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First Substitute S.B. 60

Senator Ralph Okerlund proposes the following substitute bill:




Chief Sponsor: Ralph Okerlund

House Sponsor: Kay L. McIff

             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill modifies the Search and Rescue Financial Assistance Program regarding
             10      definitions and a cross reference.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This bill:
             13          .    revises definitions and adds a cross reference.
             14      Monies Appropriated in this Bill:
             15          None
             16      Other Special Clauses:
             17          None
             18      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             19      AMENDS:
             20          53-2-107, as last amended by Laws of Utah 2008, Chapter 382
             22      Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             23          Section 1. Section 53-2-107 is amended to read:
             24           53-2-107. Search and Rescue Financial Assistance Program -- Uses -- Outdoor
             25      recreation search and rescue card -- Rulemaking -- Distribution.

             26          (1) (a) "Reimbursable expenses," as used in this section, means those reasonable costs
             27      incidental to search and rescue activities[, not including any salary or overtime paid to any
             28      person on a regular or permanent payroll, including permanent part-time employees, of any
             29      agency or political subdivision of the state, including:].
             30          (b) "Reimbursable expenses" include:
             31          [(a)] (i) rental for fixed wing aircraft, helicopters, snowmobiles, boats, and generators;
             32          [(b)] (ii) replacement and upgrade of search and rescue equipment;
             33          [(c)] (iii) training of search and rescue volunteers; and
             34          [(d)] (iv) any other equipment or expenses necessary or appropriate for conducting
             35      search and rescue activities.
             36          (c) "Reimbursable expenses" do not include any salary or overtime paid to any person
             37      on a regular or permanent payroll, including permanent part-time employees of any agency or
             38      political subdivision of the state.
             39          (2) There is created the Search and Rescue Financial Assistance Program within the
             40      division.
             41          (3) (a) The program shall be funded from the following revenue sources:
             42          (i) any voluntary contributions to the state received for search and rescue operations;
             43          (ii) monies received by the state under Section 23-19-42 [and], Section 41-22-34 , and
             44      Section 73-18-24 ; and
             45          (iii) appropriations made to the program by the Legislature.
             46          (b) All funding for the program shall be nonlapsing.
             47          (4) The director shall use the monies to reimburse counties for all or a portion of each
             48      county's reimbursable expenses for search and rescue operations. subject to:
             49          (a) the approval of the Search and Rescue Advisory Board as provided in Section
             50      53-2-109 ;
             51          (b) monies available in the program; and
             52          (c) rules made under Subsection (7).
             53          (5) Program monies may not be used to reimburse for any paid personnel costs or paid
             54      man hours spent in emergency response and search and rescue related activities.
             55          (6) The Legislature finds that these funds are for a general and statewide public
             56      purpose.

             57          (7) The division, with the approval of the Search and Rescue Advisory Board, shall
             58      make rules in accordance with Title 63G, Chapter 3, Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act, and
             59      consistent with this act[, establishing]:
             60          (a) specifying the costs that qualify as reimbursable expenses;
             61          (b) defining the procedures of agencies to submit expenses and be reimbursed; and
             62          (c) providing a formula to govern the distribution of available monies [between
             63      counties based on] among the counties for uncompensated search and rescue expenses based
             64      on:
             65          (i) the total qualifying expenses submitted;
             66          (ii) the number of search and rescue incidents per county population;
             67          (iii) the number of victims that reside outside the county; and
             68          (iv) the number of volunteer hours spent in each county in emergency response and
             69      search and rescue related activities per county population.

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