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Bill Wright              30                   31     
             32      LONG TITLE
             33      General Description:
             34          This concurrent resolution of the Legislature and the Governor recognizes and honors
             35      former Utah Jazz Basketball Coach Jerry Sloan and Assistant Coach Phil Johnson.
             36      Highlighted Provisions:
             37          This resolution:
             38          .    recognizes and honors the success and accomplishments of Coach Jerry Sloan and
             39      Assistant Coach Phil Johnson as they have coached the Utah Jazz for nearly a
             40      quarter of a century; and
             41          .    recognizes the coaches for the honor and prestige they have brought to the state of
             42      Utah.
             43      Special Clauses:
             44          None
             46      Be it resolved by the Legislature of the state of Utah, the Governor concurring therein:
             47          WHEREAS, Utah Jazz Basketball Coach Jerry Sloan and Assistant Coach Phil Johnson
             48      have announced their retirement from coaching;
             49          WHEREAS, from 1963-65, Jerry Sloan played three seasons at the University of
             50      Evansville after transferring from the University of Illinois;
             51          WHEREAS, in 1964 and 1965, Sloan led Evansville to consecutive Division II national
             52      championships and was named the outstanding player of the tournament both years;
             53          WHEREAS, in 1965, Sloan averaged 17.6 points and 14.7 rebounds as a senior, was
             54      named a second-team All-American, and set the NCAA championship game record for
             55      rebounds with 25;
             56          WHEREAS, that same year, Sloan was the eighth overall pick in the draft by the NBA's
             57      Baltimore Bullets, and a year later was selected by Chicago in the NBA expansion draft;
             58          WHEREAS, from 1966-76, Sloan played 10 seasons in Chicago and became known as

             59      the "Original Bull";
             60          WHEREAS, in 1967, Sloan recorded the first of two career triple-doubles with 22
             61      points, 16 rebounds, and 13 assists in a game against Philadelphia, and in 1969, he scored a
             62      career-high 43 points against Milwaukee and grabbed a career-high 21 rebounds against the
             63      L.A. Lakers;
             64          WHEREAS, in 1976, Sloan retired from professional basketball because of injury as a
             65      two-time NBA All-Star and four-time member of the All-Defensive first team;
             66          WHEREAS, in 1978, Sloan became the first player in Chicago Bulls' history to have his
             67      jersey, number 4, retired;
             68          WHEREAS, in 1979, Sloan was named the head coach of the Chicago Bulls;
             69          WHEREAS, in 1984, Sloan replaced Phil Johnson as an assistant coach on Frank
             70      Layden's Utah Jazz coaching staff, and in 1988 he succeeded Layden as Utah's head coach;
             71          WHEREAS, Phil Johnson played at Utah State, and at age 27 became head coach at
             72      Weber State in 1968;
             73          WHEREAS, in three years at Weber State, Coach Johnson compiled a 68-16 record,
             74      with three consecutive NCAA appearances in three seasons;
             75          WHEREAS, Johnson then accepted a job as assistant coach with Dick Motta's Chicago
             76      Bulls from 1971-74, helping to coach Jerry Sloan who was actively playing with the Bulls at
             77      that time;
             78          WHEREAS, Johnson became head coach at Kansas City in 1973 and was named the
             79      NBA's Coach of the Year for the 1974-75 season;
             80          WHEREAS, Johnson joined Jerry Sloan as an assistant coach at Chicago in 1979, and it
             81      was then that the two began their close relationship;
             82          WHEREAS, three years later Johnson was hired by the Utah Jazz as an assistant coach
             83      to Frank Layden and was replaced by Sloan when Johnson took the head coaching job in
             84      Sacramento;
             85          WHEREAS, Johnson rejoined the Jazz under Coach Sloan in 1988;
             86          WHEREAS, Sloan guided the Jazz to back-to-back appearances in the 1997 and 1998

