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S.B. 59

This document includes Senate Committee Amendments incorporated into the bill on Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 9:55 AM by rday. -->              1     




Chief Sponsor: Luz Robles

House Sponsor: Paul Ray


             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies the State System of Public Education code relating to at-risk
             10      students.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This bill:
             13          .    requires a local school board or governing board of a charter school to enact certain
             14      gang prevention and intervention policies; and
             15          .    makes technical changes.
             16      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             17          None
             18      Other Special Clauses:
             19          None
             20      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             21      AMENDS:
             22          53A-11-902, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2007, Chapter 161
             23      ENACTS:
             24          53A-15-603, Utah Code Annotated 1953

             26      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             27          Section 1. Section 53A-11-902 is amended to read:

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- 2 -
Senate Committee Amendments 2-17-2010 rd/aos
          53A-11-902. Conduct and discipline policies and procedures.
             29          The conduct and discipline policies required under Section 53A-11-901 shall include:
             30          (1) provisions governing student conduct, safety, and welfare;
             31          (2) standards and procedures for dealing with students who cause disruption in the
             32      classroom, on school grounds, on school vehicles, or in connection with school-related
             33      activities or events;
             34          (3) procedures for the development of remedial discipline plans for students who cause
             35      a disruption at any of the places referred to in Subsection (2);
             36          (4) procedures for the use of reasonable and necessary physical restraint or force in
             37      dealing with disruptive students, consistent with Section 53A-11-802 ;
             38          (5) standards and procedures for dealing with student conduct in locations other than
             39      those referred to in Subsection (2), if the conduct threatens harm or does harm to:
             40          (a) the school;
             41          (b) school property;
             42          (c) a person associated with the school; or
             43          (d) property associated with a person described in Subsection (5)(c);
             44          (6) procedures for the imposition of disciplinary sanctions, including suspension and
             45      expulsion;
             46          (7) specific provisions, consistent with Section 53A-15-603 , for preventing and
             47      responding to gang-related activities in the school, on school grounds, on school vehicles, or in
             48      connection with school-related activities or events; and
             49          (8) standards and procedures for dealing with habitual disruptive student behavior in
             50      accordance with the provisions of this part.
             51          Section 2. Section 53A-15-603 is enacted to read:
             52          53A-15-603. Gang prevention and intervention policies.
             53          (1) S. (a) .S The State Board of Education shall adopt rules that require a local school
             53a      board or
             54      governing board of a charter school to enact gang prevention and intervention policies for all
             55      schools within the board's jurisdiction.
             55a      S. (b) The rules described in Subsection (1)(a) shall provide that the gang prevention and
             55b      intervention policies of a local school board or charter school governing board may include
             55c      provisions that reflect the individual school district's or charter school's unique needs or
             55d      circumstances. .S
             56          (2) The rules described in Subsection (1) may include the following provisions:
             57          (a) school faculty and personnel shall report suspected gang activities relating to the
             58      school and its students to a school administrator and law enforcement;

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- 3 -
         (b) a student who participates in gang activities may be excluded from participation in
             60      extracurricular activities, including interscholastic athletics, as determined by the school
             61      administration after consultation with law enforcement;
             62          (c) gang-related graffiti or damage to school property shall result in parent or guardian
             63      notification and appropriate administrative and law enforcement actions, which may include
             64      obtaining restitution from those responsible for the damage;
             65          (d) if a serious gang-related incident, as determined by the school administrator in
             66      consultation with local law enforcement, occurs on school property, at school related activities,
             67      or on a site that is normally considered to be under school control, notification shall be
             68      provided to parents and guardians of students in the school:
             69          (i) informing them, in general terms, about the incident, but removing all personally
             70      identifiable information about students from the notice;
             71          (ii) emphasizing the school's concern for safety; and
             72          (iii) outlining the action taken at the school regarding the incident;
             73          (e) school faculty and personnel shall be trained by experienced evidence based trainers
             74      that may include community gang specialists and law enforcement as part of comprehensive
             75      strategies to recognize early warning signs for youth in trouble and help students resist serious
             76      involvement in undesirable activity, including joining gangs or mimicking gang behavior;
             77          (f) prohibitions on the following behavior:
             78          (i) advocating or promoting a gang or any gang-related activities;
             79          (ii) marking school property, books, or school work with gang names, slogans, or
             80      signs;
             81          (iii) conducting gang initiations;
             82          (iv) threatening another person with bodily injury or inflicting bodily injury on another
             83      in connection with a gang or gang-related activity;
             84          (v) aiding or abetting an activity described under Subsections (1)(f)(i) through (iv) by a
             85      person's presence or support;
             86          (vi) displaying or wearing common gang apparel, common dress, or identifying signs
             87      or symbols on one's clothing, person, or personal property that is disruptive to the school
             88      environment; and
             89          (vii) communicating in any method, including verbal, non-verbal, and electronic

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- 4 -
     means, designed to convey gang membership or affiliation.
             91          (3) The rules described in Subsection (1) may require a local school board or governing
             92      board of a charter school to publicize the policies enacted by the local school board or
             93      governing board of a charter school in accordance with the rules described in Subsection (1) to
             94      all students, parents, guardians, and faculty through school websites, handbooks, letters to
             95      parents and guardians, or other reasonable means of communication.
             96          (4) The State Board of Education may consult with appropriate committees, including
             97      committees that provide opportunities for the input of parents, law enforcement, and
             98      community agencies, as it develops, enacts, and administers the rules described in Subsection
             99      (1).

Legislative Review Note
    as of 12-17-09 6:27 AM

Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

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