S.B. 139   Employer Election Retirement Amendments (Bramble, C.)
Date Action Location Vote
1/29/2009 Bill Numbered but not Distributed LRGC
1/29/2009 Numbered Bill Made Available for Public Distributi LRGC
1/29/2009 LFA/ bill assigned to staff for fiscal analysis LRGC
1/30/2009 Senate/ received from Legislative Research SINTRO
1/30/2009 LFA/ bill sent to agencies for fiscal input SINTRO
1/30/2009 Senate/ read 1st (Introduced) SSTRUL
2/2/2009 LFA/ fiscal note sent to floor SSTRUL
2/2/2009 LFA/ fiscal note sent to sponsor SSTRUL
2/2/2009 Senate/ to Printing with fiscal note SSTRUL
2/2/2009 Senate/ to standing committee SSTRIE
2/6/2009 Senate Comm - Favorable Recommendation SSTRIE 4 0 2
2/6/2009 Senate Comm - Consent Calendar Recommendation SSTRIE
2/9/2009 Senate/ comm report/ placed on Consent Cal SCON
2/9/2009 Senate/ read 2nd SCON
2/12/2009 Senate/ read 3rd SCON
2/12/2009 Senate/ pass 3rd HCLERK 24 0 5
2/12/2009 Senate/ to House HCLERK
2/12/2009 House/ received from Senate HCLERK
2/12/2009 House/ read 1st time (Introduced) HSTRUL
2/13/2009 House/ to standing committee HSTBUS
2/23/2009 House Comm - Favorable Recommendation HSTBUS 12 0 2
2/23/2009 House Comm - Consent Calendar Recommendation HSTBUS
2/24/2009 House/ comm rpt fav/ placed on Consent Cal HSTBUS
2/24/2009 House/ read 2nd time HCON
2/27/2009 House/ read 3rd time HCON
2/27/2009 House/ passed 3rd reading HSPKR 71 0 4
2/27/2009 House/ signed by Speaker sent to Senate SPRES
2/27/2009 Senate/ received from House SPRES
2/27/2009 Senate/ signed by President sent for enrolling LRGCEN
2/27/2009 Bill Received from Senate for Enrolling LRGCEN
3/2/2009 Draft of Enrolled Bill Prepared LRGCEN
3/20/2009 Enrolled Bill Returned to House or Senate SSEC
3/20/2009 Senate/ enrolled bill to Printing SSEC
3/20/2009 Senate/ to Governor EGOV
3/24/2009 Governor Signed ELTGOV