TO:                 Members of the Senate Government Operations and Political Subdivisions Standing Committee

FROM:           Sen. Peter C. Knudson, Chair

RE:                 Committee Meeting


                                    DATE:           Friday, February 19, 2010

                                    TIME:            2:00 PM

                                    PLACE:         415 State Capitol, Utah State Capitol Complex

- Call to order and approval of minutes of February 17, 2010

- The following bills are scheduled for consideration:


1.    SB0275           Removing Signature from Initiative and Referendum Petition (H. Stephenson)(erb/bnc)

2.    SB0269           County Powers to Resolve Lawsuits via Development Agreements (J. S. Adams)


3.    SB0222           Fee Exemptions (B. Goodfellow)(va/jtw)

4.    SB0189           Capital Facilities Amendments (C. Bramble)(erb/bnc)

5.    HB0205S01    Impact Fee Amendments (S. Sandstrom)(va/jtw)

6.    HB0254          Voter Identification Amendments (B. Daw)(erb/bnc)

7.    HB0258          Voting Precinct Boundaries (K. Sumsion)(erb/bnc)

8.    HB0263          Technical Cross Reference Revisions (J. Anderson)(jlf/jqc)

9.    HB0274          Statutory Construction Compliance Amendments (R. Lockhart)(trv/mda)

10.  HJR009S01   Resolution in Support of Veterans' Nursing Home (C. Oda)(jlw/alh)


Sen. Peter C. Knudson, Chair

Sen. Jon J. Greiner

Sen. Scott K. Jenkins

Sen. Daniel R. Liljenquist

Sen. Benjamin M. McAdams

Sen. Luz Robles

Committee Analyst: Richard C. North, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Committee Secretary: Henry Liu