H.J.R. 12   Joint Resolution Supporting Hydrogen Power from Advanced Coal and Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technology (Painter, P.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/30/2009 Bill Numbered but not Distributed LRGC
1/30/2009 Numbered Bill Made Available for Public Distributi LRGC
1/30/2009 LFA/ bill assigned to staff for fiscal analysis LRGC
1/31/2009 LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal input LRGC
2/2/2009 House/ received from General Counsel HDOCKET
2/2/2009 LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor HDOCKET
2/2/2009 LFA/ fiscal note sent to floor HDOCKET
2/2/2009 House/ to Printing with fiscal note HDOCKET
2/2/2009 House/ read 1st time (Introduced) HSTRUL
2/3/2009 House/ received bill with fiscal note from Print HSTRUL
2/3/2009 House/ to standing committee HSTNAE
2/5/2009 House Comm - Favorable Recommendation HSTNAE 13 0 1
2/5/2009 House/ committee report favorable HSTNAE
2/5/2009 House/ read 2nd time H3RDHB
2/17/2009 House/ read 3rd time H3RDHB
2/17/2009 House/ circled H3RDHB
2/19/2009 House/ uncircled H3RDHB
2/19/2009 House/ substituted HSUB