TO:                   Members of the Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Standing Committee


FROM:             Sen. Ralph Okerlund, Chair


RE:                    Committee Meeting


                                       DATE:             Wednesday, March 2, 2011

                                       TIME:              4:10 PM

                                       PLACE:           415 State Capitol, Utah State Capitol Complex



- Call to order and approval of minutes


- The following bills are scheduled for consideration:

1.    SB0084             Predator Control Funding (D. Hinkins)


2.    SB0184             Disposal of Electronic Waste (S. Urquhart)


3.    SB0280             Government Operations Amendments (R. Okerlund)


4.    SB0282             Small Mining Operations (D. Hinkins)


5.    SJR026             Joint Resolution Recognizing the Contributions of the Sundance Institute and the Sundance Film Festival (J. Stevenson)


6.    HCR013           Secure Rural Schools Concurrent Resolution (M. Noel)


7.    HB0490            Utah State Flag Day Commemoration (Julie Fisher)


8.    HB0191S01      Nonresident Tuition Waiver Amendments (C. Wimmer)


9.    HB0269S01      Commission on Civic and Character Education (L. Christensen)


10.  HB0327S01      Public Education Annual Report Amendments (L. Christensen)


11.  HB0233S01      Insurance Coverage for Amino Acid-based Formula (C. Moss)




Sen. Ralph Okerlund, Chair


Sen. Allen M. Christensen

Sen. Gene Davis

Sen. Margaret Dayton

Sen. David P. Hinkins

Sen. Dennis E. Stowell


Committee Analyst: J Brian Allred, Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel

Committee Secretary: Cynthia Millar