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Room C450, State Capitol, Utah State Capitol Complex
February 25, 2010

MEMBERS PRESENT:        Rep. Bradley M. Daw, Chair
                    Rep. Julie Fisher, Vice Chair    
                    Rep. Johnny Anderson            
                    Rep. Steven D. Clark
                    Rep. Tim M. Cosgrove
                    Rep. Janice M. Fisher
                    Rep. Wayne A. Harper
                    Rep. Lynn N. Hemingway                
                    Rep. Steven R. Mascaro
                    Rep. Ronda R. Menlove
                    Rep. Michael T. Morley
                    Rep. F. Jay Seegmiller
                    Rep. C. Brent Wallis

MEMBERS EXCUSED:        Rep. Bradley G. Last
STAFF PRESENT:            Leif Elder, Policy Analyst
                    Karen Mitchell, Committee Secretary

Note: A list of visitors and a copy of handouts are filed with the committee minutes .

Vice Chair Fisher called the meeting to order at 8:07 a.m.

MOTION:    Rep. Hemingway moved to approve the minutes of February 23, 2010. The         motion passed unanimously.

1st Sub. H.B. 131    B and C Road Construction Amendments (Rep. M. Noel)

Rep. Noel introduced the bill to the committee.

Spoke for the bill:    Jake Goodliffe, Staker Parson Company

Spoke against the bill:    S. Lee Bracken, Enterprise City
                Brent Gardner, Utah Association of Counties
                Russ Wall, Taylorsville City
                Lynn Pace, Holladay City

MOTION:    Rep. Morley moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.    Page 1, Lines 14 through 17 :    

             14          .    prohibits a county or municipality from bidding on certain class B and class C road
             15      maintenance or construction projects if the class B or class C road is not under the
             16      county or municipality's jurisdiction unless
{   no   }        fewer than two       bids are received from private

             17      contractors; and

2.    Page 2, Lines 44 through 48 :    

             44          (ii) If
{   no   }        fewer than two       bids are received from private contractors on a class B or class C road

             45      maintenance or construction project, a county or municipality may consider or accept a bid on a
             46      class B or class C road or maintenance construction project from another county or
             47      municipality for a road maintenance or construction project that is not under the county or
             48      municipality's jurisdiction.

The motion to amend passed unanimously.

MOTION:    Rep. Wallis moved to hold the bill and refer it to interim study.

MOTION:    Rep. Morley moved to pass the bill out favorably as amended. The motion failed         with Rep. Morley voting in favor of the bill.

The original motion passed unanimously.

H.B. 151    Utah High School Rodeo Support Special Group License Plate (Rep. J. Gowans)

MOTION:    Rep. Daw moved to amend the bill as follows:

1.    Page 2, Lines 43 through 44 :    

             43          (4)
{   The   }        Upon appropriation by the Legislature, the       department shall distribute funds in the account to one or more charitable

             44      organizations that:

2.    Page 3, Line 60 :    

             60          (v)
{   pays costs of administering and distributing the funds under this section   }        pay the costs of issuing or reordering Utah High School Rodeo Support special group license plate decals       .

Rep. Gowans introduced the bill to the committee, assisted by Russ Stebar, Utah High School Rodeo Association. Rep. Gowans declared a conflict of interest.

Spoke for the bill:    Sterling Brown, Utah Farm Bureau
            Chris Finlinson, Citizen

Spoke to the bill:    Rod Marrelli, State Tax Commission

MOTION:    Rep. Menlove moved to pass the bill out favorably as amended. The motion failed         with Rep. Clark, Rep. Cosgrove, Rep. Hemingway, and Rep. Seegmiller voting in         favor. Rep. Janice Fisher and Rep. Mascaro were absent for the vote.

MOTION:    Rep. Seegmiller moved to adjourn. The motion passed unanimously with Rep.         Janice Fisher and Rep. Mascaro absent for the vote.

H.B. 130    Cancer Research Special Group License Plate (Rep. B. Dee)

This bill was not considered.

H.B. 152    Contract Passenger Carrier Safety Act (Rep. F.J. Seegmiller)

This bill was not considered.

Vice Chair. Fisher adjourned the meeting at 9:45 a.m.

                                 Rep. Bradley M. Daw, Chair