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        TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2009, 3:30 A.M.


Members Present:    Sen. John Valentine, Chair
        Sen. Gene Davis
        Sen. Dan Liljenquist
        Sen. Karen Mayne
        Sen. Wayne Niederhauser
        Sen. Steve Urquhart
Excused:    Sen. Kevin VanTassell
Staff Present:    Phil Dean, Policy Analyst.
        Jean Butler, Committee Secretary

Public Speakers Present:    John Holliday (?), Assistant Attorney General, Financial Crime
        Paul Allred, Department of Commerce, Department of Financial
        Institutions (DFI)
        Mickey Braun (?), Assistant Commissioner, Utah Insurance Dept.
        Mark Steinagel, Division Director, Division of Real Estate         Chris Sloan, President, Utah Association of Realtors (UAR)
A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes.

Chair Valentine called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m.

Approval of Minutes

Sen. Liljenquist moved to approve the minutes of the January 27th and
February 2, 2009 meetings.

    The motion passed unanimously with a 4 - 0 vote. Senators Urquhart and Davis were absent.

1.     SB0140 Financial Institutions Disclosure of Records (M. Dayton)

    Sen. Dayton presented the bill.

    John Holliday, Assistant Attorney General, Financial Crime Prosecution explained     the bill.
    Paul Allred, Deputy Commissioner, (DFI) spoke for the bill.

     MOTION: Senator Liljenquist moved to pass the bill out favorably.     The bill passed 4 - 0 - 3 with Sen. Urquhart absent and Sen. Davis opposing the bill.

2.     HB0052 Insurance Code Amendments (J. Dunnigan)

    Rep. Dunnigan presented the bill.

    Mickey Braun, Assistant Insurance Commissioner (UID), spoke for the bill.

     MOTION: Sen. Mayne moved the bill be moved out favorably.

    The motion passed unanimously 6 - 0 - 1.

3     HB0086S01 Division of Real Estate Related Amendments (G. Froerer)

    Rep. Froerer presented the bill.

    Mark Steinagel, Director, Division of Real Estate, spoke to the bill.

    Chris Sloan, President of the Utah Association of Realtors, spoke for the bill.

     MOTION: Sen. Urquhart moved the bill be passed out favorably.

    The motion passed 5 - 0 - 2 with Sen. Davis absent.

    Sen. Niederhauser moved that the meeting be adjourned.

    The motion passed with a 6 - 0 - 1 vote.

    Chair. Valentine adjourned the meeting at 4:30 p.m.

    Minutes were reported by Jean Butler, Committee Secretary

         Sen. Valentine, Committee Chair