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TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 2010, 2:00 A.M.

Members Present:            Sen. Peter C. Knudson, Chair
                    Sen. Jon J. Greiner
                    Sen. Luz Robles
                    Sen. Benjamin McAdams

Members Excused:            Sen. Scott Jenkins
Members Absent:            Sen. Daniel Lilenquist

Staff Present:                Rich North, Analyst
                    Henry Liu, Committee Secretary

Public Speakers Present:        Kris Kimball, United Women's Forum
                    Michael Wilson, Metropolitan Water District of SLC, Sandy
                    Shawn Drancy, Attorney
                    Marina Lowe, ACLU of Utah
                    Scott Hagney, Utah County

Chair Knudson called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m.

1.     MOTION: Sen. Knudson moved to pass the Minutes.

    Motion passed unanimously 4-0-2.

2.     SB0103 Adverse Possession of Real Property - Sen. S. Urquhart introduced the bill.

    The following spoke on the bill:
        Michael Wilson
        Shawn Draney

     MOTION: Sen. McAdam moved to pass SB 103.

    Motion passed 3-0-3 unanimously. Sen. McAdams absent from the vote.

     SB0119 Special Elections Modification - HOLD

    Sen. Knudson turn the Chair over to Sen. Greiner

3.     SB0053 Voter Challenge Revisions - Sen. Knudson introduced the bill.

    The following spoke on the bill:
        Kris Kimball
        Scott Hagney
        Marina Lowe
     MOTION: Sen. Robles moved to pass bill SB 0053 favorable recommendation.

    Motion passed 3-0-3 unanimously. Sen. McAdam absent from the vote.

    Sen. Greiner turn the Chair over to Sen. Knudson.

     HB0059 Campaign Finance Revisions (K. Grover) - HOLD
    HB0199 Municipal Clerk Recorder Responsibilities
(B. Last) - HOLD
     MOTION: Sen. Knudson moved to adjourn.

    The meeting was adjourned at 3:05 a.m. by Chair Knudson.

    The minutes were reported by Henry Liu.

Sen. Peter Knudson, Committee Chairman