STAFF PRESENT:            Leif Elder, Policy Analyst
                    Karen Mitchell, Committee Secretary

Note: A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes .

Chair Daw called the meeting to order at 9:07 a.m.

H.B. 337    Choose Life Special Group License Plate (Rep. C. Herrod)

Rep. Herrod introduced the bill to the committee.

MOTION:    Rep. Julie Fisher moved to delete in title and body H.B. 337 and replace it with 1st Substitute H.B. 337. The motion passed unanimously, with Rep. Janice Fisher and Rep. Morley absent for the vote.

Spoke for the bill:    Gayle Ruzicka, Eagle Forum
            Maryann Christensen, Eagle Forum

MOTION:    Rep. Morley moved to pass 1st Substitute H.B. 337.

MOTION:    Rep. Cosgrove moved to proceed to the next item on the agenda.

MOTION:    Rep. Mascaro moved to end debate on the substitute motion. The motion passed unanimously.
The substitute motion failed with Rep. Cosgrove, Rep. Fisher, Rep. Hemingway and Rep. Seegmiller voting in favor.

MOTION:    Rep. Holdaway moved to end debate on the original motion. The motion passed unanimously.
The original motion passed with Rep. Cosgrove, Rep. Janice Fisher, Rep. Hemingway, and Rep. Seegmiller voting in opposition.

H.B. 333    Motor Vehicle Impound Amendments (Rep. C. Oda)

Rep. Oda introduced the bill to the committee.

Spoke for the bill:    Steve Gary, AMS Towing
            Clay Hansen, Carstar

MOTION:    Rep. Holdaway moved to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously with Rep. Hemingway absent for the vote.

Chair Daw adjourned the meeting at 9:56 a.m.

                             Rep. Bradley M. Daw, Chair