             87      NBA finals;
             88          WHEREAS, in 2004, Sloan was selected as the Sporting News' Coach of the Year;
             89          WHEREAS, in 2006, Sloan was named to the All-Division II 50-year team and became
             90      the fifth NBA coach in history to win 1,000 games;
             91          WHEREAS, in 2008, Sloan became the first NBA coach to win 1,000 games with the
             92      same franchise;
             93          WHEREAS, in 2009, Sloan was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame
             94      and became the first coach in NBA history to eclipse the 1,000-win mark with one franchise;
             95          WHEREAS, in 2010, Sloan passed Pat Riley for third place on the list of all-time
             96      winningest coaches;
             97          WHEREAS, Phil Johnson has been by Sloan's side as an assistant coach for the past 23
             98      years, and when Sloan decided it was time to retire, Johnson retired also;
             99          WHEREAS, when asked why they have been together so long, Johnson said, "We had
             100      very similar backgrounds and that really brought us together. We think a lot alike. We've been
             101      very honest with each other over time. He knows exactly where I stand and I know exactly
             102      where he stands.";
             103          WHEREAS, as much as Sloan has been an institution in the NBA and pro sports,
             104      Johnson has been at his side, demonstrating great loyalty, and said recently, "I came with him,
             105      and I'll leave with him.";
             106          WHEREAS, Sloan's approach to basketball was tough-minded, down-to-earth, and
             107      plain-spoken, and he had a relentless blue-collar work ethic;
             108          WHEREAS, Sloan was a model of consistency in the way his teams tenaciously played
             109      and graciously won, the way he always dealt with his players and the team's front office, in the
             110      respectful way he dealt with opposing players and coaches, in the way he conducted himself,
             111      and in the way he loved to compete and hated to lose;
             112          WHEREAS, to put his longevity with the Jazz in perspective, 14 other NBA franchises
             113      have changed coaches 10 or more times since Sloan took over the Jazz's reins in December
             114      1988;

             115          WHEREAS, Sloan led the Jazz to 21 winning seasons, an NBA record, including 16
             116      straight from 1988-89 to 2003-04, and he won 50-plus games in 13 seasons with 20 playoff
             117      appearances, third best in NBA history, seven division championships, and 1,127 wins;
             118          WHEREAS, Sloan coached the game as he played it, with fierce competitiveness and a
             119      never-say-die attitude, and would battle with his last ounce of energy to win games;
             120          WHEREAS, the late Jazz owner, Larry Miller, once wrote, "One of the best things we
             121      did was hire Jerry Sloan as coach. . . . At the time, he said, 'I am only going to ask you for one
             122      thing -- if I get fired, let me get fired for my own decisions.'";
             123          WHEREAS, Miller added, "From the start, we gave Jerry complete charge of the team.
             124      . . . We let Jerry run the team the way he sees fit. He runs a tight ship, even in the way he
             125      insists that his players dress. The Jazz Way is old school. It is about little things.";
             126          WHEREAS, the Jazz have been a model of consistency and stability as an NBA
             127      franchise for a quarter of a century;
             128          WHEREAS, NBA Commissioner David Stern said of Sloan, "His most impressive
             129      qualities were his leadership and his extraordinary ability to encourage his players to subjugate
             130      their individual games for the benefit of the whole.";
             131          WHEREAS, former Jazz guard John Stockton added, "He was a loyal teammate, as
             132      well as a coach and friend, and you just can't replace guys like that. Guys you can count on in
             133      any weather.";
             134          WHEREAS, Sloan himself has said, "You usually have more in you than what you
             135      think. That's when you try to push a little bit more and come out of it.";
             136          WHEREAS, Sloan ended his 45 years in the NBA as the longest-tenured coach in
             137      professional sports; and
             138          WHEREAS, Coach Sloan and Coach Johnson have brought great honor and prestige to
             139      the state of Utah:
             140          NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Legislature of the state of Utah, the
             141      Governor concurring therein, recognize and pay honor to the success and accomplishments of
             142      Coach Jerry Sloan and Assistant Coach Phil Johnson as they have coached the Utah Jazz for

             143      nearly a quarter of a century and have brought honor and prestige to the state of Utah.
             144          BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that a copy of this resolution be sent to Coach Jerry
             145      Sloan and Assistant Coach Phil Johnson.

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