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First Substitute S.B. 243

This document includes House Committee Amendments incorporated into the bill on Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 11:14 AM by jeyring. -->

Representative Michael T. Morley proposes the following substitute bill:




Chief Sponsor: Wayne L. Niederhauser

House Sponsor: Christopher N. Herrod


             7      LONG TITLE
             8      General Description:
             9          This bill enacts language related to municipal land use provisions and historic districts
             10      or areas.
             11      Highlighted Provisions:
             12          This bill:
             13          .    prohibits a city of the first class in a county of the first class from establishing a
             14      local historic district or area in certain circumstances;
             15          .    prohibits a municipality from reviewing a land use application in certain
             16      circumstances; and
             17          .    makes technical corrections.
             18      Money Appropriated in this Bill:
             19          None
             20      Other Special Clauses:
             21          None
             22      Utah Code Sections Affected:
             23      AMENDS:
             24          10-9a-503, as renumbered and amended by Laws of Utah 2005, Chapter 254

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House Committee Amendments 3-2-2011 je/va
     Be it enacted by the Legislature of the state of Utah:
             27          Section 1. Section 10-9a-503 is amended to read:
             28           10-9a-503. Land use ordinance or zoning map amendments -- Limited
             29      prohibition on designation of historic district or area.
             30          (1) The legislative body may amend:
             31          (a) the number, shape, boundaries, or area of any zoning district;
             32          (b) any regulation of or within the zoning district; or
             33          (c) any other provision of a land use ordinance.
             34          (2) The legislative body may not make any amendment authorized by this [subsection]
             35      section unless the amendment was proposed by the planning commission or was first submitted
             36      to the planning commission for its recommendation.
             37          (3) The legislative body shall comply with the procedure specified in Section
             38      10-9a-502 in preparing and adopting an amendment to a land use ordinance or a zoning map.
             39          (4) (a) Notwithstanding Subsection (1), on or after May 10, 2011, and before May 8,
             40      2012, within an area designated on the National Register of Historic Places that has on or
             41      before March 1, 2011, a land use application pending to designate the area as a local historic
             42      district or area, the legislative body of a city of the first class in a county of the first class may
             43      not:
             44          (i) establish the local historic district or area;
             45          (ii) adopt or amend a land use ordinance affecting the area except as provided in
             46      Subsection (4)(c); and
             47          (iii) authorize a demolition permit for more than 75% of the above grade area of any
             48      structure on property located within the area.
             49          (b) A land use application in an area subject to Subsection (4)(a):
             50          (i) shall be stayed from any further proceedings conducted by the municipality before
             51      May 9, 2012; and
             52          (ii) is not subject to Section 10-9a-509 or 10-9a-509.5 .
             53          (c) The provisions of H. this .H Subsection (4) do not apply to an adopted or
             53a      amended land use
             54      ordinance applicable generally throughout a municipality unless the ordinance is enacted to
             55      contravene the purpose of Subsection (4)(a).

